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11 Jul

Amazing Balkans & Turkey by Gulet

Start off the Amazing Balkans & Turkey adventure at Sofia and hop on for an unforgettable journey. Drive through lovely local villages and valleys surrounded by green forests and lakes. Visit some of the most important sites from 7 Balkan countries and have a taste of different cultures each day. Then fly off to Istanbul to discover the natural and man-made wonders of Turkey. Head South along the coast and visit all the must-sees near the Aegean coast. Embark on a gullet cruise for 3 days and relax, sunbathe and jump into turquoise waters. Then prepare to stand in awe against the “cotton” pools of Pamukkale and the unique land formations of Cappadocia.

11 Jul

Amazing Balkans & Turkey by Land

Uncover the unspoken natural beauty of the Balkans together with its diverse history and cultures. Travel through 7 marvellous countries with a unique twist each day, then fly off to Istanbul in comfort. Roam the old town filled with stunning wonders and embark on a cruise on the Bosphorus. Pay your respects at the ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli and pose with the Trojan horse. Drive along the coast to the vibrant summer town of Fethiye to recharge under the sun. Then witness the stunning natural wonders as the cotton-like pools of Pamukkale and otherworldy fairy-chimneys of Cappadocia.

11 Jul

Essential Balkans & Turkey

Journey through two stunning regions at once with the 17-day Essential Balkans & Turkey tour. Drive through green valleys to vibrant towns and stunning medieval castles across 7 countries in the Balkans. Get a taste of each similar yet different culture visiting unique towns each day. Then fly to Istanbul and discover the gorgeous landmarks, impressive history and the natural beauty of Turkey. Balloon over the magical Cappadocia, see the white pools of Pamukkale and the well-preserved ruins of ancient Ephesus.

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