6 best cities to visit this summer

The weather is warmer, the days are getting longer which means summer is fast approaching. FINALLY! But now you’ve got a problem, where should you go? There are endless cities you want to visit this summer and tick off that never ending bucket list! You want to make it the best summer ever and don’t worry, we’ve got you! See our 6 favourite cities to escape to this summer:

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, this one is definitely for you! Dubrovnik has been a main filming location for the show over the past 8 seasons. Over the GOT hype? No problems, check out insta-worthy views as you climb the city walls, take a dip in the deep blue Adriatic or sink a beer as the sun goes down.

2. Athens, Greece

Greece has over 200 days of summer a year, so Athens is the perfect spot to explore! Soak up Athens’s ancient history and culture, and visit iconic sites such as Parthenon, Acropolis and Temple of Zeus to name a few. Relaxing on a beach more your thing? The Greek islands are waiting, with ferries departing Athens regularly.

3. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A hidden gem, Bosnia and Herzegovina is often left off travel lists, but not for long! Mostar filled with rich history, and natural beauty makes it the perfect summer stop. Don’t forget to visit the number one attraction, the Stari Most bridge which stretches over the Neretva river. Cause have did you even go to Mostar without seeing it!

4. Fethiye, Turkey

Lying on the Mediterranean coast, Fethiye should be on your radar. Crystal clear waters, vibrant marketplaces, fresh seafood, traditional restaurants and lively bars and clubs, all make Fethiye an epic summer destination.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

If you’ve never visited Lisbon, you’re in for a treat! Ride on a vintage trams, explore the colourful tiled houses and walk the cobble stone streets and enjoy all that Lisbon has to offer! Don’t forget to try a Pastel de Nata or ten!

6. Essaouira, Morocco

The laidback city of Essaouira lies on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. A seaside fishing city, make sure to visit the bustling medina, enjoy freshly cooked seafood or for adrenaline junkies why not give kitesurfing and other water sports a try!

Make it a summer to remember and start booking your holidays! We have tours to Morocco, Turkey, Spain & Portugal, Greece, Croatia and the Balkans so you better start packing and exploring our favourite summer destinations. See more tours here.

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