Siem Reap

Visit Siem Reap and experience the Cambodian way of arts and culture to the fullest.

The second-largest city of Cambodia is a realm of temples so brilliant and worthy that it seems unlikely to see past them. But, doing so unravels the beauties hidden away in the intricately interwoven streets. They shelter numerous cosmopolitan bars and restaurants, elegant spas, and old shopping alleys. Once you get the magnificent Angkor Wat out of your system, you will have plenty of time to wander in the quaint backstreets.

The resplendent figure of Angkor Wat bestows a supreme feeling to Siem Reap’s casually sprawling urban setting. Although an undisputed centerpiece, it is not the only jewel in the Angkor World Heritage Site. Surrounding the imposing towers of the temple complex are several smaller temples, each signifying the classical style of Khmer architecture. Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm are among the most cherished. When you finish marveling at the Buddhist pilgrimages, head further away to the National Museum and War Museum. There, time-capsuled archeological relics testify to the country’s invaluable heritage. The treasures of the Khmer Kingdom dominate the site.

Right next to the spiritual weight of Siem Reap lies a city center equally fascinating but much more jolly. The culinary scene is more ambitious than anywhere else in Cambodia. You will stumble across unusual tastes like fresh fish covered in coconut milk or ants topping other conventional dishes. Beyond that, the iconic circus entertainment of Cambodia leads to congenial gatherings.

Places to see in Siem Reap

Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple

Ta Prohm

Siem Reap Gallery

Tours visiting Siem Reap

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