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Croatia is a country at the cross-roads of central and south-east Europe with unspoiled coastlines on the Adriatic Sea. It comprises of more than a thousand islands which have a rich history, unreal beaches, fabulous food and an epic nightlight – Croatia is your Mediterranean fantasy, best discovered by boat. A Sail Croatia tour focuses on providing an authentic experience, visiting picturesque seashores, bays, quaint cobbled towns, ancient walled cities and national parks, giving you plenty of time to explore, relax and socialise. The balmy air of the Adriatic acts as a pleasant antidote for the warm climate meaning that days are easily taken up by swimming, sunbathing or discovering one of the unique sites, and by night it’s pure indulgence in the Mediterranean cuisine and local wines whilst watching the sunset splash colours over the Adriatic before partying the night away. It will be easy for you to soon discover why we often hear a Croatia sailing tour is one of the most memorable experiences of one’s travels.

Croatia Sailing Tours

Ensuite Cabins
Duration: 8 Day
ENSUITE ABOVE DECK CABINS-Discover crystal clear turquoise waters, unspoiled nature, ...
Ensuite Cabins
Duration: 8 Day
ENSUITE ABOVE DECK CABINS-Chill by day, party by night on our 8 day sailing trip arou...
Ensuite Cabins
Duration: 8 Day
ENSUITE BELOW DECK CABINS-Discover crystal clear turquoise waters, unspoiled nature, ...
Ensuite Cabins
Duration: 8 Day
ENSUITE BELOW DECK CABINS–Chill by day, party by night on our 8 day sailing tri...

Croatia Sights Map

Must See Sights from Croatia

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This complex is one of the most beautiful and strongest fortified systems in Europe, but the lively streets show that there is more! Party in a 13th Century fortress anyone?

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The largest city of Adriatic has a stunning coastline with countless cafes, bars or shops. Emperor Diocletain’s palace, a World Heritage Site, is open for visitors.

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Among the most popular of the Adriatic, it was named a top destination to travel in 2012. Crowding streets and the crazy nightlife can’t go unmentioned.

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The birthplace of Marco Polo reminds many of a miniature Dubrovnik with its walls. Make your way to the old city tower to grab a cocktail and enjoy the stunning view.

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A true beauty of nature, the island of Mljet is covered in green with some small villages and lakes. A third of the island is an amazing Natural Park.

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Omis is a small port located at the mouth of the Cetina River and surrounded by huge gorges


  • Sail Split to Dubrovnik

    I found sailing Croatia to be an excellent tour and great value for money. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone. Dameo was a great tour leader, very approachable and was always around when needed. The crew on board MS Lav were fantastic, I couldn’t be more happier with the service. The boat itself was also fantastic, much higher standard that I assumed it would be. Overall 10/ 10 ?

  • Sail Dubrovnik to Split

    We had an amazing 8 days on the Pirate ship and would highly recommend this tour. Everything from the crew and Dan, the group party nights on the boat, food, and scenery could not have been better. Would come back and do it again!

  • Sail Dubrovnik to Split

    I had a fantastic, unforgettable experience. Made some long lasting friendships which I think made the tour so special mention. Particular mention to our fantastic tour leader Mon, who joined us in almost all the activities. Such a trooper!! All her advice was spot on. Croatia itself proved to be an unforgettable tour location for the people, crew, friends on board, our tour guide. Thanks Travel Talk.

    Sarah Culliford
  • Sail Split to Dubrovnik

    Our crew + tour guide were exceptional. Funny, helpful + friendly, even on the second last tour of the season. Everything was amazing + great value for money.

    Julia Coates
  • Sail Split to Dubrovnik

    Amazing crew, great week – time of my life. Mon was a great guide – informative, fun and friendly. Love you all xx

    Lexi Ensor

Croatia Travel Guide

Croatia is a country that has an abundant amount of sunshine and warm temperatures from May until September. It has scorching, dry summers and mild, temperately rainy winters which means that the ideal period to visit Croatia especially for a sailing tour would be during the summer months. At this time of year, the sea is warm, perfect for swimming and various water sports, the sun is shining and the temperature ranges from the mid to high 30’s; perfect for sunbathing, exploring the quaint towns and sailing along the Adriatic Sea.
We closely monitor the latest travel updates to Croatia and follow the advice of the UK Foreign Office. For the latest travel advice from UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), please visit:
At present, Australian, New Zealand, British, American and Canadian residents do not need a visa for visits to Croatia of up to 90 days.
The culture of Croatia has origins in a lengthy history and due to its topographical location, it has had many influences from both the east and the west over the years. Croatia has suffered from economic problems, political issues, adversity and war, which is still apparent in some towns such as Dubrovnik, where bullet holes can be seen and museums have been erected to display Croatia’s turbulent history. The Croats are proud of their country especially due to the hardship they’ve endured which means they have tight communities and are very family orientated people. They tend to keep their culture alive with songs, costumes, dancing and folk tales. The most extensively acknowledged religion in Croatia is Christianity with most of the population, a member of the Roman Catholic Church.
Due to Croatia’s geographical position the food has plenty of Mediterranean similarities with many dishes of seafood orientation. Coastal towns are where you’ll be able to sample fresh fish, shellfish, octopus along with plenty of other seafood delights. Along with seafood, meat is very popular in Croatia and is usually offered grilled or pan-fried. These dishes are generally accompanied by fresh vegetables and moreover, Croatia produces top quality cheese that goes well with basically anything. Croatia too produces fantastic beer and wine. Most Croatian beer is lager with the mass-market brands of Karlovačko and Ožujsko widely available. Croatia’s wine has got better and better over the years. With the climate being ideal for producing wine, Croatia offers plenty of great quality chardonnays, merlots and cabernets.
Typically, Croatia is not identified as a foremost shopping destination however, shopping in Croatia offers an array of retail experiences such as large malls, charming markets, collectors’ stalls, second hand stores and boutique clothing retailers. Travellers can purchase anything from souvenirs to food; from handmade embroidery to traditional crafts and everything in between.
Ultra Europe: Ultra Europe is an electronic music festival that is held annually in Split with renowned DJ’s taking the stage. With the main part of the festival taking residence inside Split’s historical Stadion Poljud, the festival also offers amazing boat parties which are docked up on some of the country’s most beautiful islands. Dubrovnik Summer Festival: This annually held festival was founded in 1950. It offers entertainment that includes film, dance, theatre, ballet and music and takes place at various locations across Dubrovnik. Artists from all over the world pilgrimage to the city to partake in the festival.

