Tours For Solo Travellers

Travel Talk tours are built to discover amazing sites, local culture and unique travel experiences with like-minded travellers!

We always strive to create a warm, friendly and welcoming tone on all our tours and create that unique group atmosphere. That’s how on our tours, many solo travellers find new friends, travel mates, flatmates and even partners (Yes, we’ve had many couples that met on our tours and got married!).

More than half our passengers’ book as solo travellers and blend with the group as they share the tour experience and create unforgettable memories. Separation anxiety kicks in at the end of every tour with new travel mates while new plans for the next holiday start cooking right away.

If you’re looking to travel with a group of 18 to 39 year-olds with a taste for cultural discovery, adventure and fun, you only need to bring yourself. All Travel Talk tours are perfectly suitable for Solo Travellers.

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