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A Nepal tour takes you to the core of rich culture, impressive history, unspoiled scenery and fascinating cities. A group tour through Nepal offers plenty of variety and intrigues all travellers. From the birthplace of Buddha to the tallest mountain in the world, Nepal will forever have a piece of your heart. Discover Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu which is boundlessly captivating with various sights, sounds and smells and marvel at the medieval temples. Encounter Pokhara, a city which offers remarkable scenery, adventure pursuits and an abundant of food options; experience an incredible trekking venture at Annapurna and visit the beautiful Chitwan, which is home to Nepal’s first national park. Prepare to be thoroughly impressed as you embark on a once in a life time adventure through Nepal. Take a journey through Nepal and India on a group tour where exploration and adventure awaits. On a Nepal and India tour visit Nepal’s incredible capital Kathmandu, trek through spectacular scenery and marvel at the remarkable wildlife. Trip through India’s chaotic city Delhi, gape at the abundance of forts and monuments and see the jewel of Muslim art, the Taj Mahal. Be prepared to discover enthralling culture, history, people, cities and scenery of two remarkable countries whilst on a venture of a lifetime.

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Must See Sights from Nepal

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Kathmandu is the capital and largest municipality of Nepal. It also hosts the headquarters of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

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Chitwan National Park is listed as a World Heritage site and consists of a diversity of ecosystems including the Churia hills, Ox-bow lakes and the flood plains of the Rapti.

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Pokhara is a sub-metropolitan and the second largest city of Nepal as well as the headquarters of Kaski District, Gandaki Zone and the Western Development Region.

Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal is a destination that can be visited throughout the year however, the climate does vary. From September to April is when the skies are generally clear the temperatures are warm, there is little rain and the weather is commonly pleasant however, be prepared for chilly nights in December and January. Throughout these months, the conditions are great for sightseeing, trekking, viewing the scenery and visiting the cities, towns and villages. Pre-monsoon starts mid-April and the full monsoon season kicks in from June until September. Over this period expect high temperatures and plenty of rain.
We closely monitor the latest travel updates to Nepal and follow the advice of the UK Foreign Office. For the latest travel advice from UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), please visit:
All nationalities apart from Indians need a visa to enter Nepal. A visa is available from embassies aboard, at various land borders and on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport. If you do choose to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport it can take a while due to lengthy queues. A visa to enter Nepal costs between $25 - $90 USD and is to be paid in cash only.
Nepal has a diverse and unique culture which has changed over the eras. Many different ethnic groups exist within Nepal however, the main influences over the years has been by Mongolian, Indian and Tibetan culture. The multifaceted traditions include the arrays of Nepal’s folkloric, ancestral and community groups which is displayed in music, art, languages, literature, philosophy, food, celebration and religion, with Hinduism the main belief. Though less severe than India, the caste system is still profoundly deep-rooted in Nepal. Getting married for love as opposed to an arranged marriage has become more common however, caste and status still generally controls who the Nepalese people may marry, where they can dwell and who they can mix with.
Nepal has an array of cuisine due to its cultural diversity however, the strong cuisine influences have come from both India and Tibet. A huge variety of flavours can be found in many dishes that comprise of ingredients such as rice, potatoes, lentils, curries, vegetables, meats and various spices. Furthermore, the cost for food in Nepal is fantastic for a traveller on a budget. Food to try includes dal bhat (lentils and rice), momo (dumpling) and chatamari (Nepali pizza). Tea is widely drunk within Nepal however; the type of tea varies depending on the region. These include chai, butter tea and lemon tea. Beer is widely available with local beers such as Everest and Gorkha worth a try.
The most ideal place to shop in Nepal is in Kathmandu. Here you’ll find plenty of luxury boutiques, shopping centres, outlets and markets. Whilst visiting you’ll encounter unique Nepalese handcrafts, jewellery, prayer flags, Nepalese clothing, pashmina and singing bowls. Prices are great and the items are guaranteed to be perfect for presents and souvenirs.
Phagu: Phagu, Holi or the Festival of Colours is held in Kathmandu annually either in February or March. Wild acts of revellers throw water and coloured powder over each other along with plenty of dance, music, food and the continuous flow of Tibetan rice wine occurring. The festival lasts for 24 hours; from sunset to sunset and furthermore, packing old clothes is necessary to prepare for the messy event where the festive spirit is contagious. Indra Jatra: September sees the end of the monsoon season and is also the period for when the Indra Jatra festival dedicated to Lord Indra, takes place. The festival is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists and for eight days straight Kathmandu is overtaken with plenty of singing, dancing and rejoicing.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the last day of your trip as some countries may refuse entry if there is any less. All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, are required to have a valid visa to enter Nepal. Visas can be obtained at your nearest Nepal Embassy or Diplomatic Mission. Most citizens can also be granted a visa on arrival at multiple border entry points. For up-to-date regulations, please check the link:
All passengers traveling with Travel Talk must have travel insurance before participating in the tour. Your travel insurance information will be noted by your leader before your tour. Travel insurance is particularly important as it protects what happens during travel against sudden and unforeseen events that occur during travel.
Nepal has typical monsoonal conditions with two seasons a year. October-November marks the start of the dry season, which in many ways is the best time of the year in Nepal.
Mobile coverage and internet connection are accessible, not much in remote areas.
Using your Cell Phone in Nepal, especially if you're going to be using your cell phone a lot, the best solution is to have an unlocked GSM phone that will accept the SIM cards of other carriers, and to put a local SIM card in it. Ensure that global roaming is enabled on your phone before you arrive.There might be some conditions you should be aware of, so check with your phone provider.
The official currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee. A few examples of approximate prices; 2-4 samosas at a street stall: $1 Sandwich/non-beef burger at a take-out stand: $1.50 – $2.50 Set breakfast: $2 – $3 Western meal in a nice restaurant: $5 – $15 Large beer (500 ml) in a store: $2 – $3.25 Large beer or glass of wine in a bar/restaurant – $2.75 – $7 Cup of tea in a restaurant: 40 cents to $1.25 Good cup of coffee: $0.80 to $2 “Trekkers Choice” biscuits or local granola bar: 20 – 40 cents
It is not recommended to consume the tap water in Nepal. Restaurants will offer purified drinking water, but visitors are always advised to drink bottled water.
Credit cards can be used in several big stores, hotels, restaurants and banks. All major credit cards are accepted in Nepal.Not every small shop accepts cards, so you may need cash for smaller expenses.
There will be cash machines accepting international cards in major cities of Nepal, very few can be found in smaller towns and rural areas, so make sure you have enough cash for your purchases as cash machines may not be available.
Discretion is advised for LGBTQI-travelers in Nepal. Public displays of intimacy by anyone are frowned upon. Nepal is the only country in South Asia that does not criminalise same-sex relations. A landmark Supreme Court hearing in December 2007 ordered the government to end discrimination against sexual minorities and to ensure equal rights. That said, there’s not a big open gay scene in Nepal.
Arrival airport transfer is included for the flights landing to Kathmandu on the first day of your tour from 5am to 11:30pm or if you have booked your Pre Accommodation with us. You must inform our call center or of your flight details (date of flight, flight number, arrival time and name of travelers) at least 14 days prior to your arrival to arrange your transfer. You will be picked up by a Travel Talk representative holding a Travel Talk sign at the airport. Departure airport transfer is only available on the last day of the tour between 05:00 and 17:00
The welcome meeting will be with the group and your guide at 6.30pm in the hotel lobby. You can view your arrival information from the link below. If there is any change in your arrival hotel, we will send you an e-mail with the information before your trip;
Depending on the dates and hotel availability, we may be able to arrange pre/post-tour accommodation in Kathmandu. Pre Accommodation includes breakfast & airport transfer and Post Tour Accommodation includes breakfast.
There are always solo travelers & like-minded passengers on our tours & we always work to provide our passengers a relaxed & sociable environment, allowing them to easily meet people & make friends.
There are always solo travelers on our tours. If you don’t mind being roomed with another single traveler of the same gender, then you do not need to pay the supplement. Single supplement is for travelers who would like to stay in a single room for the duration of their tour.
You can contact our agents with your request & we will do our best to arrange your room accordingly. For all requests you can contact or 0208 099 9596.
Travel Talk specializes in giving you the best tours from around the world, unfortunately the tours we offer do not include airfare and we do not book or advise on airfare. You will be responsible for booking airfare to meet with the group at the starting city.
If you provide your dietary requirements at the time of booking, we will do our best to make the necessary arrangements where available. Please note that gluten-free & vegan options may be limited in the country.
The official currency in Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee. Avoid changing the bulk of your money at the airport as the exchange rates are usually more favorable in the city. Your tour leader will be pleased to help you if you need any assistance.
Good news, there isn’t any luggage restriction on our tours as long as you’re able to carry your own luggage! If you are participating in a combination tour of India and Nepal, since it includes a flight between India and Nepal, please note the baggage allowance below; Checked Baggage Allowance: 20kg Hand Baggage Allowance: 7kg
Tips are a common reward for service staff in Nepal. Your tour guide and crew will be especially appreciative and honored with this kind of traditional gratitude at the end of your tour.
You can join a tour late or miss the info meeting on the first day if you inform our agents prior to departure. Please note that it will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to catch the group. For all emergencies, you can contact +44 208 099 7536
Day 04: Pokhara (820 m) – Nayapul (1700 m) to Tolka (1700 m) Drive Pokhara – Nayapul 42 km / One and half hour. Day 05: Trek to Dhampus from Tolka (1700 m / 5 hours walking)

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