A postcard from medieval Romania is what you will find in the historic town of Sighisoara.

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Kissed by the Tarnava Mare River, Sighisoara lies in the bosom of Transylvania’s admirable forests. Pastel-colored houses flank the cobbled lanes and burnt-orange roofs soar above all shades of green. In this historic town, no greeting is unreturned. One of the many things that make Sighisoara a favorite among travelers is its UNESCO-listed fortified old town. Also an attention-getter is pages of history dedicated to Vlad Tepes, the alleged inspiration to Stoker’s Dracula. His house is open to visitors at the town’s center.

Saxon influence is an undeniable force moving Sighisoara beyond the fame of Vlad. At the heart of the town, the Citadel lies separated from the rest by the hills and fortified walls. Aside from the settlements, the Citadel’s most precious feature is its towers. These defensive watchtowers protected the city from Turkish attacks and witnessed several sieges, plagues, and fires. Yet, life in Sighisoara unfolds far beyond the walls of the Citadel. Occupying the old merchant’s houses are delightful cafes and inns poised for a pleasant time.

Among Sighisoara’s myriad visitable monuments are the picturesque churches. They will capture your attention with crimped brick roofs and spooky air. Church of the Dominican Monastery is an all-time favorite. There, Baroque and Gothic flair come together in a harmonious marriage. If you don’t mind a short hike, the Church on the Hill takes the Gothic scene of Sighisoara to the next level. From there, you can survey the river and the breathtaking landscape of Transylvania’s countryside.

Places to see in Sighisoara

The Citadel

Dominican Monastery

Clock Tower

Church on the Hill

Sighisoara Gallery

Tours visiting Sighisoara

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