Vaccination Policy Update

Vaccination Policy

The wellbeing and safety of our passengers, staff and communities visited have always been our utmost priority. While we adjust to this new world, we are committed to ensuring your peace of mind with enhanced health & safety standards and practices on our tours.

A core principle of Travel Talk is to provide safe travels for everyone engaging with our tours, and to minimise as much as we can, the risk of anyone travelling with, catching, or passing on Covid-19. It is our responsibility to strive for the safest way of travelling to ensure we safeguard our travellers and the communities we touch, especially vulnerable populations with lower vaccination rates.  

Furthermore, it is often required by local venues that visitors provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test within 48 hours to visit museums, touristic sites and restaurants in the countries we travel to. In order to allow travellers to have the best and the safest experience, and to avoid frequent testing – which can be quite costly for travellers, we have implemented this travel vaccination policy.

With these in mind, we have updated our vaccination policy to require all travellers joining any Travel Talk tour departing as of 1 October 2021, to be fully vaccinated. Accordingly, any traveller partaking on our tours should receive their second vaccine dose at least 14 days prior to the start date of their trip. Every traveller must provide a proof of vaccination or medical exemption to the Travel Talk tour guide before joining a tour. As we continue to monitor the global and local requirements for travel, we will strive to make travelling safer for everyone involved and update this policy accordingly:

  • Every traveller must be fully vaccinated to join any of our tours departing after 1 October 2021.
  • Travellers must provide a proof of vaccination or medical exemption to the Travel Talk tour guide before joining the tour, showing they have received their second dose at least 14 days before the start of their trip. Such proof, either printed or digital, must display the traveller’s full name as shown on their travel document.
  • In case you are not fully vaccinated or unable to get vaccinated in time, our team will work with you to arrange an alternative travel date that is suitable. Any traveller in violation of this policy will be subject to rejection from the tour with no refund.

If you find any information we provide to be unclear, insufficient or incorrect, we kindly ask you to bring it to our attention – [email protected]. We will review it immediately.

Last Update on 22.11.2021

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