Every moment spent in the sensuous streets of Marrakech is a waking dream.

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Brimming with centuries-old souqs and a medley of African, European, and Middle Eastern tastes, Marrakech is a city where reality blends into fantasy. As you pace the labyrinthine streets, you will witness a rush reminiscent of the trading bustle of old times. Back in the 16th century, the city was marked as a commercial hub. It remains an economic center of Morocco, but cultural authenticity is what makes the imperial city so appealing to the world. Under the hazy, embracing silhouette of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech thrives with its storytellers, snake charmers, and artisans. Curious travelers yearning for an exotic performance remains a driving force behind its popularity.

Marrakech’s contemporary charm goes way back to its Berber inhabitants. And today, the unique culture of this ethnic group radiates through the city, centering upon the medina quarter. The quarter is a UNESCO site and hosts most of the city’s major attractions. Huddled up in graceful chaos, palaces, tombs, mosques, and several small architectural delights offer visitors a journey through time. In the souqs, various local products, from Berber carpets to aromatic herbs, create a feast for the senses.

At night, head to the bustling square Djemaa El Fna, where the spirit of Marrakech manifests itself in all its vigor. It is one of the best spots to try some eccentric appetizers in the food stalls, as musicians and dancers roam around performing their impressive stunts. If you feel like getting away from the crowds, rooftop cafes surrounding the square offer a blissful time. Whichever you choose, prepare to be wrapped up in an enchanting daydream in Marrakech’s wild atmosphere.

Places to see in Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque

Bahia Palace

Djemaa el-Fna Square

Marrakech Gallery

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