Philae Temple

Philae Temple remains one of the major attractions for Egyptian history with its centuries-old fame.

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Philae Temple is a transcendent beauty of the Nile, welcoming visitors on the serene Agilkia Island to the south of Aswan. Once, it was the center of the cult of Isis, Ancient Egypt’s iconic mother goddess. The temple continued to be the worship site of the religion even after Christianity arrived. Much of this spiritual vision constitutes the primary theme for the intriguing hieroglyphic reliefs and pagan imagery. As you take a pupil-dilating tour in the temples, they will abound with their enigmatic charm.

The Nubian temple carries traces from the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine architectures, offering a delightful stroll among its columned hallways and yards. When it became apparent that the site would be flooded after the construction of Aswan High Dam, UNESCO moved the temple complex to its current location along with many other monuments. This united endeavor saved the sacred monument from being lost under the waters of the dam permanently.

Surrounding the main building are several smaller temples, a kiosk, and remnants from the Byzantine era. Among them, Coptic churches and ruins of monasteries strike visitors at once. The entire island transforms into an Egyptian dreamland at night when the reflection of these lit monuments falls on the river. With its elegant style and graceful silhouette on the Nile, the Philae Temple complex is one of the most picturesque sights in Egypt.

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