Samanlık Bay

You will find much more than a secluded bay in and around Samanlık Bay, Fethiye’s favorite swimming spot.

The dazzling pearl of Turkey’s Mediterranean, Samanlık Bay lies at the vanguard of Turquoise Coast gullet trips. Set out from Fethiye, and you will soon arrive at its characteristically idyllic cove. There, the air is redolent of nature, the water is soothing, and an orchestra of sounds reverberate from the surrounding forests. Dive off your cruiser for a mood-lifting swim before heading to staggering attractions in close proximity. In the luminous Samanlık Bay region, serendipity will be your strongest ally.

Just 3 kilometers away from Fethiye, Samanlık Bay is almost always hopping with beachy vibes. Its underwater world is as fascinating as the above-ground. The abundant aquatic life and riot of colors in the coral reefs make snorkeling a memorable experience. Fragrant pine trees of the Mediterranean region fringe the bay on both sides, and a narrow stretch of pebble beach calls for a relaxing rendezvous with nature. Despite its impeccable location, the cove remains untouched by the flashy resorts of Fethiye. But, you will find basic facilities tending visitors’ needs.

After a few hours of summer living, continue to the wondrous Butterfly Valley. Right around the corner from Samanlık Bay on the Fethiye peninsula, Butterfly Valley is a surreal paradise. Home to over 100 species of butterflies, the valley truly deserves at least half a day. Here, sunsets flow in liquid gold and tranquility is of the essence. For intrepid travelers, a walk to the canyon’s deepest end is rewarded with otherworldly waterfalls and gushing streams. If you are bold enough, you can even climb up the waterfalls with fixed aid ropes.

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