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Kishan Morar Avatar
Kishan Morar
31/12/20 - Google

We did the Travel Talk Ski Bansko tour. Due to COVID-19 the tour was a little bit different to what was described, however, we still had an amazing time and got to Ski!Thanks to our tour guide Aykut! He was very informative and always tried to make sure we had an enjoyable trip. Considering the circumstances, he was very adaptable and he went the extra mile for our group. He even helped retrieve a phone that was left by one of our group on the transfer bus on the first day.Overall, I would highly recommend Travel Talk and our tour guide Aykut!

Лилия Фаррахова Avatar
Лилия Фаррахова
31/12/20 - Google

I had an amazing week in bankso with tour guide Aykut. Travel talk and Aykut looked after us very well. Tuitions and ski gears were incredible. I Highly suggest ski bankso to everyone.

Annie Akepogu Avatar
Annie Akepogu
30/12/20 - Google

Aykut was a great tour guide - friendly and professional and able to adapt to ever changing conditions due to COVID. Travel talk were great at communication and we had a fantastic week at Ski Bansko!

Sagar Patel Avatar
Sagar Patel
30/12/20 - Google

Aykut Gun was awesome! Helped us out with all the curve balls that were thrown at us during COVID time.

Aisling Mullins Avatar
Aisling Mullins
30/12/20 - Google

Ana Kovalevskaya Avatar
Ana Kovalevskaya
06/12/20 - Google

We did the 9 day Turkey tour in November. My expectations were actually not that high because we had a couple of special requests for tour operator none of which they were able to arrange due to the fact that it was a group tour they said. I was also kinda worried about long bus drive time everyday.I have to say- the tour exceeded my expectations big time! It was great value for money- you see a lot of sites in Turkey, the travel was great as bus was very comfortable and clean and drivers were great. The guide, Aykut, occupied the time with funny stories and facts about Turkey culture and sites we visited. The food he suggested was Always awesome. The hotels were mostly great. And at the end I was able to arrange all my special requests through the hotels privately. The people of Turkey is amazing! I will definetily use the company again if Aykut is the guide. We are planning to buy travel talk’s Balkans tour with him in summer.

JessieAnne 22 Avatar
JessieAnne 22
06/12/20 - Google

I recently did the 8 day Turkey sail with amazing Travel Talk trip leader Aykut and and a fantastic crew from Santander Yachting. We were only a small group due to the current Corona virus travel restrictions, but Aykut and the crew went above and beyond to make it an incredible experience. Aykut was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable as he showed us some of the most spectacular scenery and cultural sights. The deck hand Sadik was loads of fun and always happy to help and the chef Esa went above and beyond cooking delicious meals including catering for specific dietary needs. 10/10 would recommend!

Zahid Muhammad Avatar
Zahid Muhammad
06/12/20 - Google

Overall the tour was very memorable. Most of the hotels were fine, the bus and the bus drivers were very nice.What I really enjoyed was the tour guide which accompanied us throughout our journey. Aykut was outstanding in many ways. He was a tour guide, companion, entertainer and much more all the way. He has a good command of the country in terms of history and geography and deserves to be a professional tour guide. He is also a compassionate individual who is very considerate of the needs of the group.I would definitely recommend Travel Talk to my friends .

Jaya Ramasawmy Avatar
Jaya Ramasawmy
06/12/20 - Google

A fantastic experience !!! I greatly enjoyed Turkey for its culture, history and exceptionally beautiful archaeological places. Aykut, our guide was amazingly wonderful and well knowledgeable, making the trip comfortable, joyful and memorable. It was a fun group and safe to travel during the pandemic. I recommend Essential Turkey tour to anyone looking to discover Turkey in a nutshell.

06/12/20 - Google

The essential Turkey tour was great value, we visited many sites and the hotel's we stayed in were all of a high standard. We also had a great tour guide Akyut who was very knowledgeable and made the trip interesting through his humourous story telling. I recommend this tour for anyone looking for a good value tour that covers many sites in Turkey.

Francesca Hart Avatar
Francesca Hart
06/12/20 - Google

Had an amazing tour of Turkey by boat this past summer. Aykut was an amazing guide. Would definitely recommend travel talk tours!

yaneth barria Avatar
yaneth barria
06/12/20 - Google

Tesa Gammal Avatar
Tesa Gammal
06/11/20 - Google

Myself, and my partner, had an incredible time doing the 'Essential Turkey' tour with Mustafa as our guide. Mustafa was truly a professional guide, with an excellent wit/humour and a fantastic energy that made the tour exceptional. He helped every person in our group (24ppl) feel catered to, and answered all questions with enthusiasm. By the end of the trip we all felt like a big family (this is saying something given how much of an introvert I am! :-D). I'm normally someone who likes to book my own individual travel, but I take my hat off to the organisation and planning that went into this holiday. I felt we covered SO much of turkey and got a great understanding of its history and culture, which I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Turkey itself is a land rich with greenery, beautiful oceans, and incredible landscapes. The people are friendly and a little cheeky, but never did I feel unsafe in any way. The country also seems to be managing covid very well (that is, more strictly than the UK) and encourages the use of face masks even in public spaces. My only qualms with this tour have to do with Travel Talk the company not informing us of the long drives (several days had drives of 9-11hrs on a bus with no onboard toilet), so anyone with a disability may find this tour difficult. Mustafa, however, did his best to make sure we had regular stops to try to mitigate this issue. Otherwise, bring along a neck pillow so you can nap on the bus! The other thing I would've loved, is a list of some local authentic eateries in the places we visited, so we had more options on food. Overall, however, I highly recommend this tour for its value and for the excellence in professionalism. PS if you get a chance, do as many of the optional activities as you can. The balloon ride over cappadocia was incredible and the paragliding in pamukkale was great fun! If you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie, ask them to do some tricks whilst doing the paragliding, otherwise you'll get a very smooth straight ride down over the hot springs. Enjoy your next adventure!

Julie Wardman Avatar
Julie Wardman
06/11/20 - Google

Unbelievable 12 day tour of Turkey! It can get hectic at times with so many people and so much packed into the tour BUT our guide was brilliant at keeping everything moving smoothly. We did and saw some truly amazing things. Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, and loads more. Walking, swimming, thermal springs. Mud baths, rafting, fairy chimneys. Genuinely, I can't remember when I had such a great time.Our guide was Aykut Gun. If I live to be a hundred I will never find a better ambassador for Turkey. He balanced everybody's needs, wants and choices brilliantly. He knew the answer to every question. He was full of enthusiasm, information and recommendations all day long. The quality of the guide is about 99% of the value in a tour - this time Aykut was 100% EXCELLENT. With Aykut you are more like a friend than just a client. Thank you so much to Aykut and the Travel Talk team. You have given Turkey a very special place in my heart forever.

Gemma Steward Avatar
Gemma Steward
06/11/20 - Google

Just got back after doing the 8 day Sail Turkey tour - had the time of my life would 100% recommend! The boat far exceeded my expectations, we had so much space and double sun loungers out on deck and ensuite cabins. Our tour guide Aykut was absolutely brilliant, always enthusiastic and fun yet informative and really helpful with advice on places to go when docking and booked transfers and even enquired about day trips after the boat trip for us. All the crew were so friendly and went above and beyond for us and we ate like kings! The optional activities were all great and worth the money. Everyone on the boat was mid 20s-30 and a nice mix of nationalities and we had a great mix of sightseeing and partying. It was so good I almost want to do the same trip again, but think I will go for Croatia next time. I will definitely be booking with Travel Talk again!

Jusna Begum Avatar
Jusna Begum
06/11/20 - Google

All About The BalkansI travelled through 7 countries on the Balkans tour and I have to say, it was worth every moment! The tours were well organised, informative and the tour guides/leaders always went out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. However, not all the hotels we stayed at, were of great expectations, but I hear Travel Talk are working to improve on their selections - hence the 4*.Nevertheless, I had an amazing time and have met some awesome people along the way.A huge shout out to the Tour Leader, Aykut Gun - a charming individual who was always on top of his game with a permanant smile fixated on his face and forever cracking jokes! And not forgetting our Tour Guides - Simon, George and the happy go lucky Driver! You all made this brilliant tour that extra special! Thank you!

Malith Nandasena Avatar
Malith Nandasena
06/11/20 - Google

Fantastic Turkey tourAthens + 2 Island explorerI have just finished two back to back tours which covered Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale, also Greece with santorini and Mykonos. It was an amazing experience especially the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, paragliding in Pamukkale and Parasailing in Santorini.On a special note I must thank our guides Mustafa Kurt (🇹🇷) and Kostas Kark (🇬🇷). They were incredible tour leaders, provided us the accurate clear information about everything, took care of us (it was not an easy task to travel during a pandemic) and managed to entertain us. Most importantly I like their friendly approach towards the group.Looking forward to do more travels with Travel talk.

Rhiannon Davies Avatar
Rhiannon Davies
06/11/20 - Google

This was truly the best tour I’ve ever been on. I don’t know where to start as it was all so great. Our tour guide Aykut was knowledgeable and really understood what our group wanted, a mix of history, exploring, activities and fun. The facilities were all super clean and the chef’s food was absolutely delicious. It really was the crew that made this trip, we even had two rainy days and they taught us how to play backgammon. Sadiq, the skipper was also a fantastic addition to the crew, always making us laugh and taking us to any destinations off the boat.I would highly recommend this tour and it was a week I won’t forget.

Nicole Thompson Avatar
Nicole Thompson
06/11/20 - Google

We can't go past a Travel Talk tour! We are currently completing our 4th tour with them (Essential Turkey 9 days) and have loved every single one. They are always action packed and a great way to tick loads of things off your bucket list in one trip. They are always well organised and the guides are 10/10! Accomodation and transport used is always top quality which make the Tours super good value for money too. Tours are still operating in Greece & Turkey at the time of writing this, with the added bonus of small tour groups and no crowds at sites visited so would highly recommend going now if it is an option for you.

Matiu Workman Avatar
Matiu Workman
06/11/20 - Google

I did the Eight Day Essential Turkey tour and it was incredible. Mustafa was an amazing guide who made this first time tour participant feel right at home. He and the drivers felt more like friends than workers and I wont ever forget my trip there. There was so much insight and intrigue as we went everywhere from Istanbul to Capadoccia, Pamukkale to Gallipoli and everywhere inbetween. I loved it and would recommend it and Mustafa our guide to anyone considering Turkey - this tour is for you!

Jess Buttigieg Avatar
Jess Buttigieg
06/11/20 - Google

What an incredible experience the Amazing Turkey by Gulet tour was. Aykut was my guide, and he was absolutely brilliant. Not only full of a vast amount of knowledge about the places we visited, but he kept us very entertained with his sense of humour and constant jokes on the bus rides. Would highly recommend Travel Talk as a company as well, they were very swift during the booking process, and answered any queries I had.

Joel Christensen Avatar
Joel Christensen
06/11/20 - Google

I went on a 12 day tour around Turkey with a 3 day sail included and loved every minute of it. I feel like I don’t need to go back to Turkey as we covered all of the hotspots but I will be back!Aykut was my tour guide and he was very entertaining and professional keeping the wheels rolling, I could imagine it would’ve been a different experience if we had a different guide, thanks brother!

Pritesh Patel Avatar
Pritesh Patel
06/11/20 - Google

Having travelled to Turkey before using Busabout which was amazing, I decided to do it again through Travel Talk and it was amazing. The value, the guide (Mustafa), the information provided, the sights, the accomodation and the group of people were incredible.Will be using this company again for other adventures and would recommend them all day long.. Thanks again Mustafa/Travel Talk.

