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Marta Nunes Avatar
Marta Nunes
4/20/2022 - Facebook

Just returned from the tour Egypt Felucca Odyssey, and it was a truly once in a life time experience, it really exceed my expectations. Everything was perfectly planned. Our guide Mostafa (Mufasa), was the best, he is a fantastic guide, with so much knowledge of is country, he went above and beyond to make sure everyone had the best experience. Loved everý bit of it, already want to go back. I highly encourage it to anyone.

Jon Mesick Avatar
Jon Mesick
4/20/2022 - Facebook

Just finished Egypt and had an amazing time. I picked the tour based on price but the quality was also great. Our tour guide, Mostafa (Mufasa), was knowledgeable and went the extra mile answering side questions or helping set up additional activities.

Dash Dingo Avatar
Dash Dingo
4/10/2022 - Facebook

1st time doing a group tour and to be honest, I was anxious but I did it with an open mind and heart. When I met Mustafa, our amazing guide and now our friend, he welcomed me and the of the explorers with a smile. Explained the itinerary with a soft voice and was thorough. Mustafa paid attention to every details. Made us feel safe at all times. Made the long drives feel short and enjoyable. We stopped to a lot of amazing places to eat local cuisines not the touristy ones and places. He also taught us some basic Turkish words, and obliged to teach us how count 1-5 which was not part of curriculum by the way. lol. There are a lot more to say about this whole exploration experience. But the best part about this exploration is meeting new people that I call now friends. And memories that will last a lifetime. I enjoyed every bit of this trip. The drivers were amazing as well and was friendly to all the dogs that they meet a long the way. Can’t recommend travel talk tours enough. This is legit. And I’m sure my co-explorers will agree. Will definitely explore more with Travel Talk Tours.

Rey Bacani Avatar
Rey Bacani
4/09/2022 - Facebook

This was our first experience of joining a tour group and we are very thankful we had Mustafa Kurt as our tour guide. He made this tour an enjoyable experience for us. Very personable and a great sense of humour. Never a dull moment. He goes the extra mile in ensuring we are all happy and having a great time. I would highly recommend Travel Talk, specifically Mustafa, to our friends who would like to visit Turkey. We will definitely be back and use Travel Talk in our future holidays. You’re lucky Travel Talk to have Mustafa in your team!

Amy Green Avatar
Amy Green
4/09/2022 - Facebook

I’ve just got home from the ‘Highlights of Turkey’ Tour with Mustafa our excellent tour guide. It was a wonderful trip with amazing experiences. Mus was efficient, thoughtful and great fun as a tour guide and leader. Everything was well-organised and nothing was too much trouble. Fantastic people; incredible places and magnificent culture. I would definitely recommend booking with Travel Talk - they have been great throughout and I will be booking with them again. Thank you, Mus and Travel Talk!

Danny Green Avatar
Danny Green
4/05/2022 - Facebook

we had a great tour in Turkey, with a brilliant guide how couldn't do enough for us always helping us anyway he possibly can, I was a great tour, great value for money and extremely well organised would recommend if your going to Turkey to take this tour

Billie Kingi Avatar
Billie Kingi
3/14/2022 - Facebook

Just completed the Felucca odesay Egypt tour and it was amazing. Our guide Mo did an excellent job of educating us on ancient Egypt and the tour was superbly run. word of warning this tour is fast paced (pack snacks) and I fulling recommend doing the dawn hot air balloon over Luxor. Your head will be crammed full of knowledge by the end of the trip.

Mohammad Iqbal Memon Avatar
Mohammad Iqbal Memon
3/08/2022 - Facebook

We just back from 10 days Egypt tour, it’s was amazing trip, and tour Guide Mostafa was very knowledgeable and nice person. In each city he gave us very informative lectures about those temples. In ten days we seen most of the temples and Mosques of Egypt. Let me tell you guys we visited so far 109 countries,and took lots of tours from different tours companies, but Egypt tour was first tour with travel talk , they showed us lots of places in short time and tour guide Mostafa is very amazing guy, we very impressed from his knowledge of Egyptian history.

Yousuf Ahmad Avatar
Yousuf Ahmad
1/03/2022 - Facebook

The Essential Turkey tour was brilliant. Our guide Mustafa was really informative and always managed to keep things entertaining with his cool and funny demeanour and excellent historical knowledge. He was very helpful whenever anyone needed something specific and was able to accommodate for everyone's needs. He's everything you would want in a tour guide and I'm glad he led us on our Turkey trip. All of the sights were worth seeing and I'm definitely going to plan another Travel Talk trip soon!

