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Travel Talk Balkans tours take you on an unforgettable journey across a fascinating region that has shaped the history of modern Europe. It is where Europe greets the Orient; where Christians and Muslims have cohabited for centuries building its unique cultural and social fabric. This beautiful geography hosted huge incidents in history from the splitting of Roman Empire into two, to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand that sparked World War I. It has witnessed many wars and struggles – named the “powder-keg of Europe” due to strong ideals of the natives. Whilst the Balkans hold such a rich history, it is also truly blessed with its astonishing natural beauty. From magnificent mountains covered in tall green forests, to crystal waters and endless white beaches. The Balkans are a unique facade of Europe with its familiar, yet distinct style and vibe. Go on a full discovery with a taste of Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece, following the legacy of each nation. Travel Talk Balkans tours are perfect for all chasing the most charming natural beauties, immense cultural heritage and unique travel experiences.

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12 People Max.
Duration: 9 Day
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12 People Max.
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12 People Max.
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Travelling with a group of no more than 12 people, our new Small Group trips provide ...

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Balkans Sights Map

Must See Sights Balkans

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Belgrade is the capital and largest city of the southeast European country of Serbia.

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Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its main cultural, economic centre.

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Mostar is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and known for the iconic Stari Most (Old Bridge).

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Trebinje is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 28 km far from Dubrovnik.

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Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro and well-known for its World heritage medieval structures.

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Budva is a town in Montenegro and known for best nightlife on the Adriatic Sea.

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Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania and one of the oldest places in the Balkan peninsula.

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Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania.It is also culturel and economical center of the country.

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Ohrid is a large town in Macedonia on the shore of Lake Ohrid and a UNESCO heritage site since 1980.

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Skopje is the capital and largest city of Macedonia and it lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.

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Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria.ıt has rich history from Roman and Ottoman Empires.

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Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and has a rich history from the Roman period.

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Kalambaka is a small town in Greece, built on the feet of the Meteora.

If you're from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, United States or Canada, you can enter the following Balkan countries for a touristic stay of up to 90 days without a visa: Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania, North Macedonia, Greece.
Passport validity entry requirements may change per nationality. We generally recommend to have a passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
This information is provided only as a guidance, we strongly advise that you check with the consulate or embassy as this information can change at any time and with little notice. It is your responsibility to make sure that all the required travel documents are ready when travelling.
Yes, all passengers travelling with Travel Talk must have travel insurance before participating in any of our tours. Your guide will collect your travel insurance details on the first day of your trip.
It is your responsibility to make sure you have an adequate and suitable travel insurance in place. You may read more about this here.
The Balkans is beautiful year-round. It can get quite cold in the Winter with occasional snowy days. The best time to visit is typically April to October as pleasent weather can be expected. Summer is the time to visit if you enjoy warm weather.
Complimentary wi-fi is available in most hotels, some cafes and restaurants, however the quality of the connection may differ. You can also find internet cafes in the cities visited. Make sure to enable data roaming on your mobile if you wish to use 3G/4G. Connection may be limited especially in small towns and rural areas.
If you come from another EU Country you may be able to use your phone without any additional roaming charges, please consult with your mobile provider. Coverage is generally quite good in the urban areas, however may be spotty in rural areas and some towns.
Make sure to enable global roaming before leaving home to be able to use your mobile internationally. 3G/4G is usually available in the cities, however may be unreliable.
Local currencies are used in differenet countries of the Balkans, however Euro is also widely accepted. Respective local currencies are: Bulgarian Lev, Serbian Dinar, Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Croatian Kuna, Macedonian Denar, Albanian Lek, and Euro in Greece and Montenegro.
Your spending may change depending on the country visited and more expensive prices can be expected at touristic hotspots. A few examples of approximate prices:
  • Crepe: 1 - 5 EUR
  • Muffins, bagels: 0.50 - 5 EUR
  • Sandwiches: 2 - 5 EUR
  • A simple restaurant meal: 5 - 20 EUR
  • Soft Ice Cream: 0.20 - 2 EUR
  • 500 ml water in vending machines: 0.20 - 1 EUR
Although it is safe to drink tap water in some cities, we recommend to use filtered or bottled water. Alternatively consider using a reusable water bottle to reduce your use of plastic.
Credit cards are widely accepted in the cities. However, small shops and vendors may not accept cards, we would recommend to carry cash with you for such small purchases.
ATMs are common in Balkan cities and large towns, and most shops accept major credit cards. Smaller shops and vendors may still prefer cash payment.
Arrival airport transfer is included if your flight lands in Sofia on the first day of your tour between 5am and 11:30pm, Airport Transfers.
You must inform our call centre or of your flight details (date of flight, flight number, arrival time and name of travelers) at least 15 days prior to your departure date. If you do not receive confirmation that your pick-up is arranged, please contact us.
You will be picked up by a Travel Talk representative holding a Travel Talk sign at the airport. Departure transfer is not available for Balkans tours.
The welcome meeting will be held in the hotel lobby at 7pm with your group and guide. You can find the arrival information for Balkans tours here.  If there is any change in your arrival hotel, we will send you an e-mail to inform you before the trip.
Don't worry if you will miss the welcome meeting on Day 1 as some travellers arrive late in the day - just make sure to let us know in advance.
There is no pre or post tour accommodation available in the Balkans tour.
Solo travellers often join our tours to meet and travel with like-minded adventurers, forming longstanding friendships. We also strive to provide a relaxed and sociable tour experience to allow the group to weld throughout the journey.
Solo travellers will be roomed with another solo traveller of the same gender, or can upgrade to a solo room by paying the single supplement.
There are always solo travelers on our tours. If you don’t mind being roomed with another single traveler of the same gender, you do not need to pay the supplement. Single supplement is for travelers who would like to stay in a single room for the duration of their tour.
Please contact us with your request & we will do our best to arrange your room accordingly. 0208 099 9596
Our tours do not include airfare to/from the destination, and we do not advise on, ticket or sell flights. It is your responsibility to make it to the starting point of your tour on time.
If you provide your dietary requirements at the time of booking, we will do our best to make the necessary arrangements where available. You can leave a comment under the "Notes" section when making an online booking or simply contact us. Please note that gluten-free & vegan options may be limited in the country.
As most countries on our Balkan tours use their local currency, we recommend you to exchange small amounts as you go. Euro is generally accepted however it is always more favourable to pay in the local currency.
Avoid changing the bulk of your money at the airport as the exchange rates are usually more favorable in the city. Your tour leader will be pleased to help you if you need any assistance.
The local currencies are: Bulgarian Lev, Serbian Dinar, Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark, Croatian Kuna, Macedonian Denar, Albanian Lek, and Euro in Greece and Montenegro.
Good news, there isn’t any luggage restriction on our tours as long as you’re able to carry your own luggage - usually just for a very short distance.
Tips are a common reward for service staff in the Balkan countries. For a restaurant meal, you can tip around 10-15% if tip is not included in the bill.
Your tour guide and driver will be especially appreciative and honored with this kind of traditional gratitude at the end of your tour.
You can join a tour late or miss the Welcome Meeting on Day 1 if you inform us prior to the departure date. Please note that it will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to catch up with the group.
Please contact us at or +44 208 099 9596.
For all emergencies, you can contact +44 208 099 7536.
The Best of Balkans tour ends at our Sofia hotel around 18:00 on the final day. Flights departing after 20:30 are recommended.
The Balkan Discovery tour ends at Sofia city center around noon. Flights departing after 14:30 are recommended.
All About Balkans tour arrives in Athens at approximately 18:00.

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