Best Time To Visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan is spring and fall when nature is in transition, offering breathtaking views of cherry blossoms or changing leaves across the country. The warm temperatures and dry weather make touring the vast gardens and buzzing markets in the cities comfortable. However, Japan has a diverse land that offers memorable activities every season, making it a popular destination all year round. 

June to August, Japan hosts its largest crowds, which means that the major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto are vibrant and joyous. Colorful festivals take place across the country in these months. The blooming land in the countryside offers fascinating views as you travel through the old towns and national parks. 

Winter is a quiet season in Japan, except for the ski regions in the north. The snow-covered lands are ideal for spending some leisure time in the resorts and enjoying the iconic onsens. Temperatures are relatively low from December to February, which might be a perfect opportunity for Japan tours if you wish to avoid the heat and humidity. 

Monthly Travel Guide For Japan

Travelling in Japan between December and February

Winters in Japan are cool and dry, with an average temperature of 10°C in the major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Snowfall occurs in the northern regions, painting the landscape into powdery white.

The winter months are perfect for enjoying the famous spas and hot springs in Takayama. The skies are as clear as it gets from December to February, offering breathtaking views across the diverse Japanese land. Winter offers the best time to visit Japan in terms of sightseeing.

Many attractions are quiet and peaceful at this time of year, and the crowds tend to increase in the ski regions around February. Packing up for colder weather is recommended if you are traveling to higher altitudes.

best time to visit japan
Itsukushima Shrine

Travelling in Japan in March

Temperatures rise to the mid-10s in March, and the trees start to bloom. It is the least busy month of spring and summer, so it might be the best time to visit Japan if you wish to avoid the crowds entirely. 

visit Tokyo
Marunouchi Square

Travelling in Japan in April

April is the season for cherry blossoms, afternoon picnics in the parks, and spectacular sunset in the Japanese countryside. Locals celebrate the awakening of nature across the country, and since most travelers think it is the best time to visit Japan, the outdoors gets crowded. 

The weather is pleasant and mild in April. Nights can get chilly, but the rains don’t begin until late May, so the vast countryside of Japan is perfect for visiting on sunny days. Takayama hosts a series of festivals and parades in April, offering a cheerful atmosphere for travelers. 

best time to visit Japan
Koriyama Castle Ruins

Travelling in Japan in May

May is one of the best months to visit Japan, with dry and warm weather and spectacular vegetation. Mt. Fuji is a must-see attraction around this time. Cherry blossoms are still adorning the trees as spring celebrations continue with the Golden Week in the first week of May. The gardens and parks get crowded in the cities, while the countryside offers a more quiet time. 

best time to visit japan
Mt. Fuji

Travelling in Japan between June and August

Summer is one of the best seasons for trips to Japan. In June, the hot and humid weather arrives, while rain showers begin in most of the country. Temperatures may climb above 30°C in southern cities like Osaka. The land turns even more fertile around this time, making the iconic Japanese gardens the most beautiful sites to visit throughout summer. 

The rainy season comes to an end in mid-July. The long and warm days mean comfortable hours of sightseeing. It is the best time to visit Japan for visiting the famous spiritual sites and enjoying walking tours in the bustling cities. 

The major cities, especially Kyoto, host vibrant festivals from June to August. Packing up for occasional rains and humid weather is advisable if you are traveling to Japan in the summer.

visit Japan
Chidorigafuchi Moat

Travelling in Japan between September and November

September can be rainy in most parts of Japan, but the skies clear up in October, giving way to the most breathtaking sunset views. Another iconic scenery takes place in Japan in fall when the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and orange. It is one of the most popular times for Japan tours.  

The summer crowds are gone in early September, leaving the country in a quiet and cozy atmosphere for the rest of the fall season. The weather is fresh, and temperatures are in late fall. It can be an ideal time to enjoy the markets and streets of Japan. November is the prime time for trips to Japan’s old towns and natural wonders in the countryside. 

