The Most Colourful Villlage in Egypt

There’s so much to do and see when visiting Egypt. From the bustling cities to the Pyramids, ancient Temples and Red Sea, this country has it all! But if visiting the unique and colourful villages in Egypt tickles your fancy, we know just the spot.

Here’s our guide to visiting a Nubian Village;

Experience the Nubian way of life

Following a short sail down the Nile River from the city of Aswan, prepare to be welcomed by some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! The people of Nubia stand amongst the earliest cradle of civilisation, from Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan.

Residing on the river bank, Nubians build their homes out of clay to keep cool in the scorching summer months. The homes, alleyways, staircases, doors and every other inch of clay is painted in a spectrum of colour. In fact, the villagers take pride in painting their homes in colours and patterns that reflect their vibrant personalities.

Wander the colourful Nubian villages

From beautiful souvenirs, to local spices and great food – There’s plenty to see as you wander through the villages. While exploring the markets, don’t be surprised if you’re befriended by a local kid eager to join in on all the fun.

You may even spot a local craftsman hard at work, weaving intricate patterns from Egyptian cotton. If you ask politely and show interest they might even let you take a turn at perfecting the art yourself!

Eat like a local

The colourful villages are not the only thing Nubians are well known for. Nubian cuisine is popular throughout all of Egypt. If you’re planning to tour Egypt with Travel Talk, get set to immerse yourself in the local cuisine with an optional Nubian Dinner on the Nile River! Click here to learn more about 6 tasty dishes you HAVE to try.

Interested in visiting the most colourful village while travelling with us? Our local guides are always happy to help organise an optional excursion here on your next adventure down the Nile River.

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