Joni Guara Avatar
Joni Guara
06/11/20 - Google

Travel Talk Tours TurkeyOrganization is simple, friendly, efficient. Tour Guide Mustafa for 9 day Essential Turkey goes above and beyond to ensure a lovely tour experience for every individual. He is organized, communicates all timelines and expectations, and just a sheer joy to be around. During this time, especially, visiting Turkey is a must see and Travel Talk is the way to go.

Rebecca Garner Avatar
Rebecca Garner
06/11/20 - Google

Completed the 10 day travel Turkey tour! A great itinery with fab people!! Mustafa was the best guide ever! A wealth of information, jokes and stories! I was solo travelling as were alot of the group. I would 100% reccomend if you want to have fun, site see around Turkey and learn about its history!!! This is my second travel talk tour!!Alswathe best guide ever,

Ruth Swaney Avatar
Ruth Swaney
06/11/20 - Google

Mustafa the tour guide is amazing!!!!! He made the turkey trip so much better and very entertaining! He is very knowledgeable, funny, thoughtful and makes guests Feel very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Mustafa. Also would recommend doing all the add ons as they were very interesting and fun 🙂 FYI grand bazaar is not open on sundays!

Adrian Masterman-Smith Avatar
Adrian Masterman-Smith
06/11/20 - Google

Akut was fantastic he was so knowledgeable and relatable we become friends someone I will keep in contact with, his recommendations for the local area we’re worth checking out.He put his heart and sole into making sure everyone was safe comfortable and had a pleasant trip. (Everyone did)Tour guide that goes above and beyond.

Sarine Manissalian Avatar
Sarine Manissalian
06/11/20 - Google

I did the Essential Turkey tour last month with Travel Talk and had the best time! This tour covers the best attractions you would want to see in Turkey. Our guide Mustafa was also great, very knowledgeable and helpful. I do recommend Travel Talk, as their tours are very fun and operated in a professional way.

Kieran Hewitt Avatar
Kieran Hewitt
06/11/20 - Google

Absolutely unbelievable adventure!I truly had the best time during our tour of Turkey, our guide Mustafa was the best! From the destinations to education to food and drinks - he knew the deal about everything and always with a smile!I will definitely do another Travel Talk Tour as well as visit Turkey again!

Brittany Johnston Avatar
Brittany Johnston
06/11/20 - Google

Just finished Turkey Essential tour and it was great! Small group during COVID times but the safety measures were really well done by the team and I felt safe the whole time. Worth the two week isolation back in the UK! Paragliding in Pammukale was so much fun also! Would definitely recommend!

Lindsay Rust Avatar
Lindsay Rust
06/11/20 - Google

Just finished Essential Turkey with Mustafa and it was incredible! Traveling during Covid can be daunting, but they did a wonderful job of making us feel safe and keeping us properly isolated from crowds. Even got to try paragliding since it was a small group!

Tom S Avatar
Tom S
06/11/20 - Google

Had a great time in Turkey with Travel talk, Aykut was a great guide and always went out of his way to ensure that the group had the best time possible, even after the tour ended over whatsapp. The trip was great value and saw some incredible sights!

John Dickson Avatar
John Dickson
06/11/20 - Google

My partner and I had the best time on our recent essential turkey tour. It surpassed all of our expectations and our guide Mustafa was excellent. We can't wait to one day return to Turkey and to book another Travel Talk tour!

Mel Avatar
06/11/20 - Google

Did the 10 day turkey tour and it was absolutely incredible, highly recommend! It was so easy and convenient having travel talk organise everything and had the best time.Shout out to Mustafa for being the best guide ever!!

Sophie M-S Avatar
Sophie M-S
06/11/20 - Google

Just got back from the Turkey Sail and had an awesome time! Paragliding & the gözleme were the best bits for me. Even with covid going on our tour leader Aykut made sure we had loads to do. Highly recommend!

riccardo caligiuri Avatar
riccardo caligiuri
06/11/20 - Google

A well organised tour, with our exceptional tour guide. Mustafa was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Turkey and was always willing to assist with anything which was needed. Highly recommended.

Helen Greenhalgh Avatar
Helen Greenhalgh
06/11/20 - Google

A great tour and mustafa was an amazing tour guide. Felt really safe and comfortable the whole time travelling around turkey. Would recommend to anyone!

shannon hickey Avatar
shannon hickey
06/11/20 - Google

We had the most wonderful time on the 10 day tour around Turkey. Mustafa was an amazing guide and the sites were simply stunning Would highly recommend

Theo R Avatar
Theo R
06/11/20 - Google

An amazing week sailing the coast of Turkey! Both the yacht crew and tour guide (Aykut) made for a memorable trip! Well recommend to anyone.

ayi G Avatar
ayi G
06/11/20 - Google

I have been on Turkey by land , sail Turkey and Balkan tours. All were amazing looking forward to join Morocco tour with Traveltalk.

Rauikau Rostami Avatar
Rauikau Rostami
06/11/20 - Google

Absolutely divine experience with a very well organised tour guide (Aykut for Sail Turkey) - highly recommend 🙂

Elena Smith Avatar
Elena Smith
06/11/20 - Google

Second time on a Turkey Sail tour. So much fun- great inclusions and awesome tour leader. Thanks again Aykut!

Lauren Harbord Avatar
Lauren Harbord
06/11/20 - Google

Had a really lovely time with Mustafa doing the highlights of Turkey tour. Highly recommend.

Stephanie Hewitt Avatar
Stephanie Hewitt
06/11/20 - Google

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Mustafa is the best tour guide and the trip was just incredible

boogeymen 10 Avatar
boogeymen 10
06/11/20 - Google

Turkey is a safe & amazing place & Mustafa is a great guide!!

Aykut Gun Avatar
Aykut Gun
06/11/20 - Google

A company great to go on a vacation and work for.

Leliane Borges Avatar
Leliane Borges
06/11/20 - Google

Sam Faulkner Avatar
Sam Faulkner
06/11/20 - Google

Anastasia Oana Avatar
Anastasia Oana
06/11/20 - Google

Rachel Syder Avatar
Rachel Syder
06/10/20 - Google

I recently returned from an 8 day Turkey Sail run by Travel Talk Tours which was lead by the wonderful Aykut. From the moment I stepped on board I was welcomed with open arms by the crew. The cabins were clean & tidy, all the meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) cooked by the chef were superb and the captain always sailed us safely to our destinations though the Turkish southern seas. Not to mention Batoo- the hard working sailor/bar tender/waiter/all rounder worked who so hard to make sure each passenger was comfortable & safe. But I really owe to the tour guide Aykut who ran the itinerary for 8 days...he truely went above & beyond to make sure each passenger was genuinely enjoying their experience each day on board. He speaks amazing english and has a fountain of historical/political/geographical knowledge. His upbeat energy & commitment to his role was outstanding- thank you for making it an unforgettable week! Don’t miss your chance to travel with this company, I couldn’t recommend travel talk anymore highly.....I can’t wait to book my next travel talk tour!!

Ruth Baber Avatar
Ruth Baber
06/10/20 - Google

I just finished a tour with TravelTalk doing their 12 day Best of Turkey by Land experience and was incredibly impressed with the quality of the tour. Definitely great value for money. Even the bus provided for the tour was very comfortable, only 1 year old and fitted with chargers right next to the seat so I never ran out of battery while taking the mountain of photos I took at each stop and of the incredible Turkish scenery along the drive.Our tour guide Mustafa was very knowledgeable about all things Turkish and made the bus rides fun with his little bursts of knowledge (delivered usually in a humourous way). He even went the extra mile to help me with the Turkish language and didn't mind me nagging him with questions.The hotels we stayed at were all high quality and true to the 4-5 star rating stated on TravelTalks website. All of them were COVID conscious with hand sanitiser everywhere and all the staff wearing masks at all times. I felt safe and protected the entire time.To sum up, if you are considering this tour then book it! You won't regret it!

Faith Whelan Avatar
Faith Whelan
06/10/20 - Google

I just got back from the essential turkey by gulet tour and it was amazing. We had a group of 25 for most of the time, but 10 when we had the 3 days on the boat.Our guide mustafa was the actual best, he gave us so much information but was also the funniest person on the tour. I couldn't have asked for a better group or tour.Some of the days on the bus were pretty long, but it was worth it for everything we got to see.The people in Turkey were so lovely and friendly, and most places we went they spoke at least some English. If we needed help with anything Mustafa was always there as a translator.The food was amazing and so cheap, the highlight being the boat where the chef was so excellent, even baking multiple treats for us each afternoon.This was my fourth travel talk tour and definitely the best guide. I would definitely recommend the company and this specific tour.

Sarah Hockey Avatar
Sarah Hockey
06/10/20 - Google

I've just finished the travel talk tour- 12 days 'Best of Turkey by Gulet' - this was honestly one of my favourite holidays, with lots of amazing experiences including, walking anzac cove being extra special being an Aussie, ephesus, cappococia (the region is like none other I have seen and the hot air balloon ride was breathtaking) and the sail was amazing- great mixture of adventure, nature, history and some relax time... Absolutely recommend! I was a bit hesitant and nervous booking during covid, we were actually so lucky to travel during this time as we had a lot of tourist destinations pretty much to ourselves... I think everyone on our tour daily said how lucky and happy we were to be there! Also massive shout out to our guide Mustafa- informative, engaging and went out of his way to make sure everyone had a great time! Thank you!

Chris Hadji Avatar
Chris Hadji
06/10/20 - Google

Myself and two friends have just finished a group tour through Turkey with Travel Talk Tours. We had an absolute blast! Turkey was a beautiful country and we truly saw the best parts of it. From its rich history, beautiful beaches, Turkish baths and most importantly the wonderful food.Our guide Mustafa could not be faulted at all. He was so knowledgeable, kind and truly cared for everyone on the tour. He always had the answer to our questions, and went above and beyond to find solutions to the individual things we wanted to do along the way. We are all so lucky to have had him as our guide.Without this well organised and informative tour, I know we wouldn’t have got the fantastic experience we were after. Especially in these COVID times.Thank you very much Travel Talk! Hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

George Noble Avatar
George Noble
06/10/20 - Google

We did the Travel Talk Turkey by land tour.We had an amazing time on the tour, we had a great group of people and it was excellent value for money.We felt that we got everything out of the tour that we wanted and it was brilliant for making sure we got to see all the best bits of Turkey.Mustafa was an outstanding tour guide, he was so helpful and so funny. He made sure everyone was always comfortable and always knew exactly what was happening and when.He also regularly went out of his way to assist us in organising activities that weren’t included in the tour in our free time. He even helped us book a dance show in Istanbul after the tour had finish and he arranged everything. Myself and everyone else on the tour could not speak more highly of him.Thanks for a brilliant 10 days!

Paul Iswanto Avatar
Paul Iswanto
06/10/20 - Google

Being part of Travel Talk 2nd Group Tour post COVID-19 there are pros & cons during this Best of Turkey by Land 12-days. Some of the pros are, exclusive attentions and not too overly crowded everywhere visited while some cons such as hotels are not functioning as normal (food wise) otherwise the group was consisting great people in general, tour guide (Mustafa Kurt) is definitely a valuable asset for Travel Talk because of his knowledge, flexibilty and yet professionalism in being able to fill-in our memories of Turkey; safety & social distancing were observed and exercised. Overall is definitely best value & experience one can wish for, can recommend 100% for Turkey by Land experience.PSIf possible to have WiFi on the bus that would be convenient and well appreciated.

