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24 Jul

All About Turkey

19-day All About Turkey is cultural discovery, unique history, incredible wonders and a blue cruise in the Mediterranean. Discover the wonders of Istanbul and lose yourself in the Grand Bazaar before cruising along the Bosphorus. Visit the shores of Gallipoli, and head to Troy to pose with fabled Trojan horse. Visit the well-preserved ancient sites of Pergamum and Ephesus before discovering the stunning nature at Saklikent canyon. Embark on an unforgettable 7-day gulet cruise through sunny bays and vibrant ports. Then immerse yourself in the natural healing powers of Pamukkale and brace for tha magical Cappadocia. Fly over the fairy-chimneys and walk around Goreme Open-air Museum.

10 Jul

Best of Nepal & India

From Kathmandu to Delhi, embrace the beauty and culture of 2 incredible countries on the Best of Nepal & India tour. Soak in the unspoiled nature, unique ancient wonders and monuments while travelling through Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara. Put on your trekking boots for a true adventure from Pokhara. Then fly off to Delhi and start your cultural adventure through the world-famous Golden Triangle. After visiting all the essential sites en route including the iconic Taj Mahal, witness the unparallaled lifestyle and rituals of locals in Varanasi.

10 Jul

Essential Nepal & India

Discover the iconic natural beauty and ancient wonders on the 15-day Essential Nepal & India. Embark on an exotic adventure from  Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan filled with untouched temples, unspoiled nature, unforgettable scenery and trekking adventures. Then fly to Delhi in comfort and witness the diverse India culture at its home. Hop aboard for the Golden Triangle, visiting the most important sites of Jaipur and Agra, including the most-iconic Taj Mahal.

10 Jul

Incredible India

Incredible India covers all the must-see sights of India in 13-days. India provides a unique combination of tradition and innovation, mixed with an abundance of landscapes and monuments. Take on the bustling capital, Delhi before discovering the famous Golden Triangle via Jaipur and Agra. Embark an overnight train to Varanasi and soak in the local culture whilst dazzled by the famous Hindu ceremony Aarti. Explore the popular sites as well as hidden beauties off the beaten path. Witness the lifestyle of locals while engulfing in the cultural diversity.

10 Jul

Best of India

Experience India’s delightful diversity and unique culture on the 10-day Best of India tour.
With its bursting population, vast history and authentic lifestyle, it provides an unforgettable experience. Take the Golden Triangle route through Delhi, Agra and Jaipur while embracing the world-famous sites as well as hidden gems. Take a mental photo of the Taj Mahal to remember forever. Then take a sleeper train to Varanasi and witness the Aaarti ceremony, the famous Hindu religious ritual.

09 Jul

Ultimate Morocco

Turn Morocco inside-out on the 15-day Ultimate Morocco adventure.
Discover the most exotic features and sites scattered to each corner of Morocco. Start off at the famous Marrakech decorated with palaces and gardens, before heading to Casablanca to meet the ocean. Pass through the capital Rabat towards Tangier to uncover the unique history and beautiful Kasbahs. Soak in the blue-city Chefchaouen and discover the impressive monuments of Fes before arriving in Marrakech. Cross inland for the ultimate Sahara experience at the desert camp, op on a camel ride and sleep under the stars following a local meal. Then catch a breeze along the Atlantic coast at Essaouira and Agadir.

09 Jul

Northern Morocco Discovery

Northern Morocco Discovery presents the charming imperial towns of Morocco filled with unique history and culture. Discover the bustling markets, gardens and palaces of Marrakech. Afterwards drive to the Atlantic coast for the largest Moroccan city, Casablanca and witness the beautiful Hassan II Mosque with the vast ocean on its backdrop. Pass through the capital, Rabat, before arriving in Tangier port on the Strait of Gibraltar. Watch a magical sunset over the blue-washed village of Chefchaouen. Then sleep over at the charming town of Moulay Idriss and discover the stunning Kasbahs and palaces in Fes.

09 Jul

Istanbul to Cappadocia

Uncover the beauty of Turkey with two of the most important bucket-list places, Istanbul and Cappadocia. Learn about the vast and diverse history while you roam the old town decorated with beautiful monuments and mosques. Cruise along the Bosphorus before driving to the fairy-tale land of Cappadocia. Experience the breath-taking formations as you walk around and take off on a hot-air balloon for a better view! Then fly back to Istanbul in comfort.

08 Jul

Fantastic Turkey

Visit the must-sees of Turkey with the 7-day Fantastic Turkey tour. Uncover Istanbul and it’s unique beauty as you discover the old town. Hop on a Bosphorus cruise and soak in the beautiful city while sipping your cocktail. Witness the unique beauty of Cappadocia as you delve into underground cities, walk UNESCO Heritage open-air museum and climb fairy-chimneys. Take off on a balloon ride over the gorgeous valley before driving to Pamukkale. Dip your feet in thermal pools made of “cotton”. Then catch a flight to Istanbul to save time and travel in comfort.

08 Jul

Highlights of Turkey

Highlights of Turkey tour takes you to the most essential sites to see over 8 days. Start off with vibrant Istanbul and discover the diverse history and incredible monuments before a cruising on the Bosphorus. Ride to the magical Cappadocia and watch the fairy-chimneys unfold from a hot-air balloon. Splash into white-washed thermal pools of Pamukkale and walk the impressive ruins of Ephesus. Then fly back to Istanbul in comfort.

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