In the coastal paradise Kas, Lycian heritage radiates through ruins casually sprawling amidst modern-day facilities.

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From full-fledged resorts to pristine natural hideaways, there is something in Kas that suits every taste. It may not boast the ample beaches of its neighbors like Kalkan or Fethiye. Still, its indented coastline and speckled horizon make it a sight to behold. The translucent Megisti Island of Greece is a calling card for the town’s iconic seascape, and you will have the time of your life savoring its uncommercialized beaches. It is also a pilgrimage site where history intermingles with summer tourism.

Kas is one of the most famous spots in the Mediterranean for wreck-diving and snorkeling. For a quick swim and sunbath, head to Little Pebble Beach. It is right near the cultural center of Kas and one of its most vibrant beach hubs. The archeological scene of Kas often flies under the radar. But, you will stumble upon several ancient treasures as you stroll in its mazy alleys. Climb up Slippery Street and seek out the King’s Tomb, a splendid example of a 4th-century BC sarcophagus. There is also the iconic rock tomb scene of the Lycian way hovering over the town on a high wall. They are particularly spectacular at night with ambient illumination. But ancient Kas makes its statement most vigorously with the Antiphellos Theatre. Within walking distance of its modern square, the 1st-century BC amphitheater serves as a dramatic viewpoint.

As for its promise of entertainment, Kas has hidden nuggets of boundless pleasure. Peppering the waterfront districts are a plethora of ritzy restaurants and boho eateries. Deeper in Kas’ bowels, you will find smoky bars and breweries bringing together Turkish delights with international beverages. Downtown is the place to be for the fresh face of Kas.

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