Don’t judge Moscow by its solemn looks—at heart, the city is a trove of artistic expression and leisurely travel.

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Proud, exalted, and marked by a history worthy of veneration: Moscow is the glorious capital of Russia. The city acts as a guardian to Russia’s intricate legacy as the political and cultural headquarters. But don’t be intimidated by its unabashed splendor. At its heart, Moscow blends epic history and leisurely modernity, inviting visitors for days filled with art, culture, fine dining, and boundless pleasure. You will find streets buzzing with life and activity beyond its gloomy look, along with a beehive of art centers offering a myriad of events to fill your evening. From the historically inclined to contemporary tourists, there is something about the contradictory personality of Moscow that appeals to everyone.

The center of Moscow delivers what many consider as the focal point and a chronicle of Soviet history. Every city tour begins here, and each part of the urban sprawl branches out from the Red Square. There, Moscow’s immense history reflects on the tangerine bricks of the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The entire square serves as a testament to versatile history. Once considered a sacred place, it then became a center for the trophies and grim stories of war, and today constitutes a touristic epicenter and a hub for festivities. Away from the square, countless Russian Orthodox buildings soar above the settlements with a carnival of colors and intricate ornaments.

Moscow has been a beacon for performing artists for centuries. Its artistic renown still breathes within the walls of the opera houses and theaters. When you are feeling full of Moscow’s architectural glamor, head to a Ziferblat cafe for a unique experience of the anti-cafe culture.

Places to see in Moscow

The Kremlin

The Red Square

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Moscow Gallery

Tours visiting Moscow

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Highlights of Russia

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Golden Ring of Russia

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Best of Russia

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