5 Travel Tips For The Festive Season

The festive season is finally here with the count down ‘til Christmas in full swing. It’s the time of year, especially when living in the northern hemisphere where it’s okay to wear debatable Christmas jumpers, to attempt your luck at ice skating, to sing carols at the top of your lungs and to drink copious amounts of alcohol because you’re so popular with all the Christmas shindigs you’re invited to, and must attend. It’s also a time of year when you can take a break and go experience an end-of-year adventure and see some magical place. It is however, a super expensive, stressful and busy time of year and a high season to travel. But don’t fret, we have some travel tips to help you avoid certain situations, so you can be fully prepared.

Here are 5 travel tips for the festive season:

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1. Do your research

Often, you’re bound to get a good travel deal over the festive period. Whether you get the early bird deals or the last-minute deals, you’ll be surprised and stoaked with the price you can get a holiday or tour for. Make sure you’re following your favourite tour companies so that you can be the first to know about their latest deals and offers, so you don’t miss out. There’s nothing worse than wanting to go away however, the prices get too high, and then you’re left feeling guttered. But don’t worry! Currently, Travel Talk have some solid last minutes deals to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia and Morocco.

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2. Be prepared

Before you leave for your trip make sure you are all organised and prepared, which will take your stress levels down. This means checking in online, so you don’t have to do it when you get to the airport and checking your flight status ahead of time, so you can see if your flight is on time, delayed or even cancelled. You should also double check you have your passport with you, necessary visas and make sure you have purchased travel insurance, because around the festive season things do, and can happen which are generally out of your control.

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3. Leave early

During the festive season there is often some form of delay such as; traffic jams, public transport interruptions or long security lines, that will most certainly add time on to your trip. With this, you should leave your house extra early to avoid missing your flight and getting all stressed out. Even if you get to the airport early, you’ll get through security easily, can chill and not worry about the chaos around you. This is better than not getting on your flight at all.

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4. Wear bulky items

If you want to avoid paying for excess baggage, check-in baggage or over-weight baggage, the best thing to do would be to wear those heavy jumpers and other bulky items such as jackets on the plane to save you space in your bag. Try and stick to taking just a carry-on bag so you can skip baggage check-in, which saves you time and pressure. If you do stick to take a carry-on bag, make sure you keep to the hand baggage limits as they’re often firmly imposed during peak times and on full flights.

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5. Avoid peak travel dates

It always seems that everyone wants to travel on the same day around the Christmas period making airports extremely busy, and at times unbearable. With everyone attempting to get to their desired destination just before Christmas day, it would be worthwhile for you if you could be more flexible with dates, departure and/or arrival airport. Taking an extra day off to travel at a time that’s not in a peak period or flying into a nearby city as opposed to a major city could save you the strain, delays and money of travelling on peak travel dates.

For all you last minute travellers, we have an array of last minute deals for the festive season that may be right up your alley! They include tours to Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Russia and Jordan.

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