The scene in Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, the idyllic haven of the Golden Ring, seems scripted for boundless admiration.

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A cozy lake retreat by all means, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy offers a refreshing sight in the iconic Golden Ring tours of Russia. The air is soothing from Lake Pleshcheyevo, locals are friendly, and myriad churches are a dime a dozen. Like the rest of the Golden Ring, it is a trove of medieval sanctuaries, all clustered around its center facing the luminous lake. Guided walking tours are ideal to explore the architectural highlights, while the lakeside offers blissful hours of nature watching. Only 140 kilometers away from Moscow, the town calls for a day of sightseeing awash with picturesque panoramas.

Perhaps the most iconic sanctuary in the town is Goritsky, pointing visitors to the center of the town with its characteristic emerald domes. The Orthodox convent hosts some of the most breathtaking views of the town from its belfry. Also worth seeing is the graceful iconostasis in the cathedral. Once you take in the long-distance views, head to the historic center and revel in the most scenic churches in all of Russia. Forty Martyrs of Sebaste is truly worthy of praise—a crimson structure rising right on the water’s edge. In stark contrast, the walled Nikitsk resembles a winter’s dream with its silvery domes and powder white facade.

Beyond its architectural allure, the town is a little world unto itself with the glimmer of the lake looming above it. Now a National Park, the lake area is where culture and nature converge for locals and travelers alike. Head down to its banks and savor the achingly beautiful views before you leave for your next destination.

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