Wild, adventurous, and utterly mesmerizing, Omis will capture your mind with its convivial nights.

Once a citadel for the notorious pirates of the middle ages, Omis has evolved into an atmospheric getaway and a hub of cultural abundance. Sheer rock walls soar on one side, turning Omis into a sheltered harbor where the Cetina River flows into the Adriatic. Top-notch food, wild-looking fortresses, and the most dramatic views of the Dalmatian coast are what you will find in Omis. An intriguing history filled with Greek colonists and Mediterranean pirates crowns it all.

Perhaps it is the solitary environment that allowed Omis to remain a bare beauty. But, despite a location much secluded, it is high on Croatia’s list of must-visit destinations. In the daytime, head to the Old Town to begin your journey in a cozy bundle of alleyways. The wonderfully lit little squares are rich in authentic tastes. Souvenir shops, museums, and old churches offer a glimpse into the hidden treasures of Omis. For a stronger sense of the town’s pirate heritage, the fortresses of Mirabela and Fortica are the places to be. They are hard to miss, standing at the strategic points of the bay. Another signature landmark is the Mostina, a quaint underwater wall that once trapped several merchant ships and protected the pirate lair. To many, the sight of this human-made barrier is a one-of-a-kind experience in all of Croatia.

Beyond its classic Adriatic appeal, Omis stands out with an incomparable down-to-earth character. It manifests itself through traditional acapella sounds and theatrical live shows. These cultural events peak in the summer months, but there is always a folk music night to catch at one of the riverside restaurants. On a sailing trip down the Dalmatian, Omis continues to invite visitors into its watery world with a splash of invigorating culture and intimate history.

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