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21 Jul

Essential Morocco

The renewed 9-day Essential Morocco tour will take you to all the gems of Morocco, now including the gorgeous Blue City (!), in comfort and with less time spent on the road. Discover the amazing towns of Morocco with expert and local guides to have a taste of the real local culture. Explore imperial cities, movie-like Kasbahs, vibrant markets, charming local villages, gardens and palaces; prepare to meet the amazing mix of diverse cultures on this Morocco tour. Finally, get to spend a night at a lovely oasis town in the Sahara Desert, the crown jewel of the authentic Moroccan experience.

21 Jul

Jewels of the Nile-Comfort

Discover the gems that lie along the Nile in luxury and style.
Embark on a comfortable journey of amazing Egypt, starting off at the spectacular Giza Pyramids. Taking an overnight train to Luxor, you will be ready and fresh for the upcoming journey of the marvelous Valley of the Kings. Settle in your cabin on a 5 star Nile Cruiser and enjoy the spectacular wonders along the Nile as you sail by. Discover all about Egypt’s remarkable history and monuments and take a day-off for some sunshine by the Red Sea. On this Egypt tour, you will delve in to the thousands-years-old culture and follow its tracks day by day.

20 Jul

Felucca Odyssey-Comfort

A tour full of history, tradition and the best of the Nile on Felucca! Taking an overnight train, save some daylight and energy for the upcoming culture overdose. Discover the endless history of incredible wonders, hop on your traditional Felucca, kick back and enjoy the stunning sights along the Nile and experience the Nubian lifestyle. As you fill up with all the adventure, take a breather by the Red Sea to sunbathe at your will. Hunt for lost treasures in Cairo markets and relish the charming wonders of ancient Egypt.

20 Jul

Essential Egypt-Comfort

An incredible experience covering the ancient wonders and essential sights of Egypt just the same, but with a twist! Take a breather and don’t lose any day-time by taking the overnight train instead of the bus, and later take a refreshing day-off at sunny Hurghada. Discover the magnificent wonders of Egypt, dig deep into the amazing history, barter your way through many Bazaars, and have a real taste of the Egyptian culture – in comfort.

16 Mar

Anzac Day Tour- 8 Days

The tour will commence in the varied city of Istanbul where we will be able to sightsee its delights. We’ll then head to Gallipoli where we remember the soldiers who lost their lives at Anzac Cove. Next we will explore the ancient city of Troy, see the remnants of the Asklepion in Pergamum, discover the best conserved olden town in Turkey, Ephesus and then finally call in on the healing pools and ancient ruins of Pamukkale before heading back to Istanbul.

19 Jan

Best of Thailand & Cambodia

Feel the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and the other main cities of Thailand, learn the powerful and rich history of Cambodia along with visiting the famous Angkor Wat. Experience the culture, customs and cuisine of South East Asia on this 13-day tour.

19 Jan

Essential Thailand

Meet the friendly locals, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a glimpse into the country’s intriguing history on the 7-day Travel Talk tour of Essential Thailand. Become adventurous in Bangkok, discover hidden secrets in Kanchanaburi and get an authentic Asian experience during your visit to Thailand.

19 Jan

Fantastic Turkey By Gulet

Unearth the best of Turkey’s west coast, plus experience a 3 day Gulet cruise around the Mediterranean on this 9 day Tour. Set off your tour by immersing yourself in the wonders of Istanbul, visit Troy and Pergamum, then experience the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea on board, a 3 day Gulet cruise. Bathe in the healing waters of Pamukkale and visit the awe inspiring ancient city and ruins of Ephesus.

19 Jan

Fantastic Turkey By Land

A compact tour for history and coast lovers, to relax and to be fascinated. This 9 day tour takes you along the Western coast to marvel at its beauties all the way to Pamukkale. You start off exploring the former capital, Istanbul, before heading to Gallipoli to pay respect to fallen soldiers at Anzac Cove. After this, you will head south and visit the ever popular Trojan Horse, before taking in the ancient wonders of Ephesus. Also included in this tour, there is a boat trip from the riverbank t

19 Jan

Amazing Turkey by Gulet

Clear the best of Turkey’s west coast, experience a 3 day Gulet cruise around the Mediterranean, and marvel at the beauties of Cappadocia on this 10 day tour. Set off on your tour by immersing yourself in the wonders of Istanbul, visit Troy and Pergamum, take a relaxing break on your gullet and bath in the healing waters of Pamukkale. After visiting the awe inspiring ancient city and ruins of Ephesus, enter the otherworldly Cappadocia and cut edges by flying to Istanbul.

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