Best Destinations to Visit in Central & Eastern Europe Summer 2024

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Are you choosing cultural immersion over beach vacation in the summer of 2024? We have gathered the best European summer destinations for you to choose from!

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As the summer of 2024 approaches, travelers seeking enchanting landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture are turning their attention to Central and Eastern Europe. From the majestic castles of Czechia to the sun-kissed beaches of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, the best destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe offer an array of captivating destinations waiting to be explored. Whether you’re drawn to the medieval charm of Prague, the bohemian atmosphere of Budapest, or the coastal splendor of Dubrovnik, Central and Eastern Europe beckons with a tapestry of experiences that promise to make summer 2024 unforgettable.

We gathered all the amazing destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe for you to choose from.

10 Best Destinations to Visit in Central & Eastern Europe – from Berlin to Bucharest

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1. Prague

Visiting Prague in the summer promises a magical experience as the city comes alive with festivals, outdoor concerts, and vibrant street life. With its stunning architecture, rich history, and lively atmosphere, Prague captivates visitors with its charm and beauty.

One of the highlights of visiting Prague in the summer is exploring its iconic landmarks under the warm sun. Wander through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town, marvel at the majestic Prague Castle overlooking the Vltava River, and cross the historic Charles Bridge adorned with Baroque statues. The city’s medieval architecture, with its Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces, and Art Nouveau facades, provides a picturesque backdrop for exploration and photography.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Prague’s parks and gardens provide tranquil retreats from the bustling city streets:

  • Relax in the lush gardens of Prague Castle,
  • enjoy panoramic views from Petřín Hill,
  • or take a leisurely stroll along the Vltava River promenade.

2. Munich

visit munich in summer 2024

As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is one of the best destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe. The city exudes charm with its rich history, stunning architecture, and welcoming atmosphere.

One of the highlights of a summer visit to Munich is exploring its iconic landmarks and historic sites. Begin your journey in Marienplatz, the heart of the city, where you can admire the ornate façade of the New Town Hall and watch the famous Glockenspiel chime. Munich’s lush parks and gardens offer respite from the summer heat and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. Spend a leisurely afternoon picnicking in the English Garden, one of the largest urban parks in the world.

In the summer months, Munich hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals that celebrate Bavarian traditions and contemporary arts. Don’t miss the Tollwood Summer Festival, a multicultural extravaganza featuring live music, theater performances, art installations, and a bustling market.

Beer enthusiasts will delight in the Munich Beer Festival, where you can sample traditional Bavarian brews.

3. Vienna

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One of the highlights of visiting Vienna in the summer is exploring its magnificent palaces and historic landmarks. Start your journey with a visit to the opulent Schönbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs, where you can stroll through the lavish gardens and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Vienna boasts a vibrant cultural scene with a plethora of events and festivals taking place in the summer months. From classical concerts in the historic Musikverein to open-air film screenings in city parks, there’s no shortage of entertainment options for visitors to enjoy.

Be sure to check out the Vienna Festival, which showcases world-class performances in music, theater, and dance throughout the summer.

As the sun sets, Vienna’s vibrant culinary scene comes alive with an array of traditional Viennese cafes, cozy wine taverns, and chic rooftop bars. Indulge in delicious pastries at a classic Kaffeehaus.

4. Berlin

visit berlin in summer 2024

One of the highlights of visiting Berlin in the summer is exploring its rich history and iconic landmarks. Begin your journey with a visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial, where you can learn about the city’s divided past and see remnants of the historic barrier that once separated East and West Berlin. Then, explore the majestic Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of German unity, and wander through the historic streets of the charming Nikolaiviertel district.

Be sure to visit Museum Island, home to several world-class museums, including the Pergamon Museum and the Altes Museum, where you can admire ancient artifacts and masterpieces of European art.

During the summer months, Berlin comes alive as one of the best destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe. Don’t miss the popular Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures), a multicultural street festival celebrating Berlin’s diverse communities with music, dance, and culinary delights from around the world.

Take a leisurely bike ride along the Spree River, relax in the sprawling Tiergarten park, or cool off with a swim in one of the city’s refreshing lakes.

5. Budapest

visit budapest in summer 2024

Visiting Budapest in the summer is a delightful experience that combines rich history, stunning architecture, and a lively atmosphere. As Hungary’s vibrant capital, Budapest offers a myriad of attractions and activities for travelers to enjoy against the backdrop of warm weather and long sunny days.

tart your journey with a visit to Buda Castle, perched atop Castle Hill, where you can admire panoramic views of the city and explore the castle complex, including the Royal Palace and Matthias Church. Then, cross the picturesque Chain Bridge to Pest and stroll along the elegant Andrassy Avenue, lined with beautiful buildings and boutiques.

Budapest is known for its relaxing thermal baths, which are perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating after a day of sightseeing. Soaking in the healing waters of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is a perfect way to make the best out of your free time in the city.

Don’t miss the Budapest Summer Festival, which showcases a diverse range of performances, including classical music, opera, theater, and dance, in iconic venues such as the Budapest Opera House and Margaret Island.

6. Cluj Napoca

visit clujnapca in summer 2024

Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca beckons travelers with its captivating blend of history, culture, and vibrant atmosphere. As Romania’s second-largest city, Cluj-Napoca offers a unique summer getaway filled with intriguing attractions and unforgettable experiences.

Take a leisurely stroll through Union Square (Piața Unirii), the city’s central square, adorned with the majestic St. Michael’s Church and the impressive Matthias Corvinus Statue. Pause to admire the intricate architecture of the Banffy Palace, now home to the National Museum of Art, and delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Escape the summer heat by venturing into the nearby Apuseni Mountains, where pristine nature and outdoor adventures await.

Join locals and fellow travelers in enjoying a refreshing drink on a lively terrace or dance the night away to the beats of local DJs in underground clubs.

7. Bucharest

visit bucharest in summer 2024

One of the best ways to experience Bucharest in the summer is by exploring its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. Start your day with a leisurely stroll through Herăstrău Park, the city’s largest green oasis, where you can rent a boat and paddle around the serene Herastrau Lake or simply relax in the shade of towering trees. Then, head to Cișmigiu Gardens, a picturesque park in the heart of the city.

During the summer months, Bucharest comes alive with a vibrant array of festivals, events, and outdoor concerts. Don’t miss the George Enescu International Festival, a prestigious classical music event held every two years, or the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, which showcases talented musicians from around the world.

For a taste of Romanian culture, attend the Folk Art Fair or the Bucharest Music Film Festival, where you can enjoy live performances, traditional crafts, and delicious Romanian cuisine. These some some of the popular ways to experience the best destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe.

8. Bratislava

Bratislava, the charming capital of Slovakia, beckons visitors with its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque setting along the Danube River. In the summer months, the city comes alive with outdoor activities, cultural events, and lively street festivals, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

One of the best ways to experience Bratislava in the summer is by exploring its historic Old Town, where narrow cobblestone streets lead to medieval buildings, grand palaces, and charming squares. For a taste of Bratislava’s artistic side, head to the city’s many galleries and museums, where you can discover the works of Slovak artists and learn about the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Be sure to check out the Coronation Celebrations, a series of events commemorating the city’s history as the coronation site of Hungarian kings.

9. Salzburg

visit salzburg in 2024

Nestled amidst the majestic Alps and traversed by the Salzach River, Salzburg offers a picturesque backdrop for exploration and discovery.

As the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting for “The Sound of Music,” Salzburg is synonymous with classical music and opera. Attend a performance at the renowned Salzburg Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious classical music events.

During the summer months, Salzburg’s lush parks and gardens offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Take a leisurely stroll through the Mirabell Gardens, where manicured hedges, flowerbeds, and fountains create a serene atmosphere, or hike up to the nearby Untersberg mountain for panoramic views of the city and the surrounding Alps.

10. Plovdiv

visit plovdiv in summer 2024

Plovdiv, one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking a unique summer destination. Situated in the heart of Bulgaria’s Thracian Valley, Plovdiv boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that promises an unforgettable experience.

Wander through the colorful Kapana district, known for its vibrant arts scene and eclectic mix of galleries, cafes, and boutiques. Marvel at the ancient Roman Theater, one of the best-preserved theaters in the world, and climb to the top of Nebet Tepe, an ancient hilltop fortress offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Take a hike through the scenic Rhodope Mountains, where lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and hidden caves await, or cycle along the picturesque banks of the Maritsa River.

Where to See the Best Views in Central & Eastern Europe

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Olympiapark, Munich: For panoramic views of the city, head to Olympiapark, where you can climb to the top of the Olympic Tower and enjoy breathtaking vistas of Munich and the surrounding Bavarian countryside.

Berlin TV Tower, Berlin: Ascend to the tower’s observation deck, situated over 200 meters above ground, and be greeted by unparalleled views of the city’s ever-evolving skyline.

Fisherman’s Bastion, Budapest: As the sun sets over the city, the golden hues cast a magical glow over Budapest’s iconic landmarks, creating a scene of unparalleled beauty, all of which you can enjoy from the high vantage point of Fisherman’s Bastion.

Bratislava Castle, Bratislava: From this historic vantage point, gaze out across the winding curves of the Danube River as it winds its way through the city, and admire the architectural splendor of Bratislava’s Old Town below.

Nearby Gems: Head South to the Balkans

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Going on a tour through Central & Eastern Europe and the Balkans in the summer of 2024 promises an unforgettable journey through a region steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. From the vibrant streets of Prague to the sun-soaked shores of Croatia, each destination offers its own unique charm and allure, waiting to be discovered by intrepid travelers.


Continuing your journey from Central Europe through the Balkans, you’ll discover the breathtaking beauty of Croatia’s Adriatic Coast. Explore the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, stroll along the historic city walls, and bask in the sun on the idyllic beaches of Hvar and Korčula islands. Cruise along the picturesque Dalmatian Coast, stopping to swim in crystal-clear waters and explore charming coastal towns along the way.

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Bosnia, Serbia, and Bulgaria

As your tour winds through the Balkans, you’ll have the opportunity to explore historic cities such as Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Sofia, each offering its own blend of cultural heritage and modern vibrancy. From the Ottoman-era mosques and bazaars of Sarajevo to the bustling nightlife of Belgrade, the Balkans captivate visitors with their diversity and charm.

Whether you’re exploring medieval castles, sampling local cuisine, or relaxing on sun-drenched beaches, a tour through Central & Eastern Europe and the Balkans promises a summer adventure filled with unforgettable memories.

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FAQs About the Best Destinations in Central & Eastern Europe

Which is the best European country to visit in summer?

Countries like Italy, with its rich history, stunning coastlines, and delicious cuisine, or Greece, known for its ancient ruins, idyllic islands, and crystal-clear waters, are perennial favorites. Spain offers vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and lively festivals, while Croatia boasts picturesque coastlines, historic cities, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Portugal, with its charming streets, delicious cuisine, and stunning beaches, is also a top choice for summer travelers.

What is the best month to visit Central Europe?

Generally, the summer months from June to August are popular for travelers due to the warm weather and longer daylight hours, making it ideal for exploring outdoor attractions and enjoying cultural festivals. However, spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) also offer pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and the chance to witness beautiful foliage or blooming flowers. These are the most ideal times for best destinations to visit in Central & Eastern Europe.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Europe?

The cheapest month to travel to Europe varies depending on several factors, including your departure location, destination within Europe, and specific travel dates. Generally, the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) tend to offer lower prices on flights and accommodations compared to peak summer months.

What is the prettiest part of Europe?

Europe is a continent brimming with picturesque landscapes and charming destinations, making it challenging to pinpoint the prettiest part definitively. However, certain regions stand out for their stunning beauty and unique allure. The Swiss Alps captivate with their majestic mountains and pristine lakes, while the Amalfi Coast in Italy enchants visitors with its dramatic cliffs and azure waters.

Should I travel to Europe in August?

Whether you should travel to Europe in August depends on various factors, including your preferences, budget, and travel goals. August is a popular time to visit Europe due to the warm weather, longer daylight hours, and the availability of outdoor activities and cultural events. However, it’s also one of the busiest months for tourism, especially in popular destinations, which means larger crowds, higher prices for accommodations and attractions, and potentially longer wait times at popular sites.

Where do most tourists go in summer?

During the summer months, tourists flock to a variety of destinations around the world, seeking warm weather, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences. In Europe, popular summer destinations include cities such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Amsterdam, known for their iconic landmarks, rich history, and vibrant culture. Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and Croatia also attract large numbers of tourists.

What is the cheapest country in Central Europe?

Some countries in Central Europe are generally considered to be more budget-friendly destinations than others.
One such example is Hungary. Its capital, Budapest, is often cited as one of Europe’s most affordable cities for travelers, offering reasonably priced accommodations, dining options, and attractions. Prague in the Czech Republic is known for being relatively affordable compared to Western European counterparts while still offering rich cultural experiences and historical sites.

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