Akha Village

A visit to Akha Village will renew your bond with nature and the human heritage.

village of akha

In the lofty mountainside villages of Chiang Rai, the people of Akha continue life much as it used to be centuries ago. A hill tribe at heart, the Akha people migrated from China to Southeast Asia in the early 20th century. Chiang Rai’s higher elevations remain a dwelling for an Akha Village tribe ever since. It offers a glimpse into a simpler way of life. Here, the dominant religious atmosphere of Thailand also takes a sharp turn. Akha people base their religious values on ancestral heritage and the cycles of nature. Witnessing their one-of-a-kind rituals will inspire you to make more intimate connections with your roots.

Pass through the intriguing Spirit Gates designed to keep evil spirits away from the village, and begin your stroll among hearty rural scenes. In the Akha Village, tourism is kept at a minimum and strictly regulated by the community leaders to preserve authenticity. As you tour the site, don’t forget to be sensitive about their cultural values. Agriculture is the main source of income, rice being the chief product that also influences spiritual rituals and celebrations. Each year in late August, when the rice planting is over, the Akha people freshen their spiritual offerings with Swing Festival. The festival is the ultimate expression of Akha values, featuring all kinds of ancestral offerings and practices inherent to the culture. Yet, you can experience them any time of the year.

Visit an Akha swing and chat with some colorfully-dressed local farmers on their way to the rice fields. Although a majority of the village doesn’t speak English, they have an enthusiasm for conversation. Local families are more than willing to welcome visitors for a tasting of Akha dishes. Surrounded by their heartwarming smiles, a visit to Akha Village is the most authentic experience in Thailand tours.

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