Croatia Visa and Passport Requirements

NationalityPassport requiredVisa Required
Other EUYesNo
New ZealanderYesNo

We recommend before you travel, to check the current regulations with;

Visas are the responsibility of each traveller, visa requirements can be changed at any time, so it is important to check the latest information.
All passengers traveling with Travel Talk must have travel insurance before participating in the tour. Your travel insurance information will be noted by your leader before your tour. Travel insurance is particularly important as it protects what happens during travel against sudden and unforeseen events that occur during travel.
The best time to visit Croatia is in May to August or September and October when the weather is pleasant and sunny. This makes it ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
Travelers will be able to access the internet in cafes and hotels in Croatia's major cities and tourist centers. Internet connections in rural areas may be limited. You probably can use your phone in Croatia, but you will likely pay a roaming fee which could be expensive. You can buy a  pre-paid SIM card in Croatia.
You may be able to use your phone in Croatia, but you will likely pay a roaming fee which could be expensive. You should call your mobile carrier to let them know you will be traveling internationally. Also check the rates you will be charged by your mobile carrier. There might be some conditions you should be aware of, so check with your phone provider.
The Croatian Kuna is the currency of Croatia. A few examples of approximate prices;

  • In a shopping center in a cafe, in Dubrovnik paste carbonara 5 USD = 30-40 HRK
  • In a cafe in the center of Dubrovnik, main dishes such as chicken with vegetables 5-6 USD = 30 - 40 HR
  • Big Mac in McDonald's 5 USD = 30 - 35 HRK
  • At a cafe, pies 1,7 - 2,4 USD = 12 - 17. HRK espresso 1,1 USD = 8. HRK cappuccino 1,4 USD = 10 HRK
  • At a restaurants for tourists, soup 2,2 - 3,6 USD = 15 - 25. HRK main courses 5 - 8,6 USD = 35 - 60 HRK
  • At a bar, beer 2-3 USD = 15-20 HRK per glass 0.5L
1 liter of drinking water is provided daily by Travel Talk free of charge. Tap water in Croatia is generally safe to drink, but for a short trip it's better to stick to bottled water.
Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted throughout Croatia.
Croatian ATMs (Cash Machines) ATMs are now nearly everywhere in Croatia except the most remote and uninhabited islands.
Displays of affection by LGBTQ+ couples may attract a negative response.

Homosexuality has been legal in Croatia since 1977 and is tolerated but not widely accepted. Public displays of affection between same-sex couples may be met with hostility.

Please kindly inform us when booking, if you do not identify with the gender stated in your passport. We will adjust the room configuration accordingly. For travellers who do not want to share a room, some tours have a  single supplement option.
Airport transfer service isn't available in this country as the ports can easily be accessed with public transportation.
The welcome meeting will be held on the boat at 1 pm.

You can view your arrival information from the link below;
There is no pre or post tour accommodation available in Croatia.
There are always solo travelers on our trips. At the end of the journey, like-minded passengers on our tours become travel mates for life! We always work to provide our passengers a relaxed and sociable environment, allowing them to easily meet people and make friends.
We welcome lots of solo travelers to our tours. If you don’t mind being roomed with another traveler of the same gender, then you do not need to pay the supplement. Single supplement is for travelers who would like to stay in a private room for the duration of their tour.
As long as there is availability you can! All you need to do is to send your request to our sales team after you book your tour.
Travel Talk specializes in giving you the best tours from around the world, unfortunately the tours we offer do not include airfare and we do not book or advise on airfare. You will be responsible for booking airfare to meet with the group at the starting city.
Yes, as long as you inform our sales team prior to departure. Please note that vegan options are limited on sailing tours.
The Croatian Kuna is the currency of Croatia.
There are no luggage restrictions on our tours, but since there is limited space in the cabins, please consider the size of your luggage for your own convenience.
Tips are a common reward for service staff in Croatia. Your tour guide and crew will be especially appreciative and honored with this kind of traditional gratitude at the end of your tour.
If you are attending to Split to Dubrovnik tour, the boat leaves sharp at 1pm, if you are arriving later please contact us, you can catch the boat at the next stop.

If you are attending to Dubrovnik to Split tour you can join on the first day of the tour at any time while the boat stays in the port during the night.
Drink & food from outside is not allowed but you can find them for reasonable rates on board.
All cabins are ensuite on our boats.
Yes, just send us the name of the boat you would like to sail on & we will send you its schedule!
No, air-condition is only available in common areas.
A towel for shower and 1 set of linens are provided.
No extra fee as long as there is availability! Just send your request to our sales team after you book your tour.

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