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Phnom Penh aligns with today’s travel habits so vigorously that you will lose track of time. 

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Its former epithet, “Pearl of Asia,” may be long forgotten, but Phnom Penh’s rich history has passed beyond national renown. It remains a globally-recognized heritage at the heart of Cambodia. Having survived abandonments, Phnom Penh rose to the throne permanently as the country’s capital during French rule. It is now among major European capitals with a contemporary scene of social life blending into its imperial charm.

The burden of war and resurrection is nowhere to be seen in the city’s chirping center. Strewn across the French colonial villas are exquisite Khmer-style temples, pagodas, monuments, and cultural buildings. The gilded roofs of The Royal Palace and the National Museum will catch your attention amidst the crowds. The Silver Pagoda Complex soars adjacently as a tribute to Buddha in jewels, crystals, and gold. Together, they anchor the riverfront with the Khmer grandeur characteristic of Cambodia. For a more secluded sightseeing experience, head to Wat Phnom Temple and tap into one of the most prized veins of Buddhist worship. It is a perfect place to enjoy lofty views of the city and the river on both sides.

Don’t wait until dark to dive into the beckoning streets of Phnom Penh’s modern quarters. From dusk, Khmer cuisine breathes life in the hands of three-star chefs. Stylish brew bars buzz with chatter and joy, and the Bassac Lane reverberates as jazz musicians take their place on the pavements. Phnom Penh aligns with today’s travel habits so vigorously that you will lose track of time. 

Places to see in Phnom Penh

The Royal Palace

Bassac Lane

Silver Pagoda Complex

Wat Phnom Temple

Phnom Penh Gallery

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