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Over the otherworldly cascade of the world-renowned travertines, remnants of a bygone Greek civilization sprawl in Hierapolis. This is Pamukkale, one of Turkey’s signature destinations. It features the harmonious marriage of nature and history. The “Cotton Castle,” as translated from its Turkish name, is a calcite-laden miracle made of terraced mineral pools tumbling down a 200-meter cliff. But it is not all. The entire Pamukkale region is a medley of mineral forests and petrified formations. Complementing the picture is the ancient Hierapolis, the historian’s playpen. This intoxicating juxtaposition will give you a chance to experience the region’s therapeutic effects.

In exchange for a few afternoon hours, you can soak your feet in the dazzling pools of the travertines. But, for its magic to unravel, wait for sunset. Pamukkale boasts crowds that have become a threatening factor over the years. But the attention resulting from its UNESCO World Heritage status also brought measures to preserve it. As you walk barefooted on the creamy formations, marvel at the intricate shapes and patterns adorning the water basin.

If you are taking a trip to the travertines, Hierapolis comes with the package. However, it is much more than your ordinary ancient Greek city. Designed as a full-fledged thermal spa, Hierapolis once tended to the kings and queens of Pergamon with its brilliant baths. As the highest royalty and politicians of the time pilgrimaged to the site, money and culture followed. The result was a thriving city brimming with temples, theaters, libraries, and many more. As you explore the area on foot, they will reveal themselves one by one.

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