visit Hakone
Hakone Shrine

Japan Climate & Weather Guide

Tokyo 10°C 10°C 13°C 18°C 23°C 26°C 30°C 32°C 27°C 21°C 17°C 12°C
Hakone 7°C 8°C 11°C 16°C 20°C 23°C 27°C 28°C 24°C 19°C 15°C 10°C
Takayama 0°C 1°C 6°C 14°C 119°C 22°C 26°C 28°C 23°C 16°C 10°C 4°C
Kyoto 5°C 6°C 9°C 17°C 22°C 25°C 29°C 31°C 25°C 19°C 14°C 8°C
Hiroshima  9°C 10°C 14°C 19°C 24°C 27°C 31°C 33°C 29°C 23°C 17°C 12°C
Osaka 9°C 10°C 13°C 19°C 24°C 28°C 32°C 33°C 29°C 23°C 17°C 12°C
Miyajima Island 7°C 8°C 11°C 17°C 21°C 25°C 29°C 30°C 26°C 21°C 15°C 10°C
Tokyo 50°F 51°F 56°F 66°F 73°F 78°F 85°F 88°F 81°F 71°F 62°F 54°F
Hakone 49°F 51°F 57°F 67°F 75°F 81°F 88°F 91°F 84°F 74°F 63°F 54°F
Takayama 35°F 37°F 46°F 60°F 69°F 75°F 82°F 84°F 75°F 64°F 53°F 41°F
Kyoto 46°F 48°F 53°F 66°F 73°F 80°F 87°F 89°F 82°F 71°F 60°F 51°F
Hiroshima  49°F 51°F 57°F 67°F 75°F 81°F 88°F 91°F 84°F 74°F 63°F 51°F
Osaka 49°F 50°F 56°F 67°F 76°F 82°F 89°F 92°F 84°F 73°F 63°F 54°F
Miyajima Island 44°F 46°F 51°F 62°F 70°F 77°F 85°F 86°F 79°F 69°F 59°F 50°F
Tokyo 50 mm 70 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 170 mm 130 mm 140 mm 210 mm 190 mm 90 mm 50 mm
Hakone 96 mm 34 mm 32 mm 35 mm 57 mm 97 mm 88 mm 103 mm 301 mm 528 mm 367 mm 210 mm
Takayama 36 mm 46 mm 71 mm 86 mm 93 mm 146 mm 132 mm 105 mm 152 mm 105 mm 53 mm 35mm
Kyoto 56 mm 67 mm 109 mm 149 mm 145 mm 233 mm 203 mm 147 mm 201 mm 127 mm 80 mm 54 mm
Hiroshima  40 mm 60 mm 100 mm 160 mm 150 mm 250 mm 230 mm 100 mm 190 mm 100 mm 60 mm 40 mm
Osaka 40 mm 50 mm 90 mm 130 mm 120 mm 200 mm 160 mm 100 mm 170 mm 120 mm 70 mm 40 mm
Miyajima Island 60 mm 74 mm 119 mm 171 mm 165 mm 282 mm 261 mm 140 mm 187 mm 106 mm 76 mm 47mm
Tokyo 4 5 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Hakone 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Takayama 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Kyoto 9 7 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4
Hiroshima  7 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4
Osaka 12 9 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7
Miyajima Island 5 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Tokyo 11 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 11 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h
Hakone 12 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 11 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 11 km/h
Takayama 12 km/h 12km/h 12 km/h 13 km/h 12 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 11 km/h
Kyoto 12 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 12 km/h 11 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 11km/h
Hiroshima  11 km/h 11km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 10km/h
Osaka 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 9 km/h 9 km/h 9 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 9 km/h
Miyajima Island 11 km/h 11 km/h 10 km/h 10 km/h 9 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 8 km/h 9 km/h 10 km/h 11 km/h

When to visit Japan

Visit Tokyo and Kyoto in Summer

Summer offers the best time to visit Japan for its bustling city life and cultural events. Although most of the land experiences rainfall from June to mid-July, the wet weather gives way to a green and blooming landscape in the gardens of Kyoto and Osaka. The days are long and sunny around this time, which will allow you to explore the cities with walking tours, enjoy some leisure time in the parks, and shop for local products in the hopping Japanese markets.

It is also a great time to take train rides to the natural sites surrounding the cities, such as Hakone, where you will experience the best of the blooming countryside. If you are traveling to Kyoto in July, there is a high chance that you will find yourself in the lively parades on the streets throughout the month. Tokyo also has an intriguing portfolio of art and music festivals, not to mention the local bars where you can find all sorts of entertainment that are perfect from June to August.


Trips to Japan in Spring and Fall

Traveling to Japan has a lot to offer in spring and fall when outdoor activities are enjoyable in the cities and the vast countryside. From late March, the iconic cherry blossoms cover the zen gardens and city parks, turning the outdoors into a natural paradise. It is the best time to visit Japan since locals take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy the great outdoors. You will have a chance to witness the local culture at its best. 

The fall season offers an equally pleasant time, only less busy due to the end of the holiday season. One of the highlight activities from September to December is traveling through the sacred lands of Mount Koya to visit the age-old temples and monasteries. The red and orange shades covering the country create a cozy atmosphere, making zen gardens and Buddhist rituals even more tranquil at this time of year. If you wish to add some cultural knowledge to your vacation, Hiroshima is perfect for visiting in the mild temperatures of spring and fall. Our Ultimate Japan trip offers a stop at the highlight attractions in Japan and the opportunity to witness the picturesque countryside in these seasons. 


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