Claire Brown Avatar
Claire Brown
06/10/20 - Google

I have done back to back tours with Travel talk in Turkey i did the 7 nights gulet cruise, going around to the diffrent bays and visting various historical sights, and 12 days Turkey by land. I had the same guide Aykut for both tours, he is an amazing guide with great knowledge, good sense of humor, and goes above and beyond too make sure your enjoying the tour. e.g. i really wanted to see a turtle and if he ever saw one he made sure i knew about it and also showed us the good places to snorkle.Also on tour have had amazing food and great local food recomendations. I did book my tours a bit last mintue, the company was very helpful in getting my booking sorted for me.I lookforwad to booking with travel talk again.

Kristy Goulden Avatar
Kristy Goulden
06/10/20 - Google

I have just been on the 12 day Best of Turkey by Land tour and had an absolute blast. I'd suggest staying a few extra days in Istanbul if you can, so much to explore.Our guide Mustafa, is the best! Hilarious and entertaining whilst being very informative and organised. Always anticipating when help may be needed and going above and beyond to ensure we all had a great trip.This is my second tour with Travel Talk, the first being back in 2018 to Exotic Morocco with Abdul (who is equally as amazing). Travel Talk tours are great value for money, accommodation exceeded expectations on both trips and it is a great way to pack a lot in to your holiday.Highly recommend both trips!

Canada Broad Avatar
Canada Broad
06/10/20 - Google

Amazing Turkey by Guletthis 10 day tour was incredible, we got to see a lot of turkeys history and also being a New Zealander visiting Galipolli was an amazing experience. As the tour wen on the expectations were 100% met if not more. The accomodation was always comfortable and staying in a hotel is always a treat, Pummakale and Cappdocia were beautiful and our guide Mustafa also stopped along some of the canyons and valleys along the way.Guide Mustafa is informative and funny so makes the information given easy listening.I would recommend to friends and book with travel talk again!

Keri Vickers Avatar
Keri Vickers
06/10/20 - Google

I’ve just returned from the 12 day, Turkey by land tour and wanted to thank Travel Talk and my guide Mustafa, for the wonderfully planned and executed tour. I’m an American and have been apprehensive about exploring Turkey, because of the safety issues portrayed by the media in the US. In reality, Turkey has turned out to be one of the safest, beautiful and most welcoming countries I have been to. I’m so glad I decided to take this tour, it was the perfect mix of people, food, fun, excitement all while being safe and comfortable. I can’t wait to plan my next Travel Talk Tour.

Aimee Blundell Avatar
Aimee Blundell
06/10/20 - Google

Just did my first travel talk tour and I am so hooked.12 day turkey land tour was amazing. The hotels were great, each day full of great experiences, Turkey is such an amazing country!I encourage everyone to do turkey tour with travel talk. I also hope that you will be blessed with the best tour manager as we were! Aykut made the trip extraordinary for us all. He has so much knowledge, experience and stories to share. He definitely went above and beyond our expectations.We hope to be lucky enough to have Aykut as a tour manager again in the future!

Bani Tapia Avatar
Bani Tapia
06/10/20 - Google

I decided to take a solo trip to Turkey and this was my first trip out to Turkey - I absolutely loved it! This was mostly because of how impeccably organized the tour was by Travel Talk. Our guide, Aykut, was so helpful and made the trip 10times better by keeping us engaged with his stories, historical facts about Turkey & just generally good banter! I also spent 3 nights on the gulet which was an amazing experience! The crew on board were so lovely and went above & beyond to help us with anything. I will definitely be back to Turkey for more!

Ryan D Avatar
Ryan D
06/10/20 - Google

The local guide for the Turkey by Land tour, Mustafa, was entertaining, knowledgable and always happy to help. The tour group got along very well from the beginning and have stayed in touch post the trip. My highlight of the trip was the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia which was an optional add on organised by Travel Talk. Mustafa made sure everyone got to the the early morning take off in time. Overall the trip was an amazing experience and hits all of the best places in Turkey. I highly recommend it!

Elisa Raiteri Avatar
Elisa Raiteri
06/10/20 - Google

I recently returned from the Amazing Turkey by Gulet tour and give the trip my highest recommendation. It was the perfect combination of sightseeing, relaxation and fun and I cannot imagine there is a better way to experience the magic of this incredible country. Our guide Mustafa was most insightful and delivered information in a lighthearted, entertaining way and went above and beyond to ensure our time in Turkey was the best it could be. I will travel with Travel Talk again for certain.

Emily Ireland Avatar
Emily Ireland
06/10/20 - Google

Such a great experience doing turkey. Wouldn’t do it any other way. I feel we got to see a huge variety of things as turkey is so diverse in what it has to offer. The paragliding and hot air ballooning was unreal and the gullet boat was clean and we were looked after really well with amazing food too! Couldn’t have been as great without our tour guide Aykut who was super knowledgable with a great sense of humour and made a proper effort to make sure everyone was happy. Highly recommend!

Sophie Harper Avatar
Sophie Harper
06/10/20 - Google

I booked the Mykonos to Athens greece tour would with a friend and we have just come back. This trip was everything and more! Even with the current situation they still managed to make it the best trip! Our tour guide George was super friendly and knowledgeable, he took us to all the best spots. We met the best people and made the most amazing memories, we can’t wait to book another with travel talk tours. If you’re thinking of booking a tour do it!!

Holly Graham Avatar
Holly Graham
06/10/20 - Google

Amazing 10-day tour of Turkey with our guide Mustafa. The tour itself was great value for money, nicer hotels than you would expect for the price, a good amount of meals covered and interesting sights, but the whole trip was exceptional thanks to Mustafa’s regular doses of information, his humour and his human nature, he’s a real asset to Travel Talk. 10/10 would recommend and have recommended to my friends. Great for solo travellers as well.

Tahlia Wade Avatar
Tahlia Wade
06/10/20 - Google

an amazing week, special thanks to Aykut our tour guide he absolutely made my trip!! he’s so professional, you could tell he cares about his job and knows so much information about turkey, was always there to help no matter what, made me feel super comfortable, kept me interested with the tours while also being hilarious and had me smiling the whole trip! a complete legend would love to do another tour with him again ☺️

Ella Soryl Avatar
Ella Soryl
06/10/20 - Google

I've recently travelled to Turkey with Travel Talk Tours and it has been by far my favourite tour to date. Our tour leader, Aykut, was so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout. The tour itself was amazing value for money, with a great variety in places visited, sightseeing and adventures. The 3 days on a guilet was a fantastic mid tour relaxation break also. I highly recommend both Turkey and Travel Talk Tours.

William Heriot Avatar
William Heriot
06/10/20 - Google

Just recently did the Amazing Turkey by Gulet tour with Travel Talk and had an unreal time! The country is amazing, the trip itinerary was spot on and our guide, Mustafa, was the best guide I have had. Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, funny and easy to approach! Travel Talk are so helpful as they will organise transport from airports to your accommodation and assist you in any way they can. Thanks for a great trip 👍👍

Olivia Shea Avatar
Olivia Shea
06/10/20 - Google

Amazing Turkey by Gullet - just returned from this 10 day trip guided by Aykut. Far exceeded my expectations, the hotels were great value for money and the accommodation, service and food on the gullet were incredible. I can't imagine anyone more suited to guiding than Aykut. He is extremely knowledgable, a great laugh and continually went above and beyond with help, advice and recommendations. Highly recommend!

Chelsea Peers Avatar
Chelsea Peers
06/10/20 - Google

Just completed the 8 Day Sail Turkey trip and couldn't recommend this tour enough. The tour was a perfect mix of land excursions and relaxing on the boat. Our tour guide Aykut went above and beyond to make sure that we had an amazing trip and made sure that we got to see the best of Turkey and the crew were fantastic as well. Would 100% do this tour again!

Julie Kilpatrick Avatar
Julie Kilpatrick
06/10/20 - Google

My housemate and I went on Travel Talks Turkey Sail. We had never done a sail before and didn't know what to expect. We arrived in the beautiful Fethiye and were warmly greeted by our guide, Aykut!The whole trip was wonderful, exciting and adventurous! We had a lovely group of 10 girls and an amazing crew. Could not recommend this tour more!

Lucinda Collins Avatar
Lucinda Collins
06/10/20 - Google

Fantastic tour of Turkey. Absolutely packed with sights and activities for the whole 9 days. Loved the sail, paragliding and Hot Air balloons. Our guide Mustafa was super friendly and very very accommodating for anything extra we wanted to do/see. Would definitely recommend booking with travel tour to get the most out of a trip to Turkey 🇹🇷

Kylie Furnell Avatar
Kylie Furnell
06/10/20 - Google

This is my third travel talk tour (Morocco, Greece and Turkey). All three have been amazing covering all the key sights but also lots of local insights, local food, first hand stories of what life is like in the countries. I was previously sceptical of group tours but travel talk has changed my mind. I plan to do Jordan and Egypt next.

LifeofSiobhan Avatar
06/10/20 - Google

I did Travel Talk Turkey 10 day tour include sail component and had such a great experience! Everything was so well organised thanks to our guide Mustafa, he always did his very best to come up with alternative options or sort out situations. Highly recommend this tour and I would even do it again in the future.

Tiffany Edwards Avatar
Tiffany Edwards
06/10/20 - Google

I did the Turkey Sail on the 29/08/20. Akut was the best tour guide I’ve ever had! He went above and beyond to make sure everyone was having a great time. The trip was amazing and that was in covid times - can’t imagine how fun it would be in normal circumstances. The food on the boat was also incredible!

Sean Derman Yang Avatar
Sean Derman Yang
06/10/20 - Google

I had done the 10 Day Turkey by land your lead by tour guide Mustafa. An incredible trip that was very well organized and Mustafa was phenomenal! He knew everything about anything and was very entertaining. I highly recommend this trip to anyone remotely interested in Turkey. 10/10.

Perilla Peter Avatar
Perilla Peter
06/10/20 - Google

Had the best time on this tour! Our guide Mustafa made all the difference. He was lovely and went over and beyond every day of the tour. He made the entire experience so special and had great knowledge and information about every place we visited. Highly recommend, lots of fun!!

Sara Elizabeth Stella Rincón Avatar
Sara Elizabeth Stella Rincón
06/10/20 - Google

I took the Turkey trip by Gullet and I highly recommend it. It was a great experience, learning about the country, the culture and food 😋. Half of this amazing experience was thanks to Mustafa, he's a great guide, knowable and always happy to help and give his 100%.

Domini Dragoone Avatar
Domini Dragoone
positive review 
14/03/20 - Facebook

I've always wanted to see Egypt but wasn't sure how to manage on my own. As someone who usually travels solo and plans everything, I have to say that the Felucca Sailtrek tour was amazing in the way that all logistics were taken care of and managed expertly. I couldn't possibly have had such an amazing experience without TravelTalk's itinerary and guidance. Our guide was Mostafa, and he took excellent care of us, kept us informed, on track, and made the whole experience feel like being on holiday with good friends. Which is what we all became! Mostafa's knowledge of the places we went to is top notch, and I'm so grateful to have been able to learn from him. It made all the temples and sights come alive. The rest of the TravelTalk staffers that helped along the way in Egypt (Ramy, Bishoy, and more) were also great. All did everything they could to make our time the best it could be. This was my first group tour experience, and I'll be a TravelTalk customer for any future ones.

Rachel Anne Avatar
Rachel Anne
positive review 
09/03/20 - Facebook

Just finished Exotic Morocco tour. Great organised trip. Saw a lot of the sites and ate some great local food. Our Guide Abdul was excellent!

Haylee Bruce Avatar
Haylee Bruce
positive review 
09/03/20 - Facebook

Just finished Felucca Odyssey egypt tour and had a wonderful time. Mo was a great guide with a lot of local knowledge.

