An intangible tradition, layers of ancient history, and the world’s oldest civilizations—all in Cairo.

Cairo sights

Home to the most mystical sites of the ancient world, the Egyptian capital Cairo is a city of culture and knowledge. Cairo’s known history dates back to the 1st century BC, but the majestic metropolis preserves its enigmatic charm to this day.

A dozen miles off of the legendary Pyramids of Giza lie mazy streets, dazzling bazaars of local antiquity, and the landmarks of Cairo’s religious heritage. As you walk among the picturesque citadels, churches, and mosques, you will find yourself enchanted by the countless layers of ancient civilizations resting beneath the modern city. If imagination is not enough, there is always more to appreciate in Cairo’s versatile history in the museums. There, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman artifacts await the admiration of visitors.

After sunset, dive into the busy markets and buzzing streets of downtown Cairo for a night of raw culture. As described by the locals, ‘the heart of the city’ is a unique spectacle under golden lights. At its center, two grand squares are the stage for countless architectural delights.  Where the modern-day skyscrapers rise above the humble alleyways of Coptic and Islamic districts, Cairo continues to be the crossroads of the old and new.

Places to see in Cairo

Giza Pyramids


Egyptian Museum

Bazaar Khan El-Khalili

Cairo Gallery

Tours visiting Cairo

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Cairo Sights

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