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12 Nov

Best of Costa Rica

From beautiful turquoise coastline fringed in rainforests to small villages teeming with culture and scenic surroundings, you’ll never be run out of things to do in Costa Rica. Get set to zipline through Costa Rica’s most beautiful rainforests. Chase flowing waterfalls and bathe in the natural hot springs of nearby volcanoes. Swim amongst the dazzling coral reefs on the idyllic coastline and embrace the colourful history of small villages caught in time. Uncover the real and authentic beauty of Costa Rica with Travel Talk Tours.

12 Nov

Highlights of Costa Rica

Uncover the must-see sights of Costa Rica on this 9-day adventure through some of Central America’s most impressive and untouched surroundings. Journey to the coastline where the rainforest meets the sea in Tortuguero. Explore Costa Rica’s most iconic Volcano in Arnel. And relax on the white-sand of Manuel Antonio’s palm-fringed beaches! Discover the best eco-traveler hot spots of Costa Rica, with a hint of culture and history along the way.

12 Nov

Ultimate Cuba

Explore a unique side of Cuba that few rarely uncover on this 15-day adventure through the island paradise. Cruise the streets of Havana in a classic convertible. Feel the rhythm of Cuban beats as you sip on Canchánchara cocktails in Trinidad. Dive into the depths of lush Sierra Maestra mountain ranges and learn of those who led the Cuban revolution. Then soak up the Caribbean sun on 20 kilometres of uninterrupted white-sand coastline in Santa Lucia! Go beyond the highlights of Cuba with this ultimate blend of culture, history, natural serenity, colourful music and colonial-flare!

12 Nov

Best of Cuba

Explore the unmissable sights of Cuba from the coastal boulevards covered in Cadillacs to the tobacco fields and the Caribean’s most picturesque white-sand beaches. This 10-day adventure offers up an exclusive look into the kaleidoscope of colour, chaos and charisma that is Western and Central Cuba! Get set for an abundance of Caribean sun with three nights staying between the picture-perfect Cayo Santa Maria Islands and Varadero beach. Explore the famed tobacco factories and farms of the Viñales valley and delve into Cuba’s revolutionary history at the Bay of Pigs. Get a taste for Cuba’s true colours, culture and charm with our local, expert guides and tailored 10-day itinerary.

12 Nov

Highlights of Cuba

Get set for turquoise beaches, captivating Latina culture, lush mountain scenery, and quaint cities bubbling with historical sights. Soak up the picturesque tropical vibes on Varadero Beach, explore the famous tobacco fields and sugar mill valleys of Viñales and embrace the authentic Cuban lifestyle in the cobble-stone streets of Trinidad and colourful Havana. This 8-day adventure through the highlights of Cuba will have you craving more of the Caribbean lifestyle!

11 Nov

Ultimate Peru Explorer

Uncover all corners of South Peru from the Amazon Jungle and Machu Picchu to the floating villages of Puno and quaint towns of the Sacred Valley. Embark on one of the world’s most memorable hikes — the Inca Trail — to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu ruins. Immerse yourself in the Amazon Jungle during a stay at a jungle lodge; hike through lush forests, cruise the Madre de Dios River and look out for Amazon wildlife. Discover the man-made islands of reed on Lake Titicaca, marvel at the magic water fountains of Lima, and perfect the art of Pisco Sours with an optional cocktail making class. This 15-day trek isn’t for light-hearted travellers, but we guarantee it’ll be an adventure like no other!

11 Nov

Inca & Amazon Adventure

The ultimate Inca Trail and Amazon Jungle trekking experience awaits! This challenging, but incredibly rewarding 12-day adventure heads into the depths of Peru’s most impressive natural and man-made landscapes. Spend four days hiking the world-famous Inca Trail through the Andes mountains towards Machu Picchu! Immerse yourself in the tropics of the Amazon; hiking through lush forests, cruising the Madre de Dios River, and observing an abundance of wildlife at its best! Get to know the local communities of the Sacred Valley and delve into the history of hustling cities like Lima. This jam-packed adventure isn’t fore light-hearted travellers, but we guarantee it’ll be an adventure like no other!

11 Nov

Highlights of Peru

Discover the best of Peru on this 8-day trip to the country’s unmissable sights, from the wonders of Macchu Pichu and serene Sacred Valley to local villages packed with culture and tradition. Travel to the Inca Empire by train and explore at your own leisure, learn of the artisan craft of weaving wool and sip on Pisco Sour cocktails in the cosmo city of Lima. This 8-day circular route uncovers the highlights of South Peru with two included domestic flights to save on travel time.

08 Nov

Best of Myanmar Small Group

Travelling with a group of no more than 12 people, our new Small Group trips provide you with more space for your comfort and pleasure. Dive straight into a land of untouched natural beauty, captivating stories from recent history, welcoming locals, and an abundance of awe-inspiring temples! This 8-day circular route through Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – ticks off the unmissable villages, countryside, ancient ruins, and charming cities through a unique style of grassroots tourism. Walk the iconic wooden pathway of the winding U Bein Bridge as monks, workers, and vendors pick their way through the local crowds. Explore the world’s largest and densest concentration of Buddist monuments in Bagan and enjoy an optional Hot Air Balloon ride at sunset. Trek through lush forest to mountain resorts with unparalleled views across the horizon. Travel by horse and carriage through ancient city ruins and, immerse yourself in the unique way of life as you discover the floating markets of Inle Lake. If you’re looking for an extraordinary adventure that’s definitely off the well-worn path, Myanmar is calling!

08 Nov

Splendours of Ceylon Small Group

Travelling with a group of no more than 12 people, our new Small Group trips provide you with more space for your comfort and pleasure. Discover the colourful culture and history, friendly people, and the timeless wonders of Sri Lanka on the 8-day Splendours of Ceylon. An island blessed with green forests, vast sandy beaches and stunning ancient treasures, Sri Lanka is a true hidden gem of South-East Asia. Start your adventure at the metropolitan city of Colombo and explore impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered around the island. Hop on your jeep in Walpattu, Horton Plains and Minneriya to spot elephants or the famed Sri Lankan Leopard. Trek through lush forests, climb up to temples carved in huge boulders and have a sip of exotic Sri Lankan tea.

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