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Not far beyond the modern-day capital Phnom Penh, the ancient city of Phnom Udong offers time travel in Cambodia’s history. It was once the capital of the legendary Khmer Empire, carrying the burden of military decay without compromising its haunting beauty. Today, Phnom Udong is a must-see spot among travelers asking for the ultimate experience of Cambodia’s spiritual heritage. It is strewn across two adjacent hills, and a half-a-day trip unravels some of the most precious relics of the Buddhist tradition. Far ahead towards the horizon, Cambodia’s countryside will take your breath with its matchless glow. 

On the smaller hill, classic stupas and shrines dedicated to the ancient rulers of the post-Angkorian period lie in dazzling harmony. Also, the ruins of Ta San Mosque inspire awe as a surprising shift in style. For a more dazzling collection, adjourn to the main hill through the ridge and marvel at the monarchal stupas. Inside, ancient potent kings lie buried. The mound also boasts invaluable religious monuments of Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism aside from imperial laurels. In 2002, a new stupa joined it to hold the relics of the Buddha, adding to the site’s universal value.

Around the ancient mounds, the town of Oudong thrives as a traditional center for religion and culture. Several other Buddhist viharas and stupas cascade down the hills to the settlements. They mark the entire land as a UNESCO-listed cultural site. Only a handful of selected attractions in Cambodia will match your first visit to Phnom Udong.

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