Alisa Davis Avatar
Alisa Davis
positive review 
08/03/20 - Facebook

We took the Northern Morocco Tour and it was fantastic. Our guide Youssef was upbeat, helpful and really funny. We laughed alot and he even stopped for a moment in Kasba Tadla on the way to Marrakech from Fez so I could see the town where my great grandfather, grandfather and aunts were born. It was an really special touch. Our driver Hassan was amazing and got us places on time and we were safe. We made lots of friends, and the itinerary was well paced. This was the best trip I've been on in my life and Travel Talk exceededmy expectations - and I used to workin travel! BRAVO!!!

Josh Metcalf Avatar
Josh Metcalf
positive review 
02/03/20 - Facebook

Just finished the travel talk tour of turkey with our guide Mustafa. I have done a number of tours and Mustafa has hands down been my best guide so far. He is a fantastic guide with so much knowledge of his country. Loved every bit of the tour and I will definitely be back again one day! Thanks travel talk, Mustafa and the bus drivers for a great trip!

Caitlin Mary Avatar
Caitlin Mary
positive review 
23/02/20 - Facebook

Recently have just come back from doing my trip to Egypt. It was the most amazing experience & such a magical place to visit. A massive thank you to Adham for being an awesome tour guide you can tell he loves what he does and really looked out for all us on the tour. Also the whole Travel Talk team in Egypt were so friendly and helpful before and after the tour! Would totally recommend Travel Talk as you really do get value for money. Definitely looking at booking these guys for Jordan & Israel in the near future!

Xuela Sledge Avatar
Xuela Sledge
positive review 
20/02/20 - Facebook

Recently did the Essential Nepal and India Tour. It was a most amazing experience. Everything was organised well and the tours went ahead without any problems at all. Highly recommend the friendly and knowledgeable guides. Would definitely consider doing another trip with Travel Talk, and am recommending them to friends already. Best part was the small tour sizes - Travel Talk you should advertise this more - it was a real bonus. Thanks

Golda Ferrer Avatar
Golda Ferrer
positive review 
16/02/20 - Facebook

Just got back from the Exotic Morocco tour and it was a great 10 days. Jan/Feb is the winter season so my only regret was minimal bathing suit time. Otherwise, grab this tour! You cannot see this much for this price any other way. Great itinerary and great guide and driver!

Jeck Chuang Tan Avatar
Jeck Chuang Tan
positive review 
05/02/20 - Facebook

The Turkey tour in January was excellent, great views all around. Our tour guide, Mustafa was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the historical sites that were visited. Accommodation was generally good. 10/10!

Sean Woo Avatar
Sean Woo
positive review 
04/02/20 - Facebook

I have done a 9 day trip to Turkey. They were able to give me an amazing experience that I couldn't done myself. Gave me a 5 star hotel on a hostel budget. Our tour guide Mustafa was incredibly well educated on the history of Turkey. Not only was he well educated, he is a man who truly loved his job and cared about his tourist. He gave every answer we had for him and everyone on the tour was so nice. Compared to other travel tour companies such as contiki, topdeck or gadvanture this was the most well priced.

Amy Reed Avatar
Amy Reed
positive review 
19/01/20 - Facebook

I would highly recommend travel talk tours. I recently went on a tour in Egypt and it was fantastic =). My tour guides Taha, Sam and Meana were amazing! Very knowledgeable and great to travel with.

Amanda Rose Avatar
Amanda Rose
positive review 
14/01/20 - Facebook

Egypt is a MUST! You will not regret anything about this trip.

Shirley Tran Avatar
Shirley Tran
positive review 
10/01/20 - Facebook

The Best of the Balkans Tour is "hands down" the best value a single traveler can get for their money. Everything about this tour was perfect for my style:
1. The itinerary took us through 7 countries in 9 days, but I never felt rushed. We had a taste of everything amazing in each place, and I am inspired to return for longer periods of time to those places I've enjoyed.
2. The accommodations were outstanding. I love that TT doesn't require me to pay a single supplement, and will pair me up with another same sex person in the group, so that I can get the savings without the hassle of booking as a pair. This gives me the flexibility to travel by myself at a reduced rate.
3. Our travel guide, Bojan, was helpful and sincere. He went above and beyond to help me coordinate my early departure, and I was able to return home safely. In addition to being our lead guide, we also had a different local guide in each city that provided quite educational walking tours.

This has been a great experience, thank you Travel Talk!

Donald Nguyễn Avatar
Donald Nguyễn
positive review 
09/01/20 - Facebook

I have a great memories with The Best of Balkans Tour with Travel Talk (Dec 25 2019 - January 02 2020). Our guide leader Bojan was one of the best, he is very funny, helpful, and kind. I have visited some of the best landscapes in the Balkans like Mostar, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Ohrid, etc And the price is so afforable and worthed more than what we paid. I hope next time I can travel with Travel Talk again. Thank you and best regards.

Lakisha Mayfield Avatar
Lakisha Mayfield
positive review 
09/01/20 - Facebook

Did the Jordan Essential Tour, it was absolutely amazing. This was my first Group Travel Tour and I loved it. I was worried about being the oldest one on the tour (I’m 34), but it was a good mix of ages. It was incredible to travel with people of different nationalities. Our Tour guide Issa was great. At all times he was really helpful. Taught us a lot about Jordanien history and culture. The tour was a great mix of everything...sightseeing, exploring, chillin and partying. 😊😊😊

Jerusha Mathura Avatar
Jerusha Mathura
positive review 
09/01/20 - Facebook

awesome accommodation and tour guide

Maggy van Pooy Avatar
Maggy van Pooy
positive review 
09/01/20 - Facebook

The best way to see Egypt! We did the 'Highlights of Egypt' tour with our tourguide Sam and it was an incredible experience!

Haylee Rogers Avatar
Haylee Rogers
positive review 
08/01/20 - Facebook

I just completed the Essential Jordan Tour. This is my first time travelling with Travel Talk. Our guide Issa was great, he was engaging and knowledgeable. Issa was great at accommodating everybody's needs (including our own New Year’s Party in Amman).

The itinerary that was featured on the Travel Talk Tours website was different to what we actually did. On the third day, we made a 5 hour detour from Amman to Aqaba to pick up another group of travellers who were joining our group from Egypt. This detour meant that our arrival into Wadi Rum was later than anticipated and impacted the next two days of activities. This included an early morning rise for the Jeep safari, only two four hour stints at Petra rather than the full day of exploration promised on the website and only two hours at the Dead Sea.

Reviewing my time in Jordan, overall I don’t think it had a major impact but it would have been nice to know that this particular trip would have had less time in Petra when booking.

All the accommodations, were clean and functional. The only issue we encountered was at the Desert Camp in Wadi Rum. We were told that the shower block had hot water, however both times I attempted to shower, the block was in complete darkness. The Ibis in Amman in particular was very accommodating and the staff showed us great hospitality!

There are some ‘additional costs’ that where unanticipated. For an example, we accessed a private beach at the Dead Sea which was 15 JD and there was so no other option other than to pay. Travel Talk is great value for money, I had a fantastic time in Jordan with my fellow travellers and I would recommend Travel Talk Tours.

Taleen Christina Avatar
Taleen Christina
positive review 
07/01/20 - Facebook

I'm reviewing my experience on Exotic Morocco, in hopes of winning the free tour, but ALSO because I believe this tour group actually helped enhance my Moroccan experience! I have used Contiki twice (I don't think I will be using them again) but there was something about Travel Talk Tours (or maybe I just got really lucky with my guide, Youssef) that made the trip flow extra smoothly and I felt well taken care of. I know each tour offers a different travel experience but I am very satisfied with my Morocco trip! I guess the only thing I wonder is if I would have seen more or less traveling to less cities around the country which means less time on the bus or if filling each day up with a new city meant I got to experience more of the country's beauty. Anyway, Travel Talk Tours, I will be back in a different country or two in the world with you!

Michael Vdb Avatar
Michael Vdb
positive review 
05/01/20 - Facebook

I had a really great time on my first tour in Morocco and on my first trip with Travel Talk (the ‘Exotic Morocco’ tour). Our guide Abdul took a genuine interest in our learning experience, and encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone and make the most of our Moroccan experience. Thank you so much Abdul, and thank you Travel Talk for making the trip so interesting and affordable for all.

Isabella Popescu Avatar
Isabella Popescu
positive review 
05/01/20 - Facebook

I had the most surreal and fascinating experience exploring Russia on the “Highlights of Russia” tour with the stella tour guide Tania 🤩! She was incredibly knowledgeable and made all the palaces, churches and art museums we visited so so interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed St. Petersburg and Moscow and would not have gotten as much out of my trip had I not joined a Travel Talk tour! 🇷🇺
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Laura Durham Avatar
Laura Durham
positive review 
03/01/20 - Facebook

I just did a Travel Talk Tour of the Balkans. December 25 2019 -January 3 2020. Bojan was a great tour guide and really helped us to enjoy this fascinating part of the world. He arranged a fun new year's eve for us at a club by Ohrid lake where we were able to celebrate the new decade and appreciate Macedonian music with locals. Thanks for a fabulous trip!

Georgia Hillis Avatar
Georgia Hillis
positive review 
02/01/20 - Facebook

I’ve been on three Travel Talk Tours now. Turkey Anzac, exotic Morocco and Egypt/Jordan by felucca. Company have always been flawless. Great way to meet likeminded aussies and kiwis! Head office are always there if you have questions too! Hopefully I can do another tour soon!

Clare Murtagh Avatar
Clare Murtagh
positive review 
22/12/19 - Facebook

I had the most amazing holiday with Talk Tours.

The pace was perfect, crammed everything in, but then a few relaxing nights, sleeping on the Nile.

The sunrise hot air balloon ride over the valley of the kings was an absolute highlight.

I can't praise our guide Mostafa enough. He bought the whole tour to life.

Carolina Ramirez Hurtado Avatar
Carolina Ramirez Hurtado
positive review 
19/12/19 - Facebook

Excellent guide and really awesome tour for the price! highly recommend!

Lindsay Duggan Avatar
Lindsay Duggan
positive review 
15/12/19 - Facebook

I just returned from the Jewels of the Nile Egypt tour, and it was the best trip I have ever been on. I am so impressed by the organization and value Travel Talk offers that I am already looking at other tours. Adham is an amazing tour guide with so much knowledge and pride for his country. The itinerary is jam packed so I saw everything that I could have wanted to and more, without feeling rushed. Don't hesitate and just book the trip!

Paul Nogas Avatar
Paul Nogas
positive review 
10/12/19 - Facebook

Our exotic morocco guide was amazing! Extremely knowledgable and very friendly, made the trip feel like travelling with a bunch of friends rather than a bunch of strangers.

Katina Guarino Avatar
Katina Guarino
positive review 
09/12/19 - Facebook

I learnt so much valuable information and had the best time travelling through Morocco with Abdul. He is so enthusiastic about Morocco and it was great to share such great experiences with fellow travellers. Exotic Morocco took us to all the essential spots to visit and really showcased what Morocco has to offer, would definitely recommend.

Lindsey Jamieson Avatar
Lindsey Jamieson
positive review 
07/12/19 - Facebook

I did the egypt and jordan discovery by land, 15 days and in that time we saw the top destinations, pyramids, petra, red sea, Dead Sea and an array of temples. We had 3 guides who were all very knowledgeable and helpful, couldn't have done more for us. I learned so much on the tour and met some amazing people and seen some breathtaking sights. only criticism is that there is a lot of travelling time and not enough time at each destination but we did have a lot to see and not much time so well done to the guides to get us everywhere.

Muni Em Avatar
Muni Em
positive review 
07/12/19 - Facebook

I've recently been on the Essential Jordan tour which was fantastic. A great 7 days immersed in Jordanian culture and history- both past and present with great travel companions. Highly recommended booking with travel talk.

