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05 Jul

Best of Russia

Discover the Best of Russia over 9 days from St Petersburg to Moscow, including the Golden Ring!
Start off with the culture-rich St Petersburg and the incredible Hermitage museum. Hop on board an overnight train to Moscow, the vibrant heart of Russia. Witness the might of the Kremlin and beauty of St. Basil’s Cathedral before embarking on a cultural adventure through the famous Golden Ring! Discover ancient capitals decorated with beautiful monasteries, onion-domes and wooden cottages. Explore the impressive ancient towns, ‘open-air museums’, that have shaped Russian history, religion and culture over centuries.

27 Jun

Golden Ring Of Russia

Experience the marvellous history and cultural heritage of Russia!
Start off at the heart of Russia, Moscow, before embarking on a cultural discovery on the Golden Ring of Russia tour. Enjoy astonishing architecture, natural beauty and invaluable art. Walk through ancient and former capitals that preserve the memory of the most important and significant events in Russian history. Soak in the countless unique monasteries, cathedrals, kremlins, and the famed domes.

25 Jun

Adventure Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! An adventure full of history, wonders and the complete Nile experience on a Felucca!
Start off visiting with the marvellous desert landscape and ancient ruins of Fayoum. Have a taste of the Sahara in Egypt before posing with the Pyramids and giving the Sphinx a kiss. Kick back and relax on a Felucca with ancient wonders at your backdrop while embracing the Nubian lifestyle. Chase down lost treasures in Cairo markets.

25 Jun

Amazing Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! Amazing Egypt is filled with unparalleled history, ancient wonders and legends. Discover the famous city of Alexandria and visit the Great Lighthouse and the Great Library. After roaming vibrant Cairo bazaars, soak in the Pyramids and all their 4,600 year glory before you meet the Sphinx. Hop on board a traditional felucca for a complete Nile experience while sailing by temples and obelisks. Fly over Luxor valley and hail the pharaohs at the Valley of the King.

24 Jun

Highlights of Spain

A 7-day, packed tour taking you to the highlights of Spain , from the main cities to the quaint and a glimpse at the famous beach towns.

24 Jun

Highlights of Portugal

Discover the 2 biggest highlights of Portugal on a 4-day adventure. Visit the famous towns of Lisbon and Porto to uncover its unique beauty. Catch a glimpse of Portugal, from the main cities to the quaint and famous beach towns.

24 Jun

Best of Spain

The 9-day tour will take you to the some of the big cities, old towns and beautiful beaches. Enjoy delicious tapas and Portuguese spices and relax and unwind over a glass of sangria. Plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit as well as amazing nightlife and great weather!

20 Jun

Essential Israel

A compact adventure to discover the highlights of Israel. Start your tour in metropolitan Tel Aviv for some sunshine at the sandy beaches and cocktails at fancy nightclubs. Follow the footsteps of pilgrims to the holy lands of Jerusalem while listening to prayers. Discover the ancient ruins at Nazareth open-air museum.

18 Jun

Essential Turkey

Essential Turkey tour combines history and culture, man-made wonders and natural phenomena. Discover the vibrant culture and welcoming tradition together with countless unique travel experiences. Roam the incredible palaces, bazaars and mosques of Istanbul before cruising right between Europe and Asia. Then journey into the bizarre as you explore other-worldly Cappadocia and balloon over fairy-chimneys. Walk among the impressive ancient wonders of Pergamum & Ephesus and the natural treasures of Pamukkale. Pay your respects for the fallen at the shores of Gallipoli before returning to Istanbul.

19 Sep

European Inspiration

Starting off at some of the most liberal and marginal cities, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, you will witness the transition between the borders and cultures as we arrive in the gorgeous city of Vienna. Stand in awe against the impressive landmarks of Budapest as well as its maze-like bars, and learn about the marvellous history of Belgrade and Sofia. Fly off to Italy to witness the irrefutable Renaissance beauty of Rome and Florence, before you crown it all with a cruise in the canals of Venice. This 14-day Europe tour has it all.

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