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Visit more sights on your trip than anywhere else. Learn about a fascinating culture while facing its remarkable monuments that stood the test of time. Gain unparalleled insights into the local culture from expert tour leaders who are native to the region. Find below the incredible sights visited on Thailand tours:


Bangkok, Thailand’s famous capital, also known as a large city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. The boat-filled Chao Phraya River feeds it’s network of canals.


Located at the the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai Rivers and lies at the source of the Mae Klong River, and these majestic bodies of water are defining characteristics of the town.

War Cemetery & Museum

Designed by Colin St Clair Oakes and maintained by the Commonwealth Commission. There are 6,982 buried there, mostly Australian, British, and Dutch.

River Kwai

This river used to be the upper section of the Mae Klong River, however, in the 1960s, this river was named the Khwae Yai River, meaning ‘Big River.

River Kwai Bridge

This steel bridge is one of important historical landmarks and memorials in Thailand. It is almost a symbol of the province and is a recommended place in Kanchanaburi.


The city of Ayutthaya itself, however, might have existed before the supposed “foundation” in 1350. Some temples in Ayutthaya have been known to exist before 1350.


Lopburi is a province in the central region of Thailand. The province is divided into 11 administrative districts, and Mueang Lopburi District is the capital.


Phitsanulok has a long history since Khmer era, which is a province that can be called “Muaeng Song Kwae” which means the city of two rivers because there are 2 rivers.


A town founded in the 13th century on the fringe of the Khmer empire. The exact year is unknown, but according to the Fine Arts Office it was between 1238 and 1257.

Chiang Mai

Home to hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples, including the 14th-century Wat Phra Singh and 15th-century Wat Chedi Luang, adorned with carved serpents.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a city in northern Thailand, in the mountainous province of the same name. They city is near the borders of Laos and Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun, perhaps better known to foreigners as the White Temple, is a privately owned art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai Province.

Wat Rong Suea Ten

The Blue Temple is immediately recognizable for its brilliant shade of rich sapphire. The temple walls, roof, and surrounding statues are all covered in this gorgeous hue.

Akha Village

The Akha are an ethnic group who live in small villages at heights in the mountains, they made their way from China into Southeast Asia during the early 20th century.

Elephant EcoValley

That might happen to you, too! Experience elephants up-close while feeding and bathing them, learning about herbal treatments and making their vitamin balls.

Wat Doi Suthep

It’s a Theravada Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai.The temple is often referred to as “Doi Suthep” although this is actually the name of the mountain where it’s located.

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