Rebecca Collins Avatar
Rebecca Collins
positive review 
07/12/19 - Facebook

I did the Jordan travel talk tour. I found my guide very organised and knowledgeable. The tour itself went to all the top destinations in Jordan and we covered a lot in a week. It was great having everything organised for me and would recommend for any traveller- solo or with friends! Especially great for people in their 20s/30s

Tayla Wright Avatar
Tayla Wright
positive review 
02/12/19 - Facebook

I have done two tours with travel talk now (Exotic Morocco and Balkans Discovery) and both have been amazing. These tours were of extremely high quality. The hotels we stayed in were great, the local guides were outstanding and the extra activities provided something for everyone. The 2 tour guides I had (Abdul and Bojan) were absolutely phenomenal. They were so knowledgeable, kind and funny. They made my trips! I will definitely be recommending travel talk tours for a long time to come. They are so affordable and of great quality!

Curly Frys Avatar
Curly Frys
positive review 
02/12/19 - Facebook

I decided to cram in Jordan/Egypt along with discovering the Balkan’s with Travel Talk. At a break neck speed I saw and experienced more than I could have imagined.

I enjoyed the local guides who are knowledgable and engaging.

I’ll be talking about my adventures for many more weeks/months to come 👍🏼

Shanita Foreman-moore Avatar
Shanita Foreman-moore
positive review 
01/12/19 - Facebook

I just returned from the Exotic Morocco tour with Travel Talk Tours. The guide was great and very informative. The guide even accompanied me to Casablanca to make sure I got to my 8am departure flight on time after a separate company I had already booked with for transportation to the airport bailed at the last minute. I feel that was going above and beyond and I really appreciated it. The bus driver also drove really safely and I appreciated that greatly especially when it started snowing in the mountains. I hate winding narrow roads and I really appreciated how safely the driver drove on those winding roads.

Angela Huynh Avatar
Angela Huynh
positive review 
30/11/19 - Facebook

Honestly, I didn’t do any research about Travel Talk and its tours before signing up for this tour - Essential Morocco. A work colleague who just returned from his trip recommended it to me. He said “the cost is reasonable and the tour coverage is adequate”.

What has turned out is above my expectations.

Today is the last day of the tour. We returned to Marrakech in the afternoon and were taken by our tour guide to its main square for our last shopping spree and nice dinner. The atmosphere was unbelievable. People, entertainers, street hawkers, snake charmers, horse riders, etc were everywhere. You only find this kind of thing in Africa.

The tour has taken us almost every corner of Morocco. This country is a land of contrast. We visited all major cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, etc. Each place gives us its different flavours from topology, history, architecture, custom, food, and even color. The highlight from my perspective is a trip to Sahara desert. There, we took a 4 wheel drive to the sand dunes and a camel ride to watch a sunset. They were so unforgettable memories.

How about the tour guide ?

I’m a frequent traveller so I have experienced different types of tour guides. Youssef - our tour guide, without a doubt is amongst the best. He is very friendly, polite, patient, caring, and hard working. During the whole tour I didn’t notice any instance when he showed his frustration or impatience. He happily answered any questions from anyone. I found him very knowledgeable of Moroccan history, geography, culture, politics. His language lesson at the beginning of the tour and a test at the end, and his quiz session were fun and memorable.

For 9 days the tour went without any hiccups. The bus was comfortable and our driver was excellent too. Mohamed is a happy guy. We felt safe on the road.

Well done Travel Talk and Youssef for your organising and time management skills and efforts.

I definitely recommend this tour and Travel Talk’s services to anyone who would like to have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday.

Samantha Maxwell Avatar
Samantha Maxwell
positive review 
26/11/19 - Facebook

I have traveled with Travel Talk twice. I did Highlights of Russia April 2019 and then I've just completed Exotic Morocco November 2019. Both times I have had an amazing experience and the tours covered all the sights and activities you could want. I always recommend travel talk tours to everyone I talk to about travel. The guides were all so lovely and gave lots of advice. Can't wait until my next tour!! Thanks Abdul (Morocco) and Tatiana (Russia).

Laura Taylor Avatar
Laura Taylor
positive review 
25/11/19 - Facebook

Have just spent an epic 10 days on the exotic tour through Morocco! My trip would not have been the same without our lovely tour guide Abderrahman he went out of his way for every single one of us without hesitation. Couldn’t recommend him enough 😊

Kris Darling Avatar
Kris Darling
positive review 
25/11/19 - Facebook

Mo is an amazing tour guide. I have been on many tours and he was by far the best, teaching the group about Egypt and showing us all the secrets of the Egyptians. I cannot praise Mo enough and his caring and friendly personality made our trip.

Tom Usher Avatar
Tom Usher
positive review 
24/11/19 - Facebook

Just finished the Essential Jordan tour with Issa as our Tour Guide and it was a great tour! Issa couldn’t be more helpful or knowledgable and the layout of the itinerary was well thought out - all the highlights of Jordan were seen and we had more than enough time in Petra which was a big worry of mine. Would highly recommend this trip!

Phoenix Firestone Avatar
Phoenix Firestone
positive review 
23/11/19 - Facebook

Just finished Jordan tour with Issa he is the best tour guide ever. He made sure we had fun and was very knowledgeable about the history. He gave us great suggestions for food and what to do in our free time. Never a dull moment with him. I would for him to be my tour guide again on a different tour. ISSA IS THE BEST!!!
Jordan was amazing, great value for time spent. Food was amazing as well. Will definitely recommend this tour to friends

Aimee Moyes Avatar
Aimee Moyes
positive review 
23/11/19 - Facebook

I also just finished the Travel Talk Essential Jordan tour with Issa as our guide. This tour was one of the best trips I've ever done - from the jeep safari to camel riding at sunrise to hiking around Petra - we had something amazing to look forward to each day. To have a local show us around, organise great dining experiences, accommodate all of our needs and let us know the local customs was invaluable. Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking of going!

Corah Gillett Avatar
Corah Gillett
positive review 
20/11/19 - Facebook

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Travel Talk! We just got back from our 9 days in Egypt. Everything from the airport pickup to the bus driver was above our expectations. This tour fell on my birthday and it’s a birthday I will forever remember.
Our fantastic guide, Mostafa was absolutely amazing. So so so knowledgeable, patient, great sense of humour, genuinely cared about everyone on our tour and just down to earth. He honestly made our trip.
You should give him a payrise!! 🙂
If your considering doing a travel talk tour, do it! You won’t regret it!

Yvonne Morales Avatar
Yvonne Morales
positive review 
20/11/19 - Facebook

I did the Jordan tour with Issa as our guide. it was amazing to see the wonderful places and people in Jordan. issa was the best tour guide one could ask for. He is very knowledgeable and made the trip very exciting and interesting. The places we visited and the activities that were planned made this one of the best trips I have taken.

Jarred Hinchcliffe Avatar
Jarred Hinchcliffe
positive review 
18/11/19 - Facebook

The city of Kotor and Ohrid, would've been great if we were able to stay for an extra day in Ohrid.

Kezia Lockhart Avatar
Kezia Lockhart
positive review 
17/11/19 - Facebook

Really loved my tour of Jordan and Egypt. We were with a lovely group of people and our tour guides were amazing. Egypt felt a bit more rushed with what felt like less time at some sights, however, I believe it was necessary to fit everything into the time we had.

Stacey Nicole Avatar
Stacey Nicole
positive review 
14/11/19 - Facebook

This trip was incredible! I did the 15 days in Egypt and Jordan, and I had an absolutely amazing time.

Our guide in Egypt, Sam, was so knowledgeable, and he made the trip so much fun!! He is a huge asset to the company. I also have a food allergy and he made sure that I had something to eat at every restaurant we went to. I very much appreciated that!!

Our guide in Jordan, Osama, was lovely. He was also very knowledgeable, and you could tell how much he genuinely cared about our enjoyment.

There was a lot of time spent on the bus, and a lot of early mornings, so if you won't enjoy that, don't book this trip. I didn't at all mind though; it was well worth it. I had the experience of a lifetime.

Everyone on this tour with me was great as well. This is my second Travel Talk tour, and I will definitely book again in the future.

Thank you!

Michael Higgins Avatar
Michael Higgins
positive review 
13/11/19 - Facebook

Had a great time on the Best of Balkans tour. Exceeded my expectation in almost every possible way. Great value for quality of guides, food, accommodation, transport. Optional trips also worthwhile.

David Jackson Avatar
David Jackson
positive review 
13/11/19 - Facebook

Highly recommend travel talk tours after doing a tour in Morrocco and Egypt. Mo was exceptional in Egypt as was Abdul in Morrocco. Very knowledgeable guides, good tour timetables (not too much wasted time) and buses etc have all been great for the amount paid.

Ashleigh Anderson Avatar
Ashleigh Anderson
positive review 
12/11/19 - Facebook

I recently completed the 'Exotic Morocco' tour with the fabulous Abdelhadi Jibou, and had the most amazing time. It was an action packed 10 days, where we visited many incredible cities, as well as the beautiful Sahara which was my personal highlight. Abdel's passion and knowledge about Morocco was clear from the start, and his hilarious sense of humour kept us laughing the whole time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time travelling with Travel Talk, and would recommend them to anyone considering group tours.

Stefanie Mara Avatar
Stefanie Mara
positive review 
11/11/19 - Facebook

The tour exotic Morocco I went on was absolutely amazing. I could not recommend it highly enough! Our guide on my trip was Abdul and he went above and beyond for us! I would go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat. My coworkers are probably sick of hearing all about the trip and Morocco in general now!

Noor Ridha Avatar
Noor Ridha
positive review 
11/11/19 - Facebook

Fantastic guide and well organised tour to thoroughly experience the highlights of a country

Amy Steger Avatar
Amy Steger
positive review 
09/11/19 - Facebook

Our guides are always fun and knowledgeable and the trip is affordable - I always tour with travel talk!

Jennifer Jackson Avatar
Jennifer Jackson
positive review 
09/11/19 - Facebook

We did the Felucca Sailtrek 15 days Last week with Mo as a guide and it was awesome! Mo was an amazing guide and shared with us so much history at each site! The drivers we had and all the staff on Felucca were so friendly and helpful! 2nd tour we have done with Traveltalk and would recommend to all! Great value for money

Loray Johnson Havey Avatar
Loray Johnson Havey
positive review 
06/11/19 - Facebook

Egypt is amazing. Great guides (Adham, Michael, Rami, and Wael) who are highly knowledgeable and helpful. These guys are a huge asset to your company ❤️. Amazing sites and amazing scenery. Always felt safe and protected by Travel Talk team. So many extra options. Definitely going to recommend to family and friends!!!! Can’t wait for Jordan 🇯🇴 and the rest of our Egypt 🇪🇬 tour!!!!! Want to do more tours with Travel talk ❤️👍🏼

Diego Urbina Avatar
Diego Urbina
positive review 
05/11/19 - Facebook

This is my second Holiday with Travel Talk Tours and won’t be the last! Have done Egypt Jewels of the Nile and now Best of Balkans. Everything was organized from airport transfers, hotels, transportation and so on so I didn’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy the trip. With this tour we got to visit Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Each country rich in history, culture and cuisine. Our guide Bojan was a great tour guide with so much knowledge and did everything in his power to make everyone happy and made sure we were taken care of and he made the experience so much better. A job well done. Other than the fact that we saw so many beautiful places, tried great food, Rajika, the people I met on this tour was the highlight for me. Going as a solo traveler, I was a bit nervous At the beginning but people were so friendly and easy to talk too and made friends from all over the world. We became a family! So get out there and get ready to explore, you won’t be disappointed, I Would highly recommend this tour for anyone.

