Nafplion is a must-visit destination in the Peloponnese with its outspoken beauty.

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The coastal city of Nafplion has seen countless conquerors since the time of antiquity, from the crusaders to the mighty Ottoman. Each added its own mark to the city. Today, Nafplion is an almost unrivaled trove of architecture and culture. But beyond that, the city boasts some of the most romantic vibes you will come across on the peninsula. The first capital of Greece is now a warren of neoclassical buildings and artistic neighborhoods. Hidden in it is more spirit than you can find in the rest of the region.

The rustic lanes of Nafplion dovetail diversity and authenticity. If you are looking for a walking tour, there is no better place to start than Syntagma Square, from which a delicate spiderweb of castles, churches, chapels, and breathtaking promenades spread. Keep in mind that this is also the focal point of social life in Nafplion, so you may find it a perfect place to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee. The witness to all of Nafplion’s glorious history is, without a doubt, the Acropolis. Each of its walls is from a different era. And, the best views of the exquisite landscape are from the Palamidi Castle, blending perfectly with the clay-colored hill it is perched on.

Bourtzi Castle. Bourtzi is the cornerstone of the postcard views of Nafplion, blinking to visitors on the small islet just off the coast. A short boat trip to the castle is a must. What makes Nafplion the ultimate tourist hub is its tasteful combination of history and bare aesthetics. Once you are done exploring the obvious attractions, take your time to enjoy its serene promenades and quaint cafes. Arvanitia promenade beckons with expansive views of the dazzling Argolis Gulf.

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