Golden Stream Valley

Prepare yourself for a day filled with earthbound culture in Sapa’s Golden Stream Valley.

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Begin a marvelous journey from Sapa, the green haven of Vietnam, and trek your way to Golden Stream Valley. In this luminous part of Sapa, the air is fragrant, the villages are a beehive of activity, and sparkling rice terraces stretch out as far as the eye can see. It is also considered the tribal area, home to several villages of different tribes. You will have the best time experiencing their unique practices and mouth-watering dishes right on site. Epic sceneries of Mt. Fansipan and the surrounding valleys will be the sheer wow factor of your trekking adventure.

The tradition nestled in Golden Stream Valley has roots in the oldest human heritage of Vietnam. Blend it with soft adventure, and you have yourself an epic day in the Vietnamese countryside. A crossing on one of the famous suspension bridges in Vietnam will kick-start your trek. For cultural insights on life in the valley, the village of the Hmong people is the place to be. Their most valued practice is cloth making. The indigo hue of their unique clothes acts as a calling card for their culture, and the process of dying will be a memorable scene for you.

Another community that makes its living from the valley is the Dzay Tribe. They continue their age-old dwelling in the Ta Van Village, a scenic idyl at the heart of the valley. Enjoy some slow-paced living before you set off on the trail again.

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