Chris Tina Avatar
Chris Tina
positive review 
03/11/19 - Facebook

I recently went on the Egypt tour and had an a amazing experience! I've always wanted to travel to Egypt since I was a kid and Travel Talk has made it safe for me to go on my own!
Our local guide greatly contributed to the amazing time we've had as a group, sharing his cultural and historical insight, often with a lot of humour, which made it even easier to take in.
The activities were diversified too between visiting the temples of course but also relaxing on the felucca, hot air ballooning over the Valley of Kings or discovering the bazaar in Cairo.
I highly recommend Travel Talk for all of these reasons!

Jen Gould Avatar
Jen Gould
positive review 
02/11/19 - Facebook

Had a great tour in Morocco, thanks to our fantastic guide Abdul! He was very funny, sociable and well informed. He answered all our random questions and kept us entertained on those long bus journeys. We were able to visit some stunning areas of Morocco in just one short week, my favourite experience being sunrise in the desert. I would definitely recommend this tour and will for sure be travelling with travel talk again!

Dan Bode Avatar
Dan Bode
positive review 
28/10/19 - Facebook

We recently did the Travel Talk 12 day Best of Turkey (Land) Tour & had an absolute blast. Highly recommend this tour (or its variants) as a great way to see the highlights of Turkey within one trip. A lot of variety in the tour, with Cappadocia & time spend at the coast (Fethiye) the highlights! Good value, lots of food, great company & our tour guide Yil was amazing. Memories for life - thanks TT!

Katharine Dunn Avatar
Katharine Dunn
positive review 
27/10/19 - Facebook

I was recently on the Essential Jordan tour which was brilliant. Our guide Issa was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great fun. He was always up front and honest about restaurant recommendations and different features of the places we were staying, for example telling us in advance that if local salespeople in Petra requested he ask us if we would like to buy anything, he would do so. He went over and above his responsibly as a tour guide in my opinion, for example dropping me off at a hospital to visit a friend, and bringing us cakes to celebrate one of our group member's birthday. The transport and accommodation was very clean and comfortable, and the tour was well organised. The attractions were really enjoyable and Issa's talks really enhanced the experience! Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea were real highlights. Thoroughly enjoyed my week in Jordan!

Raechel Popping Avatar
Raechel Popping
positive review 
23/10/19 - Facebook

Fantastic tour, both Bojan and George are a credit to your company whose enthusiasm and love for the countries we visited was obvious. The all about Balkans tour takes you to many places that I would most likely have missed if I had gone by myself and creates a great environment for those genuinely wanting to see and experience a new country, plus it is fantastic value for money. My personal favourite stop was definitely the meteora monasteries! I would 10/10 recommend travel talk tours to any one.

Krista Manuel Avatar
Krista Manuel
positive review 
23/10/19 - Facebook

I did the Fantastic Jordan & Egypt trip which was an amazing trip in itself with all the history and sites to see. The trip leaders, Issa & Moustafa were amazing guides. The only downside was how intense Egypt was - would spend the morning site seeing then hop on a bus for 12 hours, have 5 hours sleep and then be expected to be on the bus again for another day of site seeing. The hotels were amazing and I would be happy to pay more money to have a free day after the long bus days. Also the fact that we had to depart from Dahab at 5.30am surely there could be a later flight as we had to be up at 3am and that is not a great way to end an epic trip. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would still book a trip with Traveltalk.

Daniela Donato Avatar
Daniela Donato
positive review 
20/10/19 - Facebook

The 9 days essential turkey tour was a great experience.
Very well organized, beautiful places visited.
Aykut our guide, best guide ever!
He was fantastic!
Very funny, sociable and entertaining.
He contributed to make the entire tour a really good experience.
I would definitely recommend this tour.
I will travel with travel talk again.

Jen Burney Avatar
Jen Burney
positive review 
20/10/19 - Facebook

Travel Talk is such a great company to tour with. Great itineraries, professional staff, good accommodation and transport options, plus all the inclusions and highlights you would want for an affordable price. Highly recommended!

Klaire Lynch Avatar
Klaire Lynch
positive review 
20/10/19 - Facebook

Bojan was an excellent tour leader and in think half of us wanted him to adopt us by the end!
it was great to knock out so many places in a trip, Macedonia being my personal highlight which I probably would never have visited otherwise. I thought it was good value for how much we paid and the hotels were all quite decent with two very nice ones.

Andije Ekopans Avatar
Andije Ekopans
negative review 
12/10/19 - Facebook

Be honest about prices, send out detailed lists with how much things will cost, dont hide the costs somwhere in the text. and dont say included activities sightseeing whilst its not included.
quite a few people from our group could not afford to go in to all temples, as the belive that was included. transparency is key. travel talk had said that everything is written in the itinerary/ inclusions & exclusions, well not everything.

make it obvious not hidden.

Katie Dewar Avatar
Katie Dewar
positive review 
11/10/19 - Facebook

I had the time of my life on the Exotic Morocco tour - the Sahara had to be the highlight. Aberrahman (Abdul) was the most amazing tour guide and an absolute legend of a human.

Akis Papazoglou Avatar
Akis Papazoglou
positive review 
10/10/19 - Facebook

We completed the "Turkey by gullet" recently, and Turkey is a beautiful place, definitely worth visiting, there are a few things though that should be looked into.
Biggest issue by far was the hot air balloon, which some of us ended up missing it, purely because of terrible organisation. Most people on the group found a company to fly on their own, and not only that, but in a cheaper price than Travel Talk's as well. We weren't lucky enough, so we missed it and were gutted. For some people, the hot air ballooning is this one reason to visit Turkey. Organise it better!!!!

Accommodation was high standards, almost in every place we stayed.

Food in most cases was decent, but I think eating in a hotel's buffet, wasn't the best example of learning about the Turkish cuisine. And Turkey has a lot to show in food.

As other people mentioned, highlight of the tour was the 3 days on the boat. Captain Nobi and his crew did all they could to make us have an amazing and unforgettable trip. Food was AMAZING, what we should have everyday. Only thing is, you should mention in the itinerary that you're only allowed to buy drinks from the boat and can't bring your own. The cabins also, could do with a refresh, it was a bit tight and outdated.
All in all, I would recommend to anyone who wants to visit Turkey, to consider Travel Talk, it was the second tour with the company and we are already planning the next one!

Matthew Dothager Avatar
Matthew Dothager
positive review 
10/10/19 - Facebook

I recently went on the All About Balkans tour and would highly recommend it! We visited some amazing sights and had wonderful guides throughout the tour that shared the history and the culture of the different cities and countries that we visited. Great way to explore this region!

Becky Lundberg Avatar
Becky Lundberg
positive review 
10/10/19 - Facebook

I have done the Morocco Tour and Turkey Tour and whilst I definitely would recommend the Turkey Tour, there are some things that could be improved.

Capadoccia was a bit of a disappointment, we were told we need to confirm whether we want to do hot air ballooning and it will be weather dependant on whether we can do it. We were then told the day before that we cannot do the hot air ballooning because they have sold the spots we had booked to people who will pay more money, we had another chance to do the hot air ballooning the next morning, but then we approached the guide about whether what has already happened will just happen again tomorrow, they confirmed it's unlikely we'd be able to do it. Multiple people on the tour had friends who had the same experience and it seems to be a common occurrence, even though they only tell you the day before. Others were able to organise it for themselves luckily actually, at a lower price than travel talk offer, some others paid a much larger sum to be able to confirm a spot and others who wanted to do it missed out entirely, like myself. So if you have your heart set on the hot air ballooning you may want to look into it earlier on yourself to make sure you will be confirmed a spot. It's understandable that people will pay more money for the opportunity to do so, but there's a complete lack of transparency with Travel Talk about the situation, when it's a common problem.

There is a lot of driving on the bus, which is to be expected when you cover a lot of ground, the lunch and snack stops aren't the best offerings and some of them can be largely over priced.
The gullet cruise was by far the highlight of the trip, if you're lucky enough to have Captain Nobbi as your Captain, then you're in for a fun time, definitely do this option, Best Of Turkey By Gullet, with a smaller group make great friends with everyone and amazing swim spots!

The people by far made this tour and even though some improvements, would recommend!

Cheyenne Repp
Monday, April 12th, 2021 at 4:01pm

We did Essential Egypt with Sam. Sam is amazing! He made learning about the origin of civilization and overall Egyptian history so much more fascinating and enjoyable! Sam was extremely accommodating with us and strives to do the best for his guests. He has a heart of gold! It’s because of Sam that we love Egypt so fun and plan to be back very soon. Egypt is a MUST SEE!

Sophie Rose
Monday, August 27th, 2018 at 7:50am

I recently completed the ‘Amazing Turkey by Gulet’ and it really was just that - amazing! The 3 days on the Gulet were very easily the highlight (excluding the hot air balloons in Cappadocia of course!) and I would highly recommend this option if you are given a choice!
A big contributor to the Gulet being a highlight was the size of the group - a small group of 15 meant everyone got a chance to get to know each other and everyone got along really well!! The size of the overall group was quite overwhelming at times and made it difficult to get to know everyone. The amount of travel time was also very underwhelming and the food stops at service stations weren’t exactly what I expected from Turkish cuisine. Despite these minor flaws, the trip was incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Erin Michelle
Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at 8:03pm

I have just finished the sail Croatia aboard the Ribic and have had an amazing time. Dan, Ash and the crew are absolutely fantastic and can not thank them enough for making our adventure so much fun and easy. We had the perfect balance of exploring and relaxing in the most beautiful places. Thanks again guys! ❤️

Isabelle MC
Sunday, August 26th, 2018 at 7:28pm

I just completed the Athens + 3 Island Explorer trip with Kostas and George. They were the most fantastic tour guides. We were so relaxed as they had everything so well organised. We were joined with another group into a large group and were a bit nervous about this but it was fantastic. They managed the larger group size so well that it was easy to transition around the tour, unlike regular large tour groups. I couldn't recommend this trip and Travel Talk anymore - was brilliant. Great value for money and the perfect group as we were all so like minded. I will definitely be staying in contact with these legends, including George and Kostas. And I plan to book another trip through Travel Talk!

Ngarimu Pere
Friday, August 24th, 2018 at 6:41am

My partner and I did the 5 day Greek Island hopper tour as part of a one month trip by ourselves around Europe and it was the highlight of our travels!! Our guides Kosta & George were so cool to hang out with. They always made sure we had flexible options to enjoy the island we were at. The best part was the people we met. Like minded, mature, and adventurous souls we connected with immediately. Thank you all so much for the time of our lives! We will definitely be doing more tours with Traveltalk! It’s so much nicer when you have someone organising the logistics for you and the tour is really good value for money when you weigh up all of this. The only bad point was we wished we stayed on longer and went to Ios lol

Jake Stevenson
Sunday, August 19th, 2018 at 10:09am

The Felucca Odyssey Egypt tour was a fantastic tour! Sam the tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone that is thinking about visiting Egypt!

Rebekah Lee
Saturday, August 18th, 2018 at 11:10am

Spending 8 days in Croatia with Dan and Ash as our guides was incredible. Would highly highly recommend ���

James Crutchley
Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 7:54pm

Croatia sail, great tour leaders and crew, fun week.
recommend 👌

Sophie Louise Koerner
Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 at 1:14pm

I did the 3 day island hopper in Greece. I had such a great time. I was a little worried because I was a solo traveller but I met some amazing people and my tour guide Kostas made me feel so safe. Always checking that everyone was safe and present. I also felt like I really covered the islands and had plenty of time to explore. I would absolutely suggest others do this tour and I’ll be booking again next year!