Jessica Chan Avatar
Jessica Chan
1/03/2022 - Facebook

I just finished the Essential Turkey trip led by Mustafa and it was wonderful! The itinerary was well-planned and well-paced. Mustafa was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions about history and culture. He was also very humorous, which made the trip all the more enjoyable. Could not recommend him more!

Erin Fiallo Avatar
Erin Fiallo
11/29/2021 - Facebook

Our trip to EGYPT was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’ve had a lot of messages about how we planned it so I wanted to share. We booked the “Amazing EGYPT” in depth explorer ten day trip through TRAVEL TALK,. Our ten day trip was jammed packed and our guide, Mostafa was the best! Everything was perfectly planned and executed. I seriously could go on and on about how great our trip was. There were so many incredible moments. I strongly recommend TRAVEL TALK, if you are looking to go to EGYPT or any of the countries that they tour in. I know we will be booking our next adventure with them!!!

Amy Horne Avatar
Amy Horne
11/14/2021 - Facebook

Just returned from one of the Turkey tours with Travel Talk! It was amazing, the hotels were some of the nicest hotels I have ever stayed in. We seen and experienced a lot of what you go to Turkey for, with our awesome guide Mustafa ... He was so knowledgable, funny, whitty, with great dance moves after a few sips of Raki, and just an all around top guy!.. Nothing was ever too much for him to try rearrange/sort out for you, as many of us were altering plans we had made with him previous days. Generally a top trip and one to add to your ever growing Travel Talk list! ... Xx

Aisling Mullins Avatar
Aisling Mullins
11/14/2021 - Facebook

Once again a fantastic tour organised by Travel Talk, this time led by Guide Mustafa. He made the trip effortlessly seamless throughout due to all his knowledge and support! Also wonderful to travel with such like minded travellers! Definitely recommending! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Georgina Sugden Avatar
Georgina Sugden
11/14/2021 - Facebook

Just completed the Essential Turkey trip! What an awesome trip, it really exceeded my expectations! Mustafa is awesome, very knowledgable and had such a laugh! Will definitely be booking more travel talk trips in the future! Thank you x

Rachael Simone Avatar
Rachael Simone
10/29/2021 - Facebook

Shout out to the team for the awesome customer service we got when we unfortunately had to cancel our Egypt/ Jordan trip. Such quick, polite and friendly service! Can’t wait to rebook when covid settles down!

Felix D. Bañadera Avatar
Felix D. Bañadera
10/24/2021 - Facebook

I joined the “BEST OF TURKEY BY LAND S.GROUP TOUR” with my best friend Joe. It was our first time doing a tour group. We were apprehensive at first because we are used to planning our own itinerary thinking tour groups had the tendency to be boring and restricting. It was a pleasant surprise that experiencing Turkey for the first time through Travel Talk Tours was one of the best experiences we’ve had traveling (several parts of) the world (and counting). Our travel guide Mr. Mustafa Kurt was very engaging, knowledgeable, experienced, methodical, and protective of all of us—- group of 9 people from different backgrounds. He knew Turkey and its history like the back of his hand. He was generous with information but never political, strict but not restrictive, smartly paced but never hurried, intelligent and informative but never condescending, practical in his tips and humor-filled; we were his guests but we saw a leader, a brother, a friend, and a protector in him. It doesn’t hurt that Turkey is a country richest in ancient history, deeply unique in culture, kindest and welcoming people, and has the best of land (at least two continents!) , water (the Bosphorus alone was majestic ), and sky (paragliding, hot air balloon rides, anyone?) topographies. Mustafa and Travel Talk lived by the standard that is amazing Turkey! We will definitely come back soon! Cheers! Felix Banadera Joe Alviedo

Lynne Tran Avatar
Lynne Tran
10/14/2021 - Facebook

The tour advertised Egypt and Jordan as one trip but actually it is 2 separate with a very disrupted transition. There were no clear information from their part of what to expect at the airport, we ended up to pay for additional PCR test that we don’t need to use. If we have booked the flight ourselves it would have been much cheaper, more efficient and directly informed by the airline. If you book pcr test with Travel Talk cost 100 usd while other travellers I met pay 30 usd. The part in Egypt was particularly disorganised, hotel in Cairo was not good, has barely any wifi which caused extra discomfort and inconvenience. The Felucca has poor facilities and the time spend there were too much longer than it needs while there’s very little time to rest in other cities. The tour guide in Jordan is very good and that is only thing that stand out from the trip. Both countries are beautiful and could have been much more enjoyable if better managed. One person also lost money while leaving their bag in the bus. Overall I am not happy with this trip and will not recommend Travel Talk or book another trip.

