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A pupil-dilating experience awaits in Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s famous Fruit Kingdom.

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As far as the natural wonders of Vietnam go, the mighty Mekong Delta serves as a prolific confluence, sprawling over the southwestern region like a spider web of water canals. The entire delta is a treasure trove. Buddhist temples, settlements, and colorful floating markets appear at the end of every small stream. Once you hop on a traditional wooden boat, you will see how the river is the soul of Vietnam, sustaining a significant part of the country’s agri- and aquaculture. Water feeds the rice; it gives life to the fishing activities in the area. And, it is through the river that vendors transport products across delta towns.

The Mekong Delta boasts over 1,000 animal species. Within the thick curtain of mangrove forests, you will come across striking views of wildlife—a convivial side to your trip. But, animals are only a small part of the cheerful briskness associated with the region. From lush Buddhist temples and Khmer pagodas to heavenly fruit orchards, the river hosts a series of fascinating sights. Can Tho is among the popular stops en route, sheltering several floating markets and a quaint daily scene. Food stalls take the form of boats in these markets. And, the river brims with the chirping sounds of trade all day long.

Leaving the leisurely comfort of the rowboat only seems plausible for an inland exploration of the exuberant orchards. Tropical fruits are in full bloom in the gardens and poised for the admiration of visitors before they are sent to the market. Everything in the Mekong Delta is so evocative that it will leave you breathless.

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