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Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and is held annually in Munich, Germany with more than 6 million people from around the globe joining in on the festival each year. The event has been around for over 200 years and was originally started to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. During the event, plenty of beer and traditional Germany food is consumed along with masses of people enjoying the abundance of amusement rides and games. So, don your lederhosen and dirndl, pick up that Stein (or Maß in Bavarian), get ready to sing traditional folk music with the locals and say “Prost!” (cheers) every other second. Oktoberfest is a festival that you need to go to at least once in your lifetime.

Duration: 4 Day
The largest beer festival in the world, it’s no wonder why Oktoberfest draws mi...
Duration: 4 Day
The largest beer festival in the world, it’s no wonder why Oktoberfest draws mi...
Duration: 4 Day
The largest beer festival in the world, it’s no wonder why Oktoberfest draws mi...
Duration: 4 Day
The largest beer festival in the world, it’s no wonder why Oktoberfest draws mi...

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Held since 1810, the largest beer festival of the world, Oktoberfest is the craziest annual activity of Munich! The festivities take place in the Theresienwiese Arena, an easy access space near the city centre, covering 420,000 square meters.

Australian, New Zealand and British citizens do not require a visa to enter Germany. Please contact us if you are a holder of a passport other than what is listed above. Before traveling, we suggest you check the current regulations from the link below; http://www.doyouneedvisa.com/border/Germany
All passengers traveling with Travel Talk must have travel insurance before participating in the tour. Your travel insurance information will be noted by your leader before your tour. Travel insurance is particularly important as it protects what happens during travel against sudden and unforeseen events that occur during travel.
The city's altitude and proximity to the northern edge of the Alps mean that rain is fairly common. Rain storms can come violently and unexpectedly. The range of temperatures between day and night and from summer to winter can be extreme. A warm downwind from the Alps can change the temperatures completely within a few hours, even in the winter. Winters last from December to March and although Munich experiences rather cold winters, heavy rainfall is rare. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -1°C (30°F). Snow cover is seen for at least a couple of weeks during winter. Summers in Munich city are fairly warm with averages of 23°C max (73°F) in the hottest month, July. The summers last from May until September.
Germany has a relatively widespread communication infrastructure and internet use in most areas.
If you come from another European Union Country you may be able to use your phone without any additional roaming charges. You should call your mobile carrier to let them know you will be traveling internationally. Also check the rates you will be charged by your mobile carrier. There might be some conditions you should be aware of, so check with your phone provider. If you come from a country not in the European Union, using your cellphone becomes slightly more complex. You may use your existing phone, but change to a number (SIM card) you buy in Germany.
The German currency is the Euro. A few examples of approximate prices; Cafes and Bars Espresso at a coffee shop 2,2 - 2,9 USD = 2 - 2.7 EUR Cappuccino 3,3 - 3,8 USD = 3 - 3.5 EUR hot chocolate 3,3 USD = 3 EUR piece of cake 3,3 - 5,4 USD = 3 - 5 EUR various pastries 1,3 - 2,2 USD = 1.2 - 2 EUR croissant 1,3 USD = 1.2 EUR Prices for beer and other alcohol Beer at a bar for 0.5L 4,9 - 5,4 USD = 4.5 - 5 EUR Cocktails 6 - 8,7 USD = 5.5 - 8 EUR А glass of wine 0.2l 4,9 - 5,4 USD = 4.5 - 5 EUR cola 0.5l 2,7 USD = 2.5 EUR Beer on tap 1,3 - 2 USD = 1.2 - 1.8 EUR for 0.5l.
Unless otherwise stated, drinking tap water is considered safe in Germany.
Credit cards are widely accepted in Germany. You will most easily use VISA or MASTERCARD,widely accepted.
ATMs in German cities, you can easily find 24-hour ATMs in airports, train stations, and outside banks.
Airport transfer is not available for Oktoberfest tours.
The welcome meeting will be with the group and your tour leader at 7pm in the hostel lobby. You can view your arrival information from the link below. If there is any change in your arrival hotel, we will send you an e-mail with the information before your trip;https://www.traveltalktours.com/oktoberfest-arrival-hotel/
Unfortunately we do not have an extra accommodation service in Munich.
There are always solo travelers & like-minded passengers on our tours & we always work to provide our passengers a relaxed & sociable environment, allowing them to easily meet people & make friends.
You can contact our agents with your request & we will do our best to arrange your room accordingly. For all requests you can contact info@traveltalktours.com or 0208 099 9596.
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The German currency is the Euro. Avoid changing the bulk of your money at the airport as the exchange rates are usually more favourable in the city. Your tour leader will be pleased to help you if you need any assistance.
Good news, there isn’t any luggage restriction on our tours as long as you’re able to carry your own luggage!
Tips are a common reward for service staff in Germany. Your tour guide and crew will be especially appreciative and honored with this kind of traditional gratitude at the end of your tour.
You can join a tour late or miss the info meeting on the first day if you inform our aagents prior to departure. Please note that it will be your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to catch the group. For all emergencies, you can contact +44 208 099 7536
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It is not possible to reserve seats/tables for groups. For this reason we depart early on the first day of the tour to make sure we get tables.

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