Kim Henkel Avatar
Kim Henkel
9/29/2021 - Facebook

Best of Turkey tour is a must, especially with tour guide Aykut. He honestly made the tour the most interesting and informative group tour I have been on. He goes out of his way to entertain the group and inform us with information you can not just find on google. I had an incredible time at every sight and learned so much. Even the long bus rides where fun because of Aykut and the group. We traveled in comfort and had plenty of time at every stop. It is a well planned out tour and Aykut picked great spots for lunch. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in Turkey. I recommend this tour to solo travelers and families, it is very safe and easy to do. I will definitely be back in the near future!

Jay Jay Avatar
Jay Jay
9/29/2021 - Facebook

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve just finished the Turkey by Land tour. The entire experience was so lovely. Amazing hotels and food, the bus was very comfortable, the trip was well planned and Aykut our guide was knowledgeable and funny, there was a lot of laughing. 5 stars.

Leisa Wolf Avatar
Leisa Wolf
9/27/2021 - Facebook

We are just finishing up the Balkans tour. We had a great time and Bojan was a great tour guide. I already want to revisit again. Don't hesitate booking your dream trip!

Bill Brotherton Avatar
Bill Brotherton
9/26/2021 - Facebook

Just got back from our Morocco trip and it was amazing! Beautiful sights, great food but the best part of it was our guide Abdul....he made everything super fun and easy! Absolute legend!

Karine Dumais Avatar
Karine Dumais
9/21/2021 - Facebook

I loved my experience with Travel Talk tour in Turkey. It had exceeded my expectations. The tour was well-organized and balanced and I’m very happy with the sights we visited. I was able to put a lot of checks on my bucket list! 🤩 Aykut made us all fall in love with Turkey with his cultural and historical tidbits. He has proven himself as very knowledgeable, resourceful, funny, and professional. He went above and beyond to make sure everyone has the best experience possible according to their own needs and interests even with a very heterogeneous group. It is obvious that he is very experienced and that he loves what he is doing. Thank you so much for that tour and a special thank you to Aykut for making my that experience memorable.

Johnny Guerrero Avatar
Johnny Guerrero
8/29/2021 - Facebook

Just recently returned back home (US) from Greece. I took the Best Of Greece Tour on AUG 13, 2021, and it was amazing! I highly encourage it to anyone. My group and I had the BEST tour guide, Kostas, who made our trip/vacation remarkable. The trip was a success thanks to Kostas. He made this holiday an amazing experience. Kostas made sure everyone was comfortable and happy. He went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed to ensure we had a fantastic experience/time. For our free time, Kostas gave us suggestions on what to see/do and checked how we were to make sure we were all good and enjoying ourselves, which we valued. Kostas was terrific! and showed/taught us a lot about his country. Rest assured, we ALL in the tour appreciate everything we saw, learned, and experienced thanks to Kostas. I will be traveling with TravelTalk for sure during my next holiday after this excellent experience!

Fátima Hernández Avatar
Fátima Hernández
positive review 
7/17/2021 - Facebook

This summer I traveled to Turkey 🇹🇷 and did the Best of Turkey by Land Tour and what a great experience it was. The food was great and the experience was memorable, this was in great part thanks to our amazing guide Mustafa who is very knowledgeable, patient, funny, and caring. It is clearly seen that he loves what he does. He definitely went above and beyond to make this tour one of the best.

Victoria CY Avatar
Victoria CY
positive review 
7/16/2021 - Facebook

I did the Amazing Turkey by land tour and it really was wonderful!

Our guide Mustafa was unbelievably good. He was always available and never made you feel as though you were asking too much. I don’t know how he managed it, but he offered the same level of attention as a personal guide. He was knowledgeable and delivered information with a good sense of humour. Having Mustafa as a guide turned a run of the mill tour into an excellent one!

The tour was well planned out and we saw what you’d want to see in turkey. The tour bus was in excellent condition. Hotels were okay, they’re advertised as 4/5 star and did have pools, spas etc. but I would set your expectations low. The majority of rooms were similar to 2/3 star hotels in the US/Western Europe.

