Travel Tales

19 Jan

Egypt & Jordan Discovered By Nile Cruise

Discover the amazing wonders of ancient Egypt while riding a classy 5-star Nile Cruiser along the coast. This ancient culture is astonishing to any traveler with its incredible structures and methods. As you wind up Egypt, breath-taking sites of Jordan, Wadi Rum, Petra and more will be awaiting. Before you make your way back to Cairo, a final stop at the Dead Sea, Dahab.

19 Jan

Egypt & Jordan Discovered By Felucca

Prepare to witness one of the greatest cultures of the ancient world and its wonders. As you sail your felucca down the Nile there will be many more wonders to follow the beautiful Giza pyramids. Enjoy the stroll and make your way to Jordan. A fresh start but to a familiar culture. The amazing Petra awaits you before you jump in the Dead Sea.

19 Jan

Egypt & Jordan Discovered By Land

Journey through Egypt and Jordan that encompasses some of the most astounding sites from the old world.
On this one of the amazing Egypt and Jordan tours of Travel Talk,  you will discover two of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world and one of the oldest cultures in history. Marvel at the diversity the landscapes have to offer when you visit both countries then take some time to relax in the cool waters of Dahab.

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