Etar Ethnographic Complex

Quintessential Bulgarian tunes reverberate at every corner in the Etar Ethnographic Complex. 

Tucked away in the idyllic outskirts of Gabrovo lies one of the most picturesque open-air museums, the Etar Ethnographic Complex. This large sprawl is more than just a touristic attraction. Harboring a concentrated dose of traditional Bulgaria, it is a center for national values. Visits offer delightful strolls on cobbled streets and a fulfilling photographic experience. As you savor the heartiest side of the country, an orchestra of nature sounds will accompany you.

Myriad surprises await in the back of beyond corners of the Etar museum. Flanking the rustic lanes are several Revival houses with wooden frames and pastel-colored facades. Crafts houses and workshops exist among them. They present the most prized attribute of 19th-century Gabrovo: handicrafts. Bakers, glass and leather workers, potters, and hatters have been the cornerstone of the society since Ottoman rule. Today, withstanding the trends of the modern age, delicate traditions spring to life in the streets of Etar. If you wish to take a part of this invaluable heritage with you, some studios offer their products in cozy souvenir shops.

More additions to the fairytale charm of the museum are traditional landmarks like the watermill. The waters of this rustic mill still serve as a power source for several workshops even today. Not far away, Holy Epiphany Church opens its doors with a glimpse into the town’s religious past. If you are looking for culinary delights, check out the soulful restaurants of the museum. They have exquisite traditional eats to keep a foodie busy throughout the day. 

Etar Ethnographic Complex Gallery

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