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Wat Phnom sits majestically at the confluence of four rivers as a sheer representative of Phnom Penh’s legendary history. It is the classic example of a Buddhist mountain pagoda, soaring 46 meters from the ground on the only hill in the city. Travelers flock to see the sublime marble-white stupa and the spectacularly ornate interior famous for its story-laden murals.

As the legend goes, a wealthy woman named Doun Penh once found four Buddha statues hidden inside a Koki three in the river. For the sacred duty of sheltering the statues, she assigned the villagers to build a temple on the riverside hill. Since then, the site has served as a hermitage for monks and worshippers from around the country. Around it, Cambodia’s sumptuous capital grew. The interior of Wat Phnom hosts the main altar and several depictions of Buddha’s years before his enlightenment. The main staircase leading to the pagoda is equally fascinating. While on the southwest corner, the smiling statue of Doun Penh awaits the gratitude of visitors.

The shrines of Wat Phnom are a sophisticated blend of different philosophical and religious traditions, from Hindu to Confucian. Intricate drawings of Confucius are found in the shrine of Preah Chau. Head out to the arts and crafts center for a glimpse into the local handicrafts, but keep an eye for the insistent vendors and beggars on your way. Phnom Penh’s star attraction is full of fresh vitality beyond spiritual amplitude.

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