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A tour to Spain shows you that there is more to this nation than just sangria, paella, sun-drenched beaches and flamenco dancers. It is a spectacularly diverse country with exceptional culture, natural heritage, impressive cities, Moorish palaces, crumbling castles, cathedrals and traditions that have last for centuries. Taking a group tour to Spain will open your eyes to a country full of adventure and wonder; from Madrid to Seville, this country offers a variety of attractions and sites, ideal for travellers who want to experience Spain to its full potential.

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The 10-day tour will take you to the some of the big cities, old towns and beautiful ...
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Spain & Morocco Tours

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Spain & Portugal Sights Map

Must See Sights from Spain & Portugal

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The capital of Spain, located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, offers an extensive artistic & cultural heritage. An amazing city in every aspect.

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The cultural and historic centre of Cordoba is listed as a World Heritage Site. The Alcazar Fortress is breath-taking and the Jewish neighborhood is not to be missed.

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Walk around and get lost in the perfect combination of Roman, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style architecture before you get some tapas and join the night.

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The cultural and historic centre of Cordoba is listed as a World Heritage Site. The Alcazar Fortress is breath-taking and the Jewish neighborhood is not to be missed.

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You will fall in love with this warm seaside town offering Portuguese culture. This beautiful city with sandy beaches also offers a large variety of water sports.

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Amazing cathedrals, museums, long dinners, friendly locals, lively nightlife… Welcome to the second oldest capital in Europe!

Spain Travel Guide

Spain is renowned for endless sunshine and is also a country of many climates due to its vast size. The months from April to October tend to be the best time to visit Spain although, July and August can get very hot, especially in inland cities such as Madrid, Cordoba and Seville. These months also mean that hot-spots get very crowded and prices have a habit of increasing.
We closely monitor the latest travel updates to Spain and follow the advice of the UK Foreign Office. For the latest travel advice from UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), please visit:
At present, Australian, New Zealand, British, American and Canadian residents do not need a visa for visits to Spain of up to 90 days.
Spain's culture plays a key part in enticing travellers that visit the nation. From Moorish palaces, to gothic cathedrals, to modern buildings in the cities such as Madrid, the cultures of Spain are founded on an assortment of historical influences. Each region of Spain tends to have its own exclusive traditions however, there are customs that are positioned as iconic representations for the country. These include things such as bull fighting, fiestas and flamenco dancing. Most of the Spaniards’ are Roman Catholics who are known to be liberal, entertaining and loving people who enjoy socialising. Friends and family are very significant aspects of the Spaniards’ life and furthermore they’re very proud of their history and culture.
Spain’s eating and drinking ethos is one of its utmost lures, and an extremely jovial one too, with an abundance of cafes, restaurants, markets and bars to choose from. Spanish food presents plenty of seafood, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables and offers delicious dishes such as tapas paella and tortilla Española. Along with the festive drink, Sangria which is often deceptively strong, Spain also creates fantastic wine which has had a lot of international success. The classic wine, sherry is very popular along with cava which is Spain’s ‘champagne’.
Spain offers plenty of shopping experiences which means travellers can buy trendy, creative, traditional, designer and international objects. Furthermore, each city and town has its own charm which means many unique items can be purchased throughout the nation. Products such as leather belts, bags, footwear, modern and traditional art and Moorish designed jewellery and tiles are examples of good quality items that can be bought whilst travelling throughout Spain.
La Tomatina: La Tomatina is the world’s biggest food fight and is an exciting and characteristic event in the town of Buñol in Spain. Each year the festival takes place on the last Wednesday in August and sees around 20,000 people pack the streets of the town to throw around one hundred thousand kilograms of over-ripe tomatoes. Feria de Abril: Feria de Abril is Seville’s and one of Spain’s biggest annual parties which occurs two weeks after Easter. The festival offers copious amounts of drink, food, music and dancing. Entertainment includes anything from flamenco dancing to Latin beats to remarkable firework displays, which occur throughout the city.

Visa is not required for European citizens from countries that are part of the Schengen Area. Greece is a member of the Schengen Agreement. Six months of passport validity is recommended. Citizens coming from countries that have not yet joined Schengen Area may require a visa to enter Spain.

Spain Visa and Passport Requirements

Passport required Return ticket required Visa Required
Other EU Yes No No
USA Yes No No
Canadian Yes No No
Australian Yes No No
New Zealander Yes No No
British Yes No No

Visas are the responsibility of each traveller, visa requirements can be changed at any time, so it is important to check the latest information.

We recommend before you travel, to check the current regulations with;
All passengers traveling with Travel Talk must have travel insurance before participating in the tour. Your travel insurance information will be noted by your leader before your tour.

Travel insurance is particularly important as it protects what happens during travel against sudden and unforeseen events that occur during travel.
Spain is an all-year-round vacation destination, spring, summer, autumn. Holidays are all year round in the most beautiful country of the Mediterranean. Summer in Spain continues into autumn: the sea is warm and perfect for swimming, diving and fishing.
Free wi-fi is available in most hotels, many cafes and some restaurants. A number of cities have free wi-fi zones in shopping and eating areas and plazas. WiFi coverage can be limited, especially in remote areas.
If you come from Another European Union Country you may be able to use your phone without any additional roaming charges. You should call your mobile carrier to let them know you will be traveling internationally & check the rates you will be charged. There might be some conditions you should be aware of, so check with your phone provider. If  you come from a country not in the European Union, using your cellphone becomes slightly more complex. You may use your existing phone, but change to a number (SIM card) you buy in Spain.
The currency in Spain is the Euro. A few examples of approximate prices; Eating out prices review

Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and Catalan sausage 9,8 USD = 9 EUR

Pasta 8,7 USD = 8 EUR

A plate of mussels 8,7 USD = 8 EUR

Set for breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast coffee and juice 7,6 USD = 7 EUR

Paella with shrimps 9,8 - 13,1 USD = 9 - 12 EUR

Spaghetti in a cafe in a shopping center 7,6 - 8,2 USD = 7 - 7.50 EUR

In a sandwich restaurant variety of sandwiches, sausages, jamon, cheese course dogs and hamburgers 4,4 - 6,5 USD = 4 - 6 EUR
Tap water in Spain is safe to drink according to international water quality standards. Consider using a reusable water bottle, especially if you're on a longer trip, reduce the use of plastic bottles.
Credit cards are widely accepted in Spain. You will most easily use VISA or MASTERCARD.
ATMs are common in Spain and accept the major card providers.
Airport transfer service isn't available in this country as hotels can easily be accessed with public transportation.
Meeting point is your arrival hotel.You can view your arrival information from the link below. If there is any change in your arrival hotel, we will send you an e-mail with the information before your trip;
There is no pre or post tour accommodation available in Spain.
There are always solo travelers & like-minded passengers on our tours & we always work to provide our passengers a relaxed & sociable environment, allowing them to easily meet people & make friends.
There are always solo travelers on our tours. If you don’t mind being roomed with another single traveler of the same gender, then you do not need to pay the supplement. Single supplement is for travelers who would like to stay in a single room for the duration of their tour. Single
As long as there is availability you can! All you need to do is to send your request to our sales team after you book your tour.
Travel Talk specializes in giving you the best tours from around the world, unfortunately the tours we offer do not include airfare and we do not book or advise on airfare. You will be responsible for booking airfare to meet with the group at the starting city.
Absolutely! Just remember to send your request to our sales team at least 2 weeks prior to departure
The currency in Spain is the Euro.
Good news, there isn’t any luggage restriction on our tours as long as you’re able to carry your own luggage!
Tips are a common reward for service staff in, your tour guide and crew will be especially appreciative and honoured with this kind of traditional gratitude at the end of your tour.
You can join a tour late or miss the info meeting on the first day if you inform our Sales team prior to departure. Please note that it will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to catch the group. For all emergencies, you can contact +44 208 099 7536
Once the tickets are open to sale online we will send you the necessary link & information.

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