Travel talk were quick to reply to emails, though if they call you, be sure to send a follow up email confirming any details mentioned in the call in writing. They called me, gave me incorrect information, and then didn’t want to take any responsibility for it. This was the only negative of the tour.

All in all, I would highly recommend this tour, even if you just go to meet Mustafa! Pro tip: book on the UK site and pay in GBP as this gets you the best price.

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Bryony Manson Avatar
Bryony Manson
24/04/22 - Google

Fantastic Turkey 6 Day TourIstanbul was slightly disappointing as sightseeing was under restoration, the blue mosque was not blue. Topkapi palace entrance fee is pricey based on my interest.LONG drives between destinations! 2 full days on the bus but worth it for the destinations.Cappaddocia… your % chance of seeing the balloons is 30%! there has to be NO wind & unfortunately we didn’t get to see the famous balloons rise. Cappaddocia is a beautiful sight & plenty more to do but in my tours case when the balloons don’t rise you’ve gotten up at 4am most days of your tour which in the end becomes tiring. Hotel here was not 4*. I would give it 2*.Pammukkale: spend more than one night here please!! the hotel was incredible, the food was incredible, the spa was incredible, not enough time to enjoy the sights & hotel because of the drive between so 2 nights here would be perfect!Pack your own snack like cereal bars, the only stops are service stations which provide option of Pringles, ice cream, chocolate, nuts & Turkish delight.Mus our guide was the best I’ve ever had!!! he deserves some time off & a pay rise. his information, communication & sight stops were 10/10.Travel Talks communication is the main reason i gave 4*. I unfortunately had to add a day onto my tour whilst travelling, change my flight home because my domestic flight booked by travel talk wasn’t given to me until we were on the bus at which point i discovered it was the same time as my flight home. The easiest solution was stay an extra day & end in Ephesus. I called to confirm when i booked the end time of the tour & was told 10:30am which was technically correct the bus would leave us at 10:30 but the domestic flight wasn’t until 5pm!! this should be communicated at the time of booking & a confirmation of the flight send at the time of booking too.

Cait Kontalis Avatar
Cait Kontalis
21/04/22 - Google

Mostafa ( Mufasa ) was the BEST guide in the entire world. I traveled with him in November 2021 and he made our trip absolutely incredible. I can not suggest Travel Talk Tours for your Egypt trip enough. The felucca nights were incredible – choose that option!

《KL》 Master Avatar
《KL》 Master
21/04/22 - Google

Very good

James Keable Avatar
James Keable
11/04/22 - Google

Great travel company. Have travelled to Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey (just got back) with them. Always reasonably priced, great itineraries, guides have knowledge are accomodating and friendly. Always made good friends.

Sherry Floyd Avatar
Sherry Floyd
25/02/22 - Google

I talked with Sue and she was very friendly and helpful!

Amar santi Chakma Avatar
Amar santi Chakma
25/02/22 - Google

Ben Lawn Avatar
Ben Lawn
25/01/22 - Google

I travelled to Bansko, in Bulgaria, for a ski holiday with Travel Talk over Christmas.Customer service were helpful in answering my Covid related queries.The trip moved fairly smoothly, although this was not aided by the fact that we lacked an experienced guide for the tour.Our eventual guide, Rebecca, made absolutely stellar efforts to fill this gap. We had excellent excursions arranged for us, such as a transfer to thermal baths and a traditional Bulgarian meal. She was also great fun, and particularly beneficial to the group dynamic. However, Rebecca had never been to Bansko previously, nor was she a tour guide. It felt that she had been rather thrown in at the deep end by her employer. This meant that Travel Talk had rather neglected and short changed their tour participants, in my opinion. This was not addressed.When I travelled with Travel Talk previously, it was our fantastic guide who really set the tour apart from what could be offered by competitors. By not providing an experienced guide, as promised in the tour description, my faith in Travel Talk has been diminished.

