Life never lacks briskness in the jungle abodes of Tortuguero—a natural haven for all things wild.

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The wild village of Tortuguero has nestled so deep in the jungle that access by land is impossible. Home to around 500 people, Tortuguero redefines the concept of an old-growth forest, so intensely interwoven by waterways, canals, and swamps that imagination falls short. An Afro-Caribbean heritage is the most precious offering of the area. Yet, even the fascination of this indigenous tribe cannot overshadow the unrivaled biodiversity huddled among the trees. The chaotic forest sprawls 19,000 hectares, boasts over 400 types of birds, and shelters four threatened species—but once you set off on your boat in its depths, numbers will lose all meaning against the surreal scene before your eyes.

No wonder it received the epithet ‘the Amazon of Central America’; flora and fauna in Tortuguero as a whole bestow an uncharted feel upon the site. A steady ever-growing glow dominates the forest grounds, while water canals meander through every inch, providing the perfect journey route for wildlife sightings. Animals will appear before you even begin to search for them as you travel down the river. Caimans, crocodiles, and spider monkeys are the most restless, crisscrossing the land in cheerful dynamism. However, it is the turtles that occupy the highest rank in popularity. Come in the breeding season of the green sea turtle, and you will witness one of the most celebratory moments in the national park. Around 40,000 turtles come to the Caribbean shores to lay eggs, putting on quite a show for interested spectators.

Sustaining their lives under the emerald canopy of Tortuguero is the small population of farmers and fishers. In this laid-back town, walking tours unravel the intricacies of the Caribbean living in delightful surprise.

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