5 Reasons why you’ll love Oktoberfest

A festival about beer? Now that’s something we can definitely get involved in! Munich’s iconic festival, Oktoberfest which attracts 6 million people over 15 days in September and October each year. Drink beer (and lots of it), smell the giant brez’n (pretzel) freshly baking, and join roaring crowds cheering and chanting and you’ll begin to understand the incredible experience that is Oktoberfest.

Not that you need any more reasons to go, here’s our top 5 that will make you want to be part this once in a lifetime Munich Beerfest:

1. It’s all about the Bier

This is not your typical drinking sesh, enjoy a cold maβ (1 litre stein) that is brewed especially for the occasion by local Munich breweries. Put’s our schooners and pints to shame! Not a fan of beer? Don’t stress, order a radler which is half beer and half lemonade.

2. Foodies Heaven

Need some carbs, from all that drinking? Try some traditional Bavarian food, it will leave you drooling! Weisswurst or Bratwurst (sausages), Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle), and Hendl (roast chicken) are amongst the firm favourites. For our veggos try out Spätzle, cheesy potato dumpling similar to mac and cheese!

3. Festival Vibes

Of course the beer plays a major role, but Oktoberfest is more than just that. It’s one big party! Fairground rides, shows, theatres, parades with floats and lederhosen and dirndl clad people walk the streets. Tents are filled with crowds singing and dancing to traditional music. This is what Oktoberfest is all about! Important Tip: Don’t try the fairground rides after a few maβ or bier, or you’ll end up on der Kotzhϋge, also known as Puke Hill and it’s exactly what it sounds like…

4. Dress to Impress

Love a costume party? Dress up in your finest Dirndl and Lederhosen and feel a part of the Bavarian culture. Don’t forget – tie your apron bow on the right side if you have a beau or the left side if you’re single or ready to mingle.

5. A bit of Bavarian tradition 

The three weeks of dirndl twirling and beer consumption are all due to the royal wedding of King Ludwig I and his wife Theresie in 1810. And in true Bavarian tradition, the party continues ‘till this day! If only Prince Harry and Meghan had the same idea…

Ah Oktoberfest – memories that will last a lifetime. From chanting Ein Prost to eating your weight in Bratwurst to the contagious atmosphere and making new friends, Oktoberfest is a festival you’re not going to want to miss!

Now that excitement levels are high, and you are ready to hit up Oktoberfest, Travel Talk has you covered, with our Oktoberfest tours. Prost!



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