Layla Wang Avatar
Layla Wang
25/01/22 - Google

I was on Essential Turkey tour (small group) last week and it was a wonderful trip! Our guide is Mustafa, and he is such an awesome and knowledgable guy, who made our trip safe and interesting throughout (and I enjoyed all the restaurants he recommended, excellent food!!). Hotels on this tour were mostly good. All optional activities are worth doing (hot balloon is a must!). This trip left me a good impression of Turkey, and I'll come back for that! Cheers

earlsfield guy Avatar
earlsfield guy
25/01/22 - Google

I just finished my turkey tour and it was great. Turkey is a wonderful country that offers a lot of colorful things. Our guide Mustafa made the tour really great. We all loved his sense of humour. Food was great and affordable. We touched almost all the great places in 9days. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend this tour.Sudip

Alana E Avatar
Alana E
25/12/21 - Google

Ben Lawn Avatar
Ben Lawn
06/12/21 - Google

My partner and I did the Essential Turkey tour in November/December 2021. We had a fantastic time, and can both only recommend Travel Talk and this tour.Mustafa Kurt, our incredible guide, is really who sets this tour apart from any competition. He conducts the majority of Travel Talk's Essential Turkey, so you may get lucky if you book. Mustafa is an extremely qualified tour guide, with an extraordinary tourism CV, who wholly commits to ensuring that those on his tour have the very best Turkey experience possible. The man goes well above and beyond, without even thinking twice. He is a natural leader, whilst also being a friend. He was hilarious to have around us, bringing all the laughs and very much aiding in bringing the group together. His knowledge of Turkey is second to none, and he never lets this or his jokes get stale.The minibus that we used was better than expected - modern and comfy. We also had two drivers, adding to safety and ability to cover the long distances required. The hotels on the tour do vary, but are generally good. Travel Talk were responsive during booking, and flexible when it came to us having to delay due to Covid.

Erin Fiallo Avatar
Erin Fiallo
30/11/21 - Google

Our trip to EGYPT was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.I’ve had a lot of messages about how we planned it so I wanted to share.We booked the “Amazing EGYPT” in depth explorer ten day trip through TRAVEL TALK,.Our ten day trip was jammed packed and our guide, Mostafa was the best! Everything was perfectly planned and executed. I seriously could go on and on about how great our trip was. There were so many incredible moments.I strongly recommend TRAVEL TALK, if you are looking to go to EGYPT or any of the countries that they tour in. I know we will be booking our next adventure with them!!!

C Chow Avatar
C Chow
30/11/21 - Google

Deanne Pittman Avatar
Deanne Pittman
25/11/21 - Google

If you care at all about the COVID-19 Pandemic, please don't choose Travel Talk for your next trip.Despite advertising a vaccination policy that requires all travellers to be fully vaccinated, nothing is done to verify that travellers are fully vaccinated before or during the trip. Out of 17 people on my trip, 4 individuals willingly admitted that they were completely unvaccinated. I was lucky enough to hear this information from those passengers directly on the second day of the tour and to say I was horrified is an understatement. Not only are you spending long periods of time with the other travellers, but you are forced to eat and even room with them in close quarters on the felucca boat, so risk of transmission is high. I immediately brought the issue to Travel Talk's attention and their response was completely unsatisfactory – not only did they not apologize for the situation after I stated that I was very fearful for my health, but they deflected the blame to "travel agencies" saying that they may have failed to verify the vaccination status of some of their passengers. I booked directly through Travel Talk, yet I also was never asked to provide proof of vaccination status at any point before or during my trip. Other than saying that they were "launching an investigation," I received nothing further from Travel Talk regarding this issue.In addition to the above issues with unvaccinated passengers, health and hygiene issues were also a problem for me and other passengers on this trip. The provided accommodations were truly a mixed bag - some of them, including the hotels in Aswan, Luxor and Dahab were great, but unfortunately, we only spent (literally) a few hours at the Tolip and the Steigenberger respectively. The remaining accommodations in Cairo, on the train and especially on the felucca were very substandard. A warning to others – the Oasis Hotel is infested mosquitoes, mites and other insects, which caused very painful bites on my legs and feet which persisted throughout the entire trip. As for the felucca, this was by far the least enjoyable aspect of my trip - although it was neat to sail down the Nile, the beds (which also doubled as your eating area) were very uncomfortable, absolutely infested with mosquitoes with no netting of any kind, and were not hygienic at all. Myself and a couple of other passengers experienced mild food poisoning from the food served on the boat.It's unfortunate that the above issues tainted my opinion of the tour, because the sights we viewed and Mo, our tour guide were truly exceptional. Mo was the only Travel Talk employee that wore a mask at all times, encouraged hand-washing and mask-wearing and listened to our concerns. He is truly passionate about Egypt and its culture/history and was incredibly funny and upbeat throughout the trip. Even if you know nothing about Egypt, you will walk away knowing some really cool stories and interesting facts about Egypt's Pharaonic and modern history. Mo was the saving grace for this tour and the only reason I chose to remain with the group.Travel Talk's initial price tag may be appealing, but for me, it was not worth the stress, and at times discomfort that I experienced throughout my trip. I had much better experiences with Intrepid and Top Deck for similar tours, so I encourage people to do their research in advance, especially when it comes to COVID-19.

