Phnom Banan

Phnom Banan

When you climb the 358 steps reaching up to the most celebrated location in all of Battambang, the Angkorian genius behind Phnom Banan temple will strike you at once. Few mountaintops in the world host a monument this conspicuous. And Phnom Banan is almost intoxicating with its old-world feel and scenic setting. Perhaps it is its commanding figure over the rural settlements that makes the temple such an iconic landmark. But, much of the renown that Phnom Banan cherishes today has to do with its preserved state as one of the oldest Khmer monuments in Cambodia.

The temple complex is the smaller and much older version of the grand Angkor Wat taken to a hilltop. Featuring five towers, the middle one being the supreme, Phnom Banan is the embodiment of Khmer architectural flair. The partially-ruined look of the towers makes it even more appealing to the eye. Several lintels adorn the doorways. They are intact and delightful to observe despite years of looting the site has endured.

If you aren’t satisfied with the aesthetic appeal of the temple just yet, turn your gaze towards the surrounding space. Phnom Banan is famous for hosting matchless panoramic views. To the south, you will face the stark scenery contoured by the mountains. Rice fields, cozy settlements, and sugar palm trees pepper the land as far as the eye can see. The soul-soothing ambiance of the Cambodian countryside will mark your visit to Phnom Banan.

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