Imperial City of Hue

With the glory of its palaces, the Imperial City of Hue will take you back in time.

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The Imperial City of Hue is not merely the hallmark of Hue, but the most glorious capital Vietnam has ever seen. It marks the city within the stately walls of the citadel, acting as a safe for the centuries-old bureaucratic traditions practiced on these lands. The significance of the site is enduring altogether, and a tour inside will reveal myriad secrets and strategies associated with its life.

Even the geographic location of the Imperial City is purposeful in design. Geomancy practitioners of the time believed that the city had to be protected by the ‘good omens in nature.’ So, they chose the site surrounded by the Perfume River and the mountains. The snake- and lion-like landforms have rendered the city unsurpassable ever since. Today, they add to the breathtaking sceneries you will encounter from the city grounds. Although much of it is now lost in history, the city offers unique spectacles of gardens, palaces, and temples. Even the 10 majestic gates alone deliver what many hail as the epitome of Vietnamese architecture.

The city is massive in size, featuring several residential areas and mansions. But, the Forbidden City is where the true imperial glory rests. Its name comes from the fact that it was inaccessible for people except for the emperor and his family. Today, ordinary folks are welcome inside to observe the relics of its glory days. There are also Asian tombs and fine artistry embellishing the interior. The absolute must-see of the complex is Thai Hoa Palace. It is an architectural wonder nestling a dazzling museum of relics from the imperial days. Also worth seeing is the graceful architecture of the Hien Lam Pavilion.

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