Revel in the jaw-dropping vistas and one of the quirkiest food scenes in all of the Balkans.

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Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece. And, it is a longtime favorite among the iconic destinations in the Balkans. With a pinch of history, versatile culture, and an easygoing manner of life, it is a world in itself. Tradition has been a cornerstone of the development of Thessaloniki. It played an influential role in its preservation throughout the centuries. Luckily, modern days can’t seem to overshadow its heartfelt authenticity. Today, some of the oldest Greek traditions come to life in the artisan’s shops. On the other side, cozy restaurants brim with flavors from the neighboring Anatolia.

Walking tours are perfect for exploring Thessaloniki without haste. On the city’s history-laden streets, you will feel the presence of countless empires from the Hellenistic to the Ottoman. Start from the White Tower, which greets visitors with its iconic image and broad views of the city. And, head further along the coast to dive into one of the sophisticated museums. Also worthy of seeing are Aristotelous Square and the Roman buildings. The Roman Agora anchors the town right at its heart. You can also visit the Byzantine Baths scattered around.

A break from sightseeing is perfect in the coffee houses tucked away among urban settlements. The city has everything to keep the foodie type busy. In the breweries, outgoing locals serve fresh Turkish coffee with eccentric flavors. The spiciest include gum mastic and cardamom. Travelers and locals alike cherish the Middle Eastern and Anatolian flair. So, grab a bougatsa and join them. You will experience the jewels of the Aegean best on its waterfront thoroughfare.

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