Dracula Castle Bran

Pay a visit and let your imagination run wild in Romania’s one and only Dracula Castle Bran.

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When Bram Stoker created one of the most blood-curdling characters in the history of literature, he couldn’t have imagined it would inspire an entire tourism industry at the heart of Romania. The origins of how Transylvania’s Bran Castle came to be known as the house of Dracula remain a mystery. No matter the truth, the castle continues to be an intoxicating trove of enthralment. It is surprisingly daunting at first sight, perched on a rocky outcrop rising among green woodlands. Once you climb up to the foot of this remarkable gothic monument, fiction will lose weight. It is now a museum dedicated to the last queen of Romania, Queen Marie. Dracula Castle Bran is more about the country’s medieval laurels than anything else.

Beyond the chateâu’s pearl-white fortifications resides a maze of dungeons, secret passageways, and cozy libraries. They are a complete substitute for a dreamy novel setting. Round towers and the combination of wood and stone blend with the surrounding countryside. Together, they give way to picture-perfect views. On its four floors, a classical collection of ceramics, armory, medieval weapons, and gothic-inspired furniture enchant spectators. The castle is antique from the inside out, perfectly complemented with the open-air museum lying at its foot.

Solitary more than scary, Dracula Castle Bran offers fascinating strolls on its creaky-floored hallways. Each opens up to pockets of 19th century Transylvania. The only section of the castle that acknowledges Dracula is a room harboring displays on the region’s vampire lore and Stoker’s Vlad. So, let the stories amuse you on your tour. But, don’t forget to experience the true spirit of the most iconic castle in all of Transylvania.

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