Best Time To Go To Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest starts in the second last week in September and ends on the first Sunday in October, lasting three weekends. The best time to go to Oktoberfest depends on what kind of experience you wish to have in the largest beer festival in the world. 

In terms of the climate, late September to early October is the fall season in Munich, when the weather is mostly unpredictable. You can enjoy your beverage in the sunlight and find yourself trying to squeeze under a tent to avoid the rain the next minute. Whether it is dark clouds or sunshine, Oktoberfest is a joyous occasion, and every weekend has its unique atmosphere.

Oktoberfest hosts thousands of local and foreign visitors every year, especially on the weekends. Weekdays in the first two weeks are somewhat less busy than the packed weekends and the last week. But if you wish to experience the festival at its most vibrant time, you should go on the weekends. 

The closing week coincides with the national holiday on October 3rd, which means that most of the Bavarian residents rush to the beer halls. If you don’t mind the long lines and bustling crowds, you may find the closing weekend to be as fun as it gets, but Oktoberfest tours in the first two weekends offer the opportunity to explore the main beer tents and the many delightful dishes they offer.

When to go to Oktoberfest

The Opening Weekend

The first weekend hosts memorable moments, such as when the mayor taps the keg and lets the first beers flow. The ceremony takes place at 8 am, so make sure you have your alarm set if you want to experience this signature moment. 

Arriving at the site early on the weekends will give you an advantage, but don’t worry, as there will be plenty of time to land on a table to be served your first beer. Finding tables turns into a difficult task as nightfall approaches. 

The opening weekends are usually one of the busiest times in the festival. It is the best time to go to Oktoberfest for the most memorable experience. 

The Middle Weekend (Italian Weekend) 

The middle weekend is called the Italian Weekend. It hosts thousands of students coming from the surrounding countries such as Italy, France, and England. It is also the perfect time for Oktoberfest tours, and the beer halls may be busy around this time. The most popular tents in the Oktoberfest area are buzzing with day drinkers and music even in the early morning. 

The Italian weekend is a wonderful weekend to try the famous Bavarian dishes and enjoy the social life under the massive tents. If you get stuck in the lines, the bustling city center of Munich is only a couple of minutes away, where you can enjoy the mild weather touring the city. 

In the opening and middle weekends, arriving at the beer halls around 10 am or after lunchtime increases your chances of finding a free table.

The Closing Weekend

The last weekend aligns with the German Reunification Day when crowds reach excessive levels as Germans from all around the country come to the Oktoberfest to celebrate the national holiday. 

Although it offers an opportunity to get to know the local culture, the closing weekend may not be the best time for Oktoberfest trips if you want to enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Oktoberfest Trips 

There is little difference between the first and second weekends if all you can think of is cold beer and leisure time in the world’s most iconic festival. The first weekend is the best time to go to the Oktoberfest to witness the opening ceremony and enjoy a less busy time in the mornings. The middle weekend has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity and fun times. 

Our Oktoberfest Opening Week-Dorm and Oktoberfest Middle Week Twin Share trips offer the ultimate experience in the iconic German festival. Depending on which weekend you wish to arrive and the accommodation, choose your trip and immerse yourself in a weekend of Bavarian beer and endless entertainment. 

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