Adrian Carey Avatar
Adrian Carey
16/11/21 - Google

I had a great time in Turkey with Travel Talk!I really enjoyed the balloon flight and Turkish night, along with all the other included and optional activities on the tour which I undertook.The coach was to a high standard, along with the hotels which were also in good locations.The tour guide Mustafa was excellent, bringing enthusiasm, joy and knowledge to the group.Would highly recommend this Travel Talk tour of Turkey!

S B Avatar
16/11/21 - Google

I did the Essential Turkey trip, it was an amazing experience from start to finish with a great group of people. Mustafa is a really fun and knowledgeable tour guide, he knows the history of the country well, has a good sense of humour, and made sure the whole tour went as smoothly as possible. Hotels and transport both were great too. Definitely do a tour, you won't regret it!

Sarah Jennings Avatar
Sarah Jennings
16/11/21 - Google

Had a wonderful time in Turkey with TravelTalk. Our guide Mustafa was amazing, full of knowledge and very helpful. The trip was really well organised, the hotels were lovely, and the bus was new and comfortable. Everything exceeded my expectations, I’d definitely recommend the company and travel with them again!

Stuart Avatar
16/11/21 - Google

Really enjoyed the Turkey tour. Mustafa was an amazing guide and a genuine down to earth person. Enjoyed travelling on a spacious new coach (with two drivers) and the accommodation was to a good standard. Would definitely recommend.

fbanadera Avatar
31/10/21 - Google

I joined the “BEST OF TURKEY BY LAND S.GROUP TOUR” with my best friend Joe. It was our first time doing a tour group. We were apprehensive at first because we are used to planning our own itinerary thinking tour groups had the tendency to be boring and restricting.It was a pleasant surprise that experiencing Turkey for the first time through Travel Talk Tours was one of the best experiences we’ve had traveling (several parts of) the world (and counting).Our travel guide Mr. Mustafa Kurt was very engaging, knowledgeable, experienced, methodical, and protective of all of us—- group of 9 people from different backgrounds. He knew Turkey and its history like the back of his hand. He was generous with information but never political, strict but not restrictive, smartly paced but never hurried, intelligent and informative but never condescending, practical in his tips and humor-filled; we were his guests but we saw a leader, a brother, a friend, and a protector in him.It doesn’t hurt that Turkey is a country richest in ancient history, deeply unique in culture, kindest and welcoming people, and has the best of land (at least two continents!) , water (the Bosphorus alone was majestic ), and sky (paragliding, hot air balloon rides, anyone?) topographies.Mustafa and Travel Talk lived by the standard that is amazing Turkey! We will definitely come back soon!Cheers!Felix BanaderaJoe Alviedo

Charles Chow Avatar
Charles Chow
31/10/21 - Google

We just finished 12 days of 'Best of Turkey By Land' Our group had 9 people, but the Travel Talk using the full size bus which can sit 60+. Talking about social distance, we have a lot more. The tour guild Mustafa, a amazing guy. He knows Turkey inside out, also have pictures to explant the detail. The trip very smooth, no rushing. We have time to explore and took pictures after he gave us the history about the place. We thank you very much for such amazing trip with excellent guild. We will travel again with Travel Talk.

Zoa Gutierrez Avatar
Zoa Gutierrez
07/10/21 - Google

My friend and I took the 15 day Greece & Turkey tour. It was the most memorable vacation for the both of us. At 65 I never thought I’d experience the things we did on our trip. Everything was so well organized. Our tour guides Kostas (in Greece) and Aykut (in Turkey) were amazing. They went above and beyond for us. I couldn’t have asked for better tour guides. They made sure we were well taken care of. We had some amazing experiences but I must say one of my favorites was the paragliding. Maybe because it was the one thing I said I could never do but thanks to Aykut reassuring words I did. AMAZING!!!! It was really the time of my life and I can’t wait to do our next tour.

Elliot Mccullough Avatar
Elliot Mccullough
06/09/21 - Google

I did the 10 Turkey Tour in August 2021. it was absolutely amazing! the itinerary was perfect, the tour guide (Mustafa) was excellent. he was knowledgeable, fun and clear in his explanations and also direction. his recommendations were also very good. the places we were taken for food stops along the way were great, each one was had different selection of food and all had vegetarian options. I have recommended this to my friends and suggest everyone goes on this tour if you like a mix of activities and history.

Adriana Bostan Avatar
Adriana Bostan
30/08/21 - Google

We booked the Felucca Odyssey & Dahab Explorer for august 2021 and it end up to be one of my favourite trip ever! We had the luck to be only 5 of us on the tour and all girls. The trip was absolutely amazing,everything was planned to the detail so we has the cance to so so much in a short period of time. I loved the sailing day on the felucca and the dancing at night around the fire, after that we sat on the deck of the boat stargazing, it was a magical night! Hiking the mount Sinai also its been a breathtaking experience. Our tour guide Moustafawas incredible, he took care of all our needs,made sure that everybody was comfortable and safe. he has a nice sense of humor and made all the explanations fun to follow and i didnt felt overwhelmed with all the information. overall i loved everything about this tour. Definitly i will come back soon to explore more around Dahab since was the place i loved the most.

breanna sherk Avatar
breanna sherk
23/08/21 - Google

I booked a solo trip for the Egypt Adventure for August 2021. I booked the 35 person tour hoping to meet lots of people. When I arrived, because it is August and extremely hot in Egypt as well as because of Covid-19 there were only 5 of us on the tour! It ended up being an all girls group and we were all in the same age range (27-35). We were told in August it is always less busy because of the heat. Anyone older than 35 tends to do the Classic Egypt tour. Our guide was Mostafa and he was incredible! He helped us with anything we needed and he took great pictures for us.The travel talk tour was well worth the money (especially with the 45% off sale), for all of the things we got to see and do.I did spend more than I anticipated while there though. I had looked this up previously, but all of the hotels were located a ways outside of the city centre. So, they did not have the access to town (you needed to cab) and to the popular restaurants. I do not often enjoy eating at hotels because the food does not need to be good since people will eat at it no matter what. The buffet meals that they organized were not very good either, however the family style meals were delightful.optional activities - Nubian Dinner 26USD. Totally worth it! A bit expensive for what you get but this ended up being one of my favourite nights! The local shopping is great, dinner was incredible and we all got henna done as well.Temple of Abu Simbel 94USD. Again, worth it! An incredible sight to see. You may be able to organize this cheaper on your own though as the entrance fee was quite small but it is a long ways away.Hot Air Balloon in Luxor 124USD. There was some confusion about this as we thought we had paid for this at the beginning of the trip, but we had not. It is one of the cheaper places to go hot air ballooning and it was a short boat ride and drive away. We got an up close birds eye view of the valley of the kings.Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids 30USD. Not worth it in any sense. Watch a few minutes of it on YouTube and you will see why.Tipping Kitty - 30USD for the 15 day tour that tips the drivers and hotel staff. Not optional. However, we did not realize that this does not include the tip for the guide as well.Bedouin Dinner - Again, an amazing experience and calm, night. However, maybe not worth the price for the food.Blue Hole Snorkling - a 15 minute drive from the Dahab Paradise hotel. We were there for about 3 hours. Worth it.

Mark T Avatar
Mark T
20/08/21 - Google

They provide great customer service

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Z. Ward Avatar
Z. Ward

Essential Egypt Micke is the best guide. Tour was excellent with a lot of sights seen. All in all had a fantastic time with wonderful people.

R. Bodnar Avatar
R. Bodnar

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Michael was a wonderful and patient tour guide. Would recommend him to others.

R. Randall Avatar
R. Randall

Egypt Jewels of the Nile The trip was absolutely amazing. He is very knowed able about the history of Egypt and I am very glad he was our tour guide. I definitely plan on coming back to this beautiful country with Mike as my guide again. Thank you Mike for the memories and the knowledgeable.

K. Sadowska Avatar
K. Sadowska

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Micke is one of the best tour guides have ever meet. He gives all of his heart and soul and knowledge to evryone on the tour. All in all could definitely recommend Travel Talk.

J. Miller Avatar
J. Miller

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Michael was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. He made the trip safe, easy and enjoyable.

S. Alibrando  Avatar
S. Alibrando

Amazing Egypt Micheal was the best tour guide. I have ever had and I have done a lot of tours around the world. The tour was great.

A. Manikam Avatar
A. Manikam

Amazing Egypt Micheal was absolutely outstanding. Best tour guide was made comfortable. Amazing sense of humour, great knowledge, went out of his way to make sure everyone was safety, happy and comfortable. I have absolutely zero negatives to say about him.

I. Lopez Martin Avatar
I. Lopez Martin

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Michael has been an amazing guide. Always ready to cater for all our needs, very knowledgeable and patience. He definitely was the right choice.

N. Wait Avatar
N. Wait

Essential Egypt Have yet again had an amazing time with Travel Talk. Their prices and experience for surpass only other tour I have senn. I have made a few life long friends within my journeys. The staff are always incredible and deserce all the recognition for making the experience what it is. Thank you Mo and Ramy.

R. Ward Jr Avatar
R. Ward Jr

Essential Egypt The team we had here in Egypt were amazing. From the drivers, guides, and support staff everyone was truly, helpful and pleased.he ensured everyone had a wonderful experience. Thanks againto the entire Egypt Travel Talk tours.

S. Delorino Avatar
S. Delorino

Essential Egypt Mo was an amazing tour guide. His explanations were so insightful and also amde it so fun and interesting. Best tour guide ver. 10/10.

R. Watts Avatar
R. Watts

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Mo our tour guide was absolutely amazing and he worked to meet our every needs. He was also very smart when it come to local knowledge. Ramy was our tour guide for our Night in Dahab he was also very good. And well organised. Thank you very much.

A. Hutton Avatar
A. Hutton

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Absolutely loved this tour thus for Mustafa and Ramy were fabolous guides. We saw so made in such a short amount of time. All in all amzing, Thank you.

M. Collier Avatar
M. Collier

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Excellent tour of knowledge shared and accomodation for our needs from our guides to ensure I have enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much what a beautiful experience.

S. Henne Avatar
S. Henne

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek This was my first tour and it was a fantastic experience. I will highly recommend this company this tour and Egypt as a tour destination. Thank you for a wonderful time.

J. Griffiths Avatar
J. Griffiths

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Mo was fantastic. Rammy was brilliant.Dinners were a highlight.

K. Sullivan Avatar
K. Sullivan

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Mustafa was a legend. Very professional, kind, warm and made the trip something excellent. Fantastic guide. Loved the felucca the hotels the optional extras were excellent quality and value guests on tour were similar to me in age. Loved the Egypt tour.

S. Edwards Avatar
S. Edwards

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Mo and Ramy have made me experience in Egypt spectacular. The knowledge of information. The security provided and the warm welcoming made the overall experience a 10/10 and I would highly recommend.

E. Hunter Avatar
E. Hunter

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Loved my experiences I had an this trip. Travel Talk really know how to make a trip of a life the special mention to Mo when he helped me out when I was not feeling well.

K. Hipwell Avatar
K. Hipwell

Essential Turkey Mustafa was a fantastic guide - informative, laid-back with a playful attitude. I enjoyed this tour as it enabled me to see many places I wouldn't otherwise be comfortable travelling on my own.

E. Haack Avatar
E. Haack

Essential Turkey Mustafa was an excellent guide! The tour ran very smoothly and all that is included was great.

D. Bucasas Avatar
D. Bucasas

Essential Turkey Mustafa is an excellent tour guide. Very friendly, funny and knowledgeable. He made me feel safe at all times. Very open to questions and comments. He went above average to make sure we experienced the best of Turkey. Our drivers were fantastic as well. Friendly & helpful.

J. Metcalf Avatar
J. Metcalf

Essential Turkey Our tour guide Mustafa was an amazing guide full of knowledge + wisdom. Without a doubt my best guide yet!

K. Allen Avatar
K. Allen

Essential Turkey Mustafa - fantastic guide. Knowledgeable, great stories, very funny, professional. I would recommend Mustafa as "a guide to" anyone. Bus drivers very kind and good drivers. Felt very safe. Beautiful to see them care for the local dogs.

S. Haag Avatar
S. Haag

Essential Turkey Had an amazing time in Turkey. Mustafa was great and always told us a lot of information and always made sure we were safe. We saw a lot of things for 9 dats and I would recommend it for someone.

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