Top Beach Destinations in Morocco

Morocco is well known for the heritage sites, Sahara Desert and alluring markets, but did you know that the country boasts idyllic beaches? Morocco’s coastline provides the best of both worlds. If you are itching to catch some rays after a day full of exploring, Morocco has you covered. Find out here some of best beaches in Morocco.  

1. Agadir

Golden strips of sands, the sapphire sea and plenty of down time. Morocco’s southern beach is one of the most popular in Morocco and for good reason. Not only does Agadir offer an ideal beach, but it is also a major city in Morocco. A day of discovery waits for you until you are ready to chill again.

Agadir, Morocco

2. Essaouira

This charming harbour begs for exploration. The city’s medina is full of quaint alleyways and photogenic white architecture with blue window frames. The historic harbour has a bewitching quality; it’s not a surprise that an episode of Game of Thrones was even filmed here. Attached to the harbour you will see boats bobbing on the water surface. A harbour full of boat traffic can only guarantee one thing – excellent seafood cuisine. The beaches consist of smooth sands and the sun beating down almost all year round. The bellows of sea wind is taken to full advantage as a popular destination for windsurfers.

Essaouira, Morocco

3. Tangier

Tangier is located on the Strait of Gibraltar, where Europe and Africa meet. Tangier’s mixed heritage has always been part of the ports unique allure. Tangier’s beaches make fantasy a reality with camel rides across the sand dunes. The mysterious Hercules Caves is just 14km from the west of Tangier on the coast and is a fascinating local legend. The tale tells that Hercules made this cave his abode prior to completing his 11th labour. Just across from the cave is the Dar El Makhzen, otherwise known as the King’s Palace.

Tangier, Morocco

4. Casablanca

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day you will regret not visiting Casablanca. The famous Moroccan city has a romantic blend of Moorish architecture, sultry beaches and commercial allure. Ain Diab Beach, the main beach to visit in the area, is family friendly, clean and spacious. The huge Hasan II mosque towers over the beach and dominates the skyline; we highly recommend giving this iconic mosque a visit. Once the sun sets and the weather cools, Casablanca has plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to enjoy by the beach.

Casablanca, Morocco

5. Rabat

Rabat is Morocco’s capital city and uniquely holds the bustle of city life and the laidback vibes of the beach. The strong wind and currents make the beaches of Rabat ideal for surfers, with Plage des Nations being a key location for beach entertainment.  Once you are done chilling at the beach, Rabat’s stunning medina has plenty to offer. Rabat is also home to the Royal Palace museum, otherwise known as the country’s most important museum.

Rabat, Morocco

6. El Jadida

This port city has Portuguese origins that can be traced in its ancient medina. The old walled fortress hits the harbour and make for exquisite sights. El Jadida is the perfect place to bask under the sun and relax. The area also has plenty of water sports on offer if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. If unwinding is more your thing, the clear waters are generally calm and perfect for swimmers.

El Jadida, Morocco

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