Michael Dale Wakefield
Sunday, August 12th, 2018 at 4:22pm

Just did my second travel talk tour this time in Turkey and our guide was Yil who made the trip what it was he was awesome. Would definitely recommend the amazing Turkey by Gulet tour we had a mint time

Jessica Mount
Sunday, August 12th, 2018 at 4:19pm

We did the Amazing Turkey by Gulet tour last week and loved it! Our guide Yil was great too...super funny and amazing with all the history and stories from Turkey. End of July was a pretty hot time to visit but the bus was air conditioned and comfortable and we had heaps of stops along the way too. Would definitely recommend!

Niall Halpenny
Sunday, August 12th, 2018 at 9:22am

Went to Egypt with TravelTalk on a tour led by Hassan. Was lucky to be in a small group and was given the option to switch from Essential Egypt tour to the Felucca Odyssey Tour which I would definitely recommend as the Felucca was one of the best parts of the trip andd you still do everything on the Essential Egypt Tour you just don't have the free time in Aswan. Hassan was a brilliant guide very friendly and helpful and most importantly seemed to be enjoying himself not just going through the motions. 👍 The tour has a lot of driving but is well organised to make sure you are still doing something every day. The few optional extras are well worth the money especially Abu Simbel. All the staff I dealt with were very helpful and I would definitely recommend TravelTalk to friends. As a person who usually prefers to travel indepently rather than with Travel companies I am glad that for Egypt I went with TravelTalk as it made everything very easy and quick, I don't think I could have seen as much in the same time period alone and I enjoyed everything about this tour.

Haydn Knight
Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 6:27pm

My partner and I have just finished the Turkey tour with Mustafa as our guide. He was awesome! Very knowledage and approachable and always went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy. Highly recommend to anyone considering doing Turkey!

Oksana Shavalo
Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at 4:46pm

My trip to Greece was amazing! Thank you George and Kostas . What a great experience. Our guides were friendly, easy going, knowledgeable and fun. Definitely will recommend my friends. I am one of the people that like to explore and not sit in the hotel room and watch TV . Greece is a beautiful country with great people. Love it 😍 can’t wait to go back

Blake Thompson
Tuesday, July 31st, 2018 at 4:12pm

I just finished my Greece tour with George and Kosta. I absolutely loved my trip with them. George and Kosta had everything well planned down to the little details. I had zero stress whilst I was away on holidays, it was amazing! I would definitely recommend George and Kosta to anyone who would love to experience the best of Greece and once I return to Greece I’d be sure to get back in touch with them.

Chelsea Cashwell
Monday, July 30th, 2018 at 8:41am

I absolutely loved our tour of Morocco this summer. Our tour leader Abdul went above and beyond to make everyone comfortable and happy. We covered so much ground during the trip and had the opportunity to see a vast majority of the sights in Morocco. Also all the people that selected this tour were such a good group. It was suited for a variety of ages, nationalities, and activity levels. The reason I gave 4 stars is because the pre-travel communication. I was so disappointed by the lack of coordination and clarity about the trip. The online itinerary was different than what we did on arrival -- our arrival hotel page listed 2 different hotels so nobody knew which we were staying at -- one of our group members was left at the airport -- the pickup point was highly misleading and caused confusion for a lot of our group. Having been on tours with other companies -- there is a lot of improvement that needs to be done on the front end of the tour. Overall, I am very very glad I did this tour!

George Woodhouse
Monday, July 30th, 2018 at 12:05am

The Felucca Odysey and Dahab Explorer trip made my time in Egypt the incredible experience that it was. My guides Sam and Bisho were both extremely knowledgeable but above all else, great blokes. 10/10

Steve Pontius
Sunday, July 29th, 2018 at 6:04pm

Enjoyed my Egypt and Jordan tour very much. All the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. (Sameh Bishoy and Raed)Safety traveling in these countries was a bit of a concern before I got there. Never once felt I was in any kind of danger and as an American I was always welcomed when people found out where I was from. To be able to travel to these historic places then walk and touch such ancient history it’s hard to put into words how amazing it was.

Erin Cosgrave
Sunday, July 29th, 2018 at 1:12pm

Currently waiting at the airport after finishing our Athens and 3 Greek island explorer trip! It was absolutely amazing. We had George and Kostas as our tour guides and they were so much fun. They have great local knowledge and partied hard with the crew! Couldn’t recommend this enough. We meet the most amazing people. �����

Mireia Márquez Trasserra
Sunday, July 29th, 2018 at 11:22am

We had a great time in our best of turkey by land tour! The activities were amazing and we had the best tour guide we could ask for! Thanks Mustafa!

David Cardamone
Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 1:32pm

Turkey by Gulet an incredible 12 day trip only made possible by our guide for the trip Yavuz Kirikci, better known around the world as "Kev". Turkey is an amazing place to visit with the tour having a fantastic balance between travel and holiday (3 nights on the Gulet). Highly recommend for anyone looking to have a really local and authentic Turkish experience

Michael Eather
Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 1:08pm

I just completed the “Fantastic Greece and Turkey” tour. I had mixed feelings about the Greece half of the tour. I had Alex as my tour guide and I was a little disappointed in him to say the least, it felt like he was making stuff up as we went. Some of the accomodation and the included breakfasts left a little to be desired. However the locations were pretty stunning, the Quad bike in Santorini was a highlight however disappointed Alex did not conduct a quad bike tour as advertised, due to us being a large group.
This gets me into the Group size, whilst it ended up being fun in a large group of almost 50 I am disappointed travel talk advertise the group size as 25-30.
I am also disappointed in my transport from Santorini to Istanbul. We were all under the assumption we were taking a flight to Athens , however it ended up being a 8+ hour Ferry, which resulted in a 17 hour travel day from Santorini to Istanbul.

However things in Turkey turned around, we were greeted by Mustafa our tour guide and he was awesome from the moment we landed. My time in Turkey was a highlight of my 3 month European (and part Asia) trip. The destinations were amazing and the activities even more so! Mustafa’s knowledge of Turkey is excellent, he was always able to answer any questions we had, possibly the best guide we could have asked for!! Thank you Mustafa for a great trip that we will remember for a lifetime!

Meredith Krautler-Klemme
Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 7:39am

I just finished my tour, The Best of Greece and Turkey, and it was amazing. My Greece tour guide, Alex, was pretty poor, but he got us from point A to point B. The one real crap part was it was supposed to be a flight from Santorini to Athen, when we were making our way as a group to Istanbul, but it ended up being an 8 hour ferry. This really sucked and caused us to have a 17 hour travel day, which means we lost 1/2 day in Istanbul.
The best part of my trip was my time in Turkey. My guide, Mustafa, was the best guide I have ever had! He was kind, helpful, friendly, funny and so knowledgeable. His passion for his country and job is so clear every day of the trip. I also just simply loved Turkey! The trip was great about take us to the key place in every city. The paragliding in Fethiye and the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia are easily the highlights of my 2 months of travel in Europe.
If not for the poor tour guide in Greece and the 8 hour ferry, I would have given Travel Talk 5 stars.

Iris Guerrerom
Saturday, July 28th, 2018 at 1:05am

Amazing Tour, I loved Morocco, our tour guide Yahya was amazing. I highly recomend traveltalk!

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Z. Ward Avatar
Z. Ward

Essential Egypt Micke is the best guide. Tour was excellent with a lot of sights seen. All in all had a fantastic time with wonderful people.

R. Bodnar Avatar
R. Bodnar

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Michael was a wonderful and patient tour guide. Would recommend him to others.

R. Randall Avatar
R. Randall

Egypt Jewels of the Nile The trip was absolutely amazing. He is very knowed able about the history of Egypt and I am very glad he was our tour guide. I definitely plan on coming back to this beautiful country with Mike as my guide again. Thank you Mike for the memories and the knowledgeable.

K. Sadowska Avatar
K. Sadowska

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Micke is one of the best tour guides have ever meet. He gives all of his heart and soul and knowledge to evryone on the tour. All in all could definitely recommend Travel Talk.

J. Miller Avatar
J. Miller

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Michael was very knowledgeable, patient and kind. He made the trip safe, easy and enjoyable.

S. Alibrando  Avatar
S. Alibrando

Amazing Egypt Micheal was the best tour guide. I have ever had and I have done a lot of tours around the world. The tour was great.

A. Manikam Avatar
A. Manikam

Amazing Egypt Micheal was absolutely outstanding. Best tour guide was made comfortable. Amazing sense of humour, great knowledge, went out of his way to make sure everyone was safety, happy and comfortable. I have absolutely zero negatives to say about him.

I. Lopez Martin Avatar
I. Lopez Martin

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Michael has been an amazing guide. Always ready to cater for all our needs, very knowledgeable and patience. He definitely was the right choice.

N. Wait Avatar
N. Wait

Essential Egypt Have yet again had an amazing time with Travel Talk. Their prices and experience for surpass only other tour I have senn. I have made a few life long friends within my journeys. The staff are always incredible and deserce all the recognition for making the experience what it is. Thank you Mo and Ramy.

R. Ward Jr Avatar
R. Ward Jr

Essential Egypt The team we had here in Egypt were amazing. From the drivers, guides, and support staff everyone was truly, helpful and pleased.he ensured everyone had a wonderful experience. Thanks againto the entire Egypt Travel Talk tours.

S. Delorino Avatar
S. Delorino

Essential Egypt Mo was an amazing tour guide. His explanations were so insightful and also amde it so fun and interesting. Best tour guide ver. 10/10.

R. Watts Avatar
R. Watts

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Mo our tour guide was absolutely amazing and he worked to meet our every needs. He was also very smart when it come to local knowledge. Ramy was our tour guide for our Night in Dahab he was also very good. And well organised. Thank you very much.

A. Hutton Avatar
A. Hutton

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Absolutely loved this tour thus for Mustafa and Ramy were fabolous guides. We saw so made in such a short amount of time. All in all amzing, Thank you.

M. Collier Avatar
M. Collier

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Excellent tour of knowledge shared and accomodation for our needs from our guides to ensure I have enjoyed ourselves. Thank you so much what a beautiful experience.

S. Henne Avatar
S. Henne

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek This was my first tour and it was a fantastic experience. I will highly recommend this company this tour and Egypt as a tour destination. Thank you for a wonderful time.

J. Griffiths Avatar
J. Griffiths

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Mo was fantastic. Rammy was brilliant.Dinners were a highlight.

K. Sullivan Avatar
K. Sullivan

Egypt Felucca Sailtrek Mustafa was a legend. Very professional, kind, warm and made the trip something excellent. Fantastic guide. Loved the felucca the hotels the optional extras were excellent quality and value guests on tour were similar to me in age. Loved the Egypt tour.

S. Edwards Avatar
S. Edwards

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Mo and Ramy have made me experience in Egypt spectacular. The knowledge of information. The security provided and the warm welcoming made the overall experience a 10/10 and I would highly recommend.

E. Hunter Avatar
E. Hunter

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Loved my experiences I had an this trip. Travel Talk really know how to make a trip of a life the special mention to Mo when he helped me out when I was not feeling well.

K. Hipwell Avatar
K. Hipwell

Essential Turkey Mustafa was a fantastic guide - informative, laid-back with a playful attitude. I enjoyed this tour as it enabled me to see many places I wouldn't otherwise be comfortable travelling on my own.

E. Haack Avatar
E. Haack

Essential Turkey Mustafa was an excellent guide! The tour ran very smoothly and all that is included was great.

D. Bucasas Avatar
D. Bucasas

Essential Turkey Mustafa is an excellent tour guide. Very friendly, funny and knowledgeable. He made me feel safe at all times. Very open to questions and comments. He went above average to make sure we experienced the best of Turkey. Our drivers were fantastic as well. Friendly & helpful.

J. Metcalf Avatar
J. Metcalf

Essential Turkey Our tour guide Mustafa was an amazing guide full of knowledge + wisdom. Without a doubt my best guide yet!

K. Allen Avatar
K. Allen

Essential Turkey Mustafa - fantastic guide. Knowledgeable, great stories, very funny, professional. I would recommend Mustafa as "a guide to" anyone. Bus drivers very kind and good drivers. Felt very safe. Beautiful to see them care for the local dogs.

S. Haag Avatar
S. Haag

Essential Turkey Had an amazing time in Turkey. Mustafa was great and always told us a lot of information and always made sure we were safe. We saw a lot of things for 9 dats and I would recommend it for someone.

C. Huck Avatar
C. Huck

Essential Jordan Osama was very knowledgeable and organised. I liked that he showed us local shops/restaurants.

P. Lavin Avatar
P. Lavin

Essential Jordan Osama was an outstanding tour guide who explained the history of the sites brilliantly.A top class tour and a top class guide! Highly recommended!

N. Beedie Avatar
N. Beedie

Essential Jordan Osama was a fantastic guide - super passionate about his country and had a wealth of knowledge to share.

K. Subramanian Avatar
K. Subramanian

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Land The tour leader Osama was patient enough to answer all our queries and quiet helpful during the trip. His explanation for the history behind each of the sight was helpful to refresh our memories and unknown facts about the sights. Overall tour experience was good.

R. Bagley Avatar
R. Bagley

Ski Bansko Aykut and Kat were amazing! So knowledgeable and helpful. Such a fun time.

J. Gulacsi Avatar
J. Gulacsi

Ski Bansko Excellent tour and very friendly tour guides. Would definitely love to come back! Great people, great location, great price! I loved the hotel staff as well - great service all the way through the tour.

C. Burt Avatar
C. Burt

Ski Bansko Both Kate and Aykut were amazing, they were great!

P. Sinclair Avatar
P. Sinclair

Ski Bansko Aykut & Katy went above and beyond to help with any queries and local information. I would highly recommend the good service that they provided.

M. McKay Avatar
M. McKay

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Felucca Thank you for a wonderful tour. Adhams knowledge of Egyptian history made my trip so great, it was what I wanted out of my trip. Ramy was also very friendly and helpful.

C. B. Shepherd Avatar
C. B. Shepherd

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise Mo was amazing. Full of knowledge and truly cared about providing us with a great experince.

R. Alicea Avatar
R. Alicea

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise Mo was the best. Amazing tour guide. Ramy though only for a couple days was fantastic also wish I had a bit moretime with him.

S. Greene Avatar
S. Greene

Egypt Jewels of the Nile I had a wonderful time in Egypt. The customer service of staff was very good all round. The team was very attentive and this was greatly appreciate.

K. M. Horniblow  Avatar
K. M. Horniblow

Ultimate Egypt Overall, a great trip. Thanks Adham and Ramy for a great couple of weeks.

S. Y. Woo Avatar
S. Y. Woo

Amazing Egypt I had two guides on my trip, Adham and Remi. Both were very professional and did everything to keep us safe. The main reason I have chosen this trip was to see the best of Egypt as well as the prices you guys offer.. The staff in Dahab paradise hotel was much more friendly.

C. Hawksworth Avatar
C. Hawksworth

Egypt Redsea & Dahab Adham you were an amazing guide. Thank you. All the other Travel Talk staff were so friendly and helpful.

D. Barratt Avatar
D. Barratt

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Land Adham is amazing, knowledgeable manner and proffessional. First class what an champions.

H. Ray Avatar
H. Ray

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Adham has been absolutely phenomenal. He went above and beyond to make everyone comfortable and offered invaluable insight throughout our tour.

G. Day Avatar
G. Day

Egypt Felucca Odyssey The tour was incredible and fit in all must see sights in a short period of time. The hotels were excellent and fodd very good. Adham was friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He is a credit to Travel Talk.

K. Annat Avatar
K. Annat

Ski Bansko Aykut went above and beyond to get the best option/deal for us for ski gear, food, drinks.

K. M. Chan Avatar
K. M. Chan

Ski Bansko Very appreciate all the help through Aykut who is this tour guide and made feel had a great time in Bansko. Hope will join his tour group again. Thanks all the wonderful things from this tour.

D. Jain Avatar
D. Jain

Essential Egypt My travel group was excellent. Our tour guide, Adham is excellent, he made sure we were very comfortable.

V. Solomatina Avatar
V. Solomatina

Essential Egypt Loved everything about this tour. One of the best experiences I've ever had. Adham is an amazing tour guide with a nice sense of humour and our driver was such a skillfull driver. Definitely would recommend this tour to everyone.

S. Eduardo Avatar
S. Eduardo

Egypt Jewels of the Nile I had a wonderful experience. All the places are worth visit. Thanks for the experience!

E. Jr. Reyes Avatar
E. Jr. Reyes

Egypt Jewels of the Nile I had a wonderful experience. All the places are worth visit. Thanks for the experience.

B. Luff Avatar
B. Luff

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Great tour. Adham was brilliant.

A. Bluck Avatar
A. Bluck

Ski Bansko Really well organised trip. Everything was made very clear from the beginning so we knew what would happen. Communication through the trip was great. Both tour guides were amazing and great fun. Ski instructor was great. Really patient and helpful.

J. Woonton Avatar
J. Woonton

Ski Bansko Kat and Aykut are amazing. Super helpful with recommendations. So friendly and a lot of fun! Would highly recommend them + this tour to everyone. I had a gret time.

C. Garrett Avatar
C. Garrett

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Felucca Sam was a fantastic tour guide. His knowledge, personality and leadership skills made our tour a pleasure. He is a great ambasador for your company in Egypt. I would highly recommend tp everyone. Every stop from the airport to hotel to tours the tour guide has made us feel safe and organised.

M. Garrett Avatar
M. Garrett

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Felucca Sam was a fantastic tour guide. His knowledge, personality and leadership skills made our tour a pleasure. He is a great ambasador for your company in Egypt. I would highly recommend tp everyone. Every stop from the airport to hotel to tours the tour guide has made us feel safe and organised.

S. Kieswetter Avatar
S. Kieswetter

Essential Egypt As a single female traveller, felt very safe and comfortable throughout the entire tour. Enjoyed the fast pace of the tour and the expertise of both the guide and driver. Overall, ı was very pleased with the trip.

M. Hamada Avatar
M. Hamada

Egypt Jewels of the Nile The tour guide on our cruise was wonderful. Very enthusiastic and made sure we wonderful what he said and the plane for the next day.

A. Schleif Avatar
A. Schleif

Egypt Jewels of the Nile Everything else was greatç mustafa was a great guide. Tour guide for the cruise was also amazing.

E. Ulusan Avatar
E. Ulusan

Amazing Egypt Our tour was amazing. My partner and I loved every minute. A big thank you to our tour leader Sam.

S. Hart Avatar
S. Hart

Amazing Egypt Just a personal thank you to Mustafa agreat guide and made the trip even better.

S. Dedovic Avatar
S. Dedovic

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Land The paradise hotel staff are amazing. Sam is amazing as well as Bishoo. Sam is amazing tour guide and the informative provided by him was great.

S. S. P. Morales Avatar
S. S. P. Morales

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Land Sam was very knowable about eachgrat service. Every person from the start pick up at the airport to the end wonderful service. The hotel Cairo staff were friendly. Thank you all for making my trip wonderful.

J. Waddell Avatar
J. Waddell

Egypt Felucca Odyssey I absolutely loved Egypt. Sam our tour guide was amazing and so knowledgeable. He blew me away with how much he knows. He is a great asset to your company. I loved it. Thank you and see you again.

D. Litsheim Avatar
D. Litsheim

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Sam is what made this a truly special experience. He is an incredible asset to the company and expecting the great tourist experience of Egypt. He is a top class person and human being.

L. Noble Avatar
L. Noble

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Sam was an incredible guide that reallymade the trip one that. I will always remember. This trip has made me full in love with Egypt.

H. Thompson Avatar
H. Thompson

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Have a super time on the tour it super passedd expectations. Mustafa was really great and friendly as was bus driver.

C. Murdo Avatar
C. Murdo

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Mustafa is an excellent guide. Abu Simbal trip was excellent. Felucca was amazing, great experience. Overall awesome trip and will recommend to friends.

M. Spiteri Avatar
M. Spiteri

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Overall the best trip and have been on absolutely loved it. Felucca was brilliant.

L. Djennadi Avatar
L. Djennadi

Egypt Felucca Odyssey Guide was excellent very knowledgeable, friendly and spoke very good english.Overall a fantastic meet.

A. Newe Avatar
A. Newe

Essential Turkey Mustafa is by far one at the nicest people I have ever met. As well as being professional he was so kind and friendly. He went above and beyond what was necessary to ensure we enjoyed ourselves. I believe he genuinely loves what he does and it's clear he has a passion for Turkey. My opinion of Turkey has changed completely in large part to Mustafa.

J. Bresnahan Avatar
J. Bresnahan

Essential Turkey I have done many group tours over the past 5 years in all different countries. Mustafa is by far the most accomodating, friendly and professional guide I have met. Really made this experience the absolute best it could be! Would 100% recommend his tours.

J. Oviosu Avatar
J. Oviosu

Essential Turkey Mustafa, (our guide) was awesome. He was an exceptioanl guide, took his time to answer all questions. He made sure everyone was carried along on the tour. Made sure we were all comfortable.

S. Y. Woo Avatar
S. Y. Woo

Essential Turkey Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I hope I can continue my business with you guys. I really hope you guys can still keep the prices similar as the main reason I have choosen Travel Talk was because it was able to be cheaper than other travel companies. One of the main components that made this trip such a delight was for our tour manager Mustafa. He was not only warm and welcoming towards us as he is well educated in the history of Turkey as well as the culture. He was really there for us from the moment we came to the Hotel as he answered every question we had and gave recommendation of locals places to visit, things to try as well as food to try out. One other thing that made Travel Talk Tour so much different from other travel groups was my accomodation of getting picked up from the airport. I will definitely post a five star review for this trip and recommend this to all my friends.

D. Larouche Avatar
D. Larouche

Essential Turkey This was my first Travel Talk tour and I really enjoyed it. I prefer to go on tours to get the most for my money. Our tour guide was so friendly and fun. I would highly recommend him and would love to go on tour with him again.

M. Vicary Avatar
M. Vicary

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Felucca The guide tried hard to accommodate everyone's interests. Wadi Rum was excellent.

V. Treacy Avatar
V. Treacy

Egypt & Jordan Discovered by Nile Cruise The guide was lovely. He was very passionate about Jordan and the history and sites we visited. And did everything he could to make sure, everything was seamless.

A. Paurin Avatar
A. Paurin

Ski Bansko Tour guides were great, super friendly & great hosts. Cheers guys!

T. Letherbarrow Avatar
T. Letherbarrow

Ski Bansko Aykut & Kat were the most amazing tour leaders. So impressed with them!

K. Stawski Avatar
K. Stawski

Ski Bansko Aykut is the best! Very funny & super informative. Fantastic guide! Thank you.

A. Ebert Avatar
A. Ebert

Ski Bansko I have been on two previous Travel Talk tours and this one buy far has been the best value for money out of them all. Aykut, was a great tour guide I would highly recommend him as a tour leader on other tours.

 M. Sullivan Avatar
M. Sullivan

Ski Bansko Kat is so lovely and friendly. Accommodation and dinner/drinks exceeded all expectations. Thank you ver much.

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