Camping in Sahara Desert, Morocco: The Essential Guide to the Desert and Mountains

When it comes to visiting Morocco, travellers are seriously spoilt for choice. A trip here could mean anything from surfing North Africa’s best waves, hiking through the mountains, living your best foodie life or exploring cities bursting with colour.

There is A LOT to see and do – but for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, look no further than spending a few nights camping out in Africa’s biggest desert.

Here’s just a few of the reasons you can’t miss out on camping in the Sahara while in Morocco;  

Transport is done differently here

Since the beginning of time, Saharan trade routes have played an important role in Northern Africa’s economy. Goods like copper and salt had to be transported across the vast and sandy region and no vehicle did a better job than the trusty camel! 

While a 4×4 safari is often far more common these days, riding on camel-back through the Sahara is a must-try experience. It’s likely this mode of transport may leave your bum a little sore, but it’ll be well worth it! Picture stumbling upon oasis’s hidden between the rolling dunes and golden sand that travels further than the naked eye can see.

Camel Transportation in Sahara Desert

Camp like a nomad

After an adventurous day trekking by camel-back and 4×4, there’s no better way to unwind than like the nomads do – completely off the grid.

Plus, our sedentary desert campsites mean there’ll be nothing to set up when you arrive. Everything is ready for you to enjoy from hot showers to flushing toilets, comfy beds, outdoor kitchens and shaded areas for chilling out!

Camping in Sahara Desert

Sunsets you’ll never forget

As the sun begins to fall over the desert camp, grab a mate and take a hike up one of the taller sand dunes for the prime sunset spot! Don’t forget to bring your camera because when the sky turns pink, it’ll be nothing short of magical.

Sunsets in Sahara Desert

Eat, Dance and Sing your heart out

Wrap up an epic day of desert-living back at the campsite. Get ready for some delicious Moroccan meals in the communal dining tent – Tagine is always a crowd favourite! 

Then, join the local Berber people around the campfire for traditional music and dance! Around 2.5 million people call the Sahara home, living in either permanent settlements near the water or enjoying a nomadic lifestyle. So, get to know a few of the locals and their stories as you share a dance around the fire.

Camping Fire and star nightwatch in Sahara Desert

If a two-night stay in the Sahara sounds like something you’re up for, take a look at our 8-Day, 10-Day or 15-Day Morocco Tours!

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