Firnaz Bay

Fresh, luminescent, and unaltered, Firnaz Bay will mark your Turquoise Coast sail trip unlike anywhere else.

visit Firnaz Bay

Located 4 kilometers from the beach resort of Kalkan, Firnaz Bay is the ultimate Turquoise Coast destination for one reason: The only way of access is by sea. So, hop on your Mediterranean cruiser, and sail off to spend a day swimming in the translucent waters of Firnaz Bay. A true corner of heaven, the bay has emerald blankets covering steep slopes as its backdrop. On the other side, a cerulean bay dotted by small sandhills and deeper parts offers a magnificent view to savor. 

The cove hosts sailors as well as hikers of the Lycian Way in the high season. Still, you will be safe from the flocks of beachgoers common in other Mediterranean destinations. The Firnaz Bay is completely untouched by all sorts of facilities. There, you can enjoy the small beach with all its rawness. The most worthwhile activities are in the mud baths. Famous for their rejuvenating powers, the mud baths offer a blissful time surrounded by nature. You can also revel in snorkeling and diving activities in the bay. The aquamarine life is rewarding due to the secluded location of the bay, offering sightings of turtles, rainbow corals, and enormous starfish.

Apart from a leisurely time, Firnaz Bay doesn’t have much to offer in terms of cultural sightseeing. The only ancient remnant in the region is the Delikkemer Aqueduct. Built to solve the water problem of the ancient city of Patara, the aqueduct constitutes one of the sights on the Lycian way, and a rewarding sight if you want a change of scenery in Firnaz Bay. 

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