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04 Jul

Felucca Sailtrek Small Group

Travelling with a group of no more than 12 people, our new Small Group trips provide you with more space for your comfort and pleasure. Take a step back in time and sail the Rivers of the Nile like a true Nubian! Tag along your expert Egyptologist guide on a journey through the most incredible sights and experience the uniqueness of Egypt. Soak up one of the oldest civilizations in the world and discover the hidden Hieroglyphs in the temples scattered around the Nile. See where the past kings lie at the Valley of the Kings and kiss the Sphinx on the cheek. Then recharge at the gorgeous Red Sea paradise of Dahab.

04 Jul

Ultimate Egypt Small Group

Travelling with a group of no more than 12 people, our new Small Group trips provide you with more space for your comfort and pleasure. Journey through Egypt on this Ultimate adventure that covers some of the most astounding sites from the ancient world. Get to discover amazing natural and man-made wonders, and one of the oldest cultures in history. Pose with the Pyramids, drive by the wonders along the Nile, and savour the diverse landscapes. Finish it off at Dahab some adventure or a hefty relaxing break and enjoy the sea as you sunbathe, before returning to Cairo.

25 Jun

Exciting Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! Adventure through Egypt leaving no stones unturned! Start off at the vibrant markets of Cairo and soak in the majestic Pyramids before holding hands with the Sphinx. Embark on a journey to the Eastern Sahara and marvel at the other-worldly beauty of the Oasis town Fayoum. Drive to Luxor and prepare to face countless ancient wonders. Jump on board a traditional Felucca sailboat and watch the Nile unfold before you with temples scattered all around. As you uncover the Valley of the Kings, drive off to Dahab on the Red Sea coast to sunbathe, swim, dive and relax. Trek up Mt. Sinai and witness a crimson sunrise to remember for a lifetime before making your way back to Cairo.

25 Jun

Exotic Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! Exotic Egypt perfectly mixes adventure, cultural exploration and seaside relaxation. Start off with the breathtaking desert scenery by the ancient city of Fayoum and marvel at the Sahara. Meet the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Cairo and journey on a traditional Nile felucca. Sail like a Nubian while counting the many wonders decorating the Nile. Practice your haggling skills at Cairo markets before relaxing in the cool waters of the Red Sea in Dahab.

25 Jun

Absolute Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! Embark on an incredible journey filled with culture, adventure and sunshine. Head out to the heart of ancient knowledge and home to one of Seven Wonders of the ancient world, Alexandria. Meet a camel and snap a selfie with the incredible Pyramids at your backdrop. Sail down the Nile like a true Egyptian before sleeping under the bright stars. Unfold the countless mysteries Valley of the Kings behold, then haggle your way through bustling Cairo markets. Finish it off with a taste of relaxation and adventure in the Red Sea paradise of Dahab. Surf the waves to your will and marvel at the otherworldly Mt. Sinai.

25 Jun

Magnificent Egypt

NO LOCAL PAYMENT! Journey through Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Dahab. Visit many ancient wonders of the world and cap it off with a pinch of relaxation in the sea. Witness breathtaking sites from the Pyramids, to the Valley of the Kings. Jump on a traditional Felucca and sail down the Nile while watching the wonders unfold before you. Recharge in the Red Sea paradise of Dahab as you swim, dive and sunbathe, and fly back to Cairo.

19 Jan

Felucca Odyssey & Dahab Explorer

Discover the marvels of Egypt from Cairo and Dahab visiting some of the most astounding sites from the old world. Witness the mighty Pyramids alongside the Sphinx. Discover the vibrant bazaars of Cairo and journey along the Nile on a felucca like a true Egyptian. Marvel at the diverse landscapes when you visit Aswan and Luxor. Then take some time to relax in sunny paradise of Dahab.

19 Jan

Felucca Odyssey & Red Sea

Journey through bustling markets of Cairo, amazing wonders along the Nile and the popular sea resort of Dahab. Witness some of the most astounding sites from the old world while chilling as you sail on a traditional felucca. Follow the footsteps of pharaohs, fly over the Luxor valley. In the end, relax in the cooling waters of the Red Sea to cap off your amazing Egypt tour.

19 Jan

Felucca Odyssey & Dahab

Uncover the wonders of Egypt with a pinch of sunshine and the Red Sea. Pose with the Pyramids and walk through the Valley of the Kings. Sail down the Nile on a felucca with wonders scattered along the coast, experience the Nubian lifestyle and hunt for lost treasures in Cairo markets. Ride to Dahab paradise by the Red Sea and relax after a full week of cultural exploration.

19 Jan

Treasures of the Nile

Uncover the rich history that lies along the banks of the Nile.
Turn every stone over from Cairo, Luxor to Dahab and everything in between. Walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs at the Pyramids while tracing the path of the infamous Nubians along the Nile. Then jump on board your 5-star Nile Cruise to sail in style! Roam the chaotic Bazaars and savour the unique flavours of all the spectacular Egyptian treats. Discover the eternal treasures by countless civilizations.

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