Top 9 foods you must try in Spain

When visiting a new country, trying the local food is usually high on the agenda with Spanish food being no different. From tapas to paella to even a calamari sandwich there are endless choices to try and devour! The best foods you must try in Spain are all delicious and available throughout the country.

We’ve rounded up our 9 favorite Spanish foods for you for when you visit Spain.

1. Paella

Like flamenco or football, paella is synonymous with Spain. Locals cook rice in a shallow, wide pan with saffron to give it that unique yellow color. It comes with seafood, vegetables, meats, and more traditionally, rabbit. Paella should be on the top of your list of foods you must try in Spain.

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2. Bocadillo de Calamares (calamari sandwich)

You can’t visit Madrid without trying the famous bocadillo de calamares. A fresh bread roll filled with deep-fried calamari, it is very similar to a chip butty but with calamari!

3. Tapas

Tapas are small-sized portions of food or essentially bar snacks that are usually served with drinks. Popular tapas to try include patatas bravas (roast potatoes), croquettes, pimientos de padron (fried peppers) or even manchego cheese and olives. The choices are endless.

foods you must try in Spain

4. Tortilla de Española

A classic Spanish dish, it’s simply just a potato omelet. Usually served as a tapa, this delicious comfort food is common in most bars and cafes in Spain.

5. Churros or Porras

There is a famous debate in Spain when it comes to food: Do you prefer churros or Porras? Fried dough pastry gets covered in sugar dipped in chocolate or café con Leche (coffee with milk). Churros are usually thin and knotted in a loop whereas Porras are longer and thicker. Decide for yourself which one you think is better.

foods you must try in Spain

6. Gazpacho

Usually served as a starter, Gazpacho is a chilled tomato soup perfect for a hot summer’s day in Spain!

7. Jamon Iberico

Wafer-thin slices of cured pork are great on their own or with bread, tomato, or even melon. Yum!

foods you must try in Spain

8. Gambas al ajillo

Sizzling prawns are cooked in a clay dish of hot olive oil, heaps of garlic, and some fresh chili for that extra kick.

9. Sangria

So technically not a food, but we couldn’t include Sangria on the list! Traditionally red wine, with soda water, and fruit, try not to drink the whole pitcher otherwise you’ll definitely feel it the next morning… It is the best accompaniment to the foods you must try in Spain.

Are your taste buds watering? Do you want to visit Spain now? Check our Spain and Portugal tours where you’ll be able to try all the delicious food. See more here.

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