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At Travel Talk, we have one focus and that is simply to make your trip the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Being avid travellers ourselves, we know what is essential to creating that perfect trip, and have tried to combine all of these elements in each and every one of our tours. From the exotic destinations like Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan or Russia, to the sunshine and sea of Sail Greece and Sail Croatia or our festival tours like La Tomatina, Anzac and Oktoberfest.

Sahara Camping | Morocco
Adventure Morocco

An amazing mixture of culture and exploration! Commence your journey traveling around the earthly capital of Marrakesh before you jump on board a Jeep...

Land of the Northern Lights

A tour to discover Iceland’s nature and cultural life, with two nights in Iceland’s vibrant capital Rykjavík and two nights in South Iceland, an ideal...

Essential India & Nepal

From Delhi to Kathmandu, embrace the traditions and customs of India & Nepal on this exotic combo tour. Plenty of sightseeing and adventure including ...

Kremlin Palace | Moscow | Russia
Highlights Of Russia

Experience the history and highlights of Russia in 6 great days! Kick off your amazing Highlight of Russia tour in the rich culture of St Petersburg....

Felucca Sailing | Aswan | Egypt
Egypt & Jordan Discovered By Felucca

Prepare to witness one of the greatest cultures of the ancient world and its wonders. As you sail your felucca down the Nile there will be many more w...

“Morocco is a bucket list destination for many travellers. It is an entryway to Africa, and a country that is full of an ample amount...”
“Browsing the internet, you see epic images that look like they’re out of the movies, story books or have been photoshopped...”
“Pamukkale is a traveller’s delight and a geological phenomenon. It is a town in western Turkey best known for its mineral-rich thermal waters...”
“Known for its medieval architecture, balmy climate, mountainous terrain, azure waters, dreamy island getaways, delicious wine...”

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When planning your holiday, deciding on the right time and the right place to go are two of the factors that makes it an unforgettable experience. In order to help you decide on the timing and the destination of your trip, either a Turkey tour or an Egypt trip or just enjoying the blue waters of Sail Croatia we’ve got you covered with some helpful information. It is often asked when would be the best time of the year to go on a Morocco tour or an Egypt tour, or would it be too hot in the middle of summer for a Turkey trip. For our more Southern destinations, especially for Egypt and Morocco, the best time of the year is usually September to May, however if you have no problem with a bit of heat and want a shiny suntan, summer is always there for you! On all Egypt and Morocco Tours you can enjoy a warm Christmas period. On a Morocco trip in the winter, it could get brisk at night during desert stops. On the other hand, Turkey run in a more temperate climate compared to the former two. In the winter you could experience snow in Istanbul, and feel the summer’s heat in June. It is advised to check the Ramadan period in these countries. There is a different pace in daily life at this time of the year. ANZAC tours naturally have a fixed dates, however, spring is a beautiful time of the year in Turkey, and it’s the best time to go on a longer trip. You can combine your ANZAC tour by discovering Turkey as well, you can choose from 8, 10 or a 12 day tour which will also give you the chance to experience the best of Turkey. As one of the leading operator of ANZAC Gallipoli tours, we have been operating ANZAC Day tours for over 15 years, your ANZAC trip is at safe hands. Your ANZAC Gallipoli tour will be an experience to remember. Greece Sailing and Croatia Sailing tours operate only during the summer period, but July and August are two of the best months to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of Greece and Croatia. If you are looking to work on your tan, it might be best to go on your Croatia tour or Greece tour during this time frame. If you’re looking to sail in May or September, the weather could be a bit crisp, so bring an extra hoodie if you want to sleep under the stars! Our Greece tours and Croatia tours book out quickly, don’t miss out on early booking rates. For your Russia tour the warmer period are between June-August, however many prefer the winter months as you could enjoy the true Russian experience and see the sites covered in snow. For Festivals, Oktoberfest and La Tomatina are in August and September respectively. Ski France tours operates during the winter months where you can experience plenty of snow on the slopes. Spain & Portugal have a temperate Mediterranean